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Type: Moisturizer


● Product description

Give more than moisturizing Water Bank Hydro Cream EX

It was born through 25 years of moisturizing research,

Laneige Water Bank Cream X

The green mineral water extracted from the vegetable

Moisturizing cream that gives moisture to skin that shines bright and clear


● Texture 

보습 그 이상을 선사해 줄
Water Bank Hydro Cream EX

Born after 25 years of moisturizing research,
Laneige Waterbank Cream EX

With the moisture filling of green mineral water extracted from vegetables
Moisture and moisturizing cream that provides moisturizing and brightening skin.



Key Points

Waterbank Hydro Cream EX
With the moisture filling of green mineral water extracted from vegetables
Moisture and moisturizing cream that provides moisturizing and brightening skin


Key Point 1

Water filled with 'Green Mineral Water'

It provides moist and clear skin with moisture charging of 'Green Mineral Water' extracted from selected vegetables with its own Ocean Brew method.

Key Point 2

Antioxidant effect of garden cress to purify skin

It purifies the skin of Garden Cress, which has excellent antioxidant effects, and makes it clear and transparent.

Key Point 3

Water zipper technology lasts 24 hours

Water lock function of WATER – ZIPPER TECHNOLOGY keeps your skin moisturized 24 hours a day.

* IC Korea Skin Clinical Research Center for 30 people [2 weeks]

Key Point 4

Moisturizing and moisturizing protective film that keeps you fresh and moisturized all day long

Hydro fresh matrix moisturizes your skin with healthy and moist skin all day long.

Green Mineral Water
Vegetable Extract with Rich Minerals

Technical Features

Ocean Brew Construction
Laneige's proprietary low-temperature Ocean Brew construction method.
1. 엄선된 6가지 베지터블 수확

피부 필수 미네랄이 포함된 엄선된 베지터블을 수확합니다.


Clean and mash the harvested vegetables.

3. Extraction from deep ocean water to low temperature
Soak 15°C in deep ocean water for 5 hours to extract highly concentrated natural minerals and put them in the waterbank cream.

Clinical Data
Waterbank Hydro Cream EX
Highly moisturizing cream that is moist and fresh for 24 hours.

㈜아이이씨코리아 피부임상연구센터, 30명대상 피부임상진행[2주]

Beauty Tips

하이드로 VS 모이스춰

내 피부 상태에는 어떤 크림이 필요할까?

Hydro Cream
#Bundle #TraditionalSkin #FreshMoist

Oily skin test

- I can't feel the pull after washing my face.

- Use oil paper more than three times a day.

- Glossy is more noticeable than dead skin cells.

- My skin doesn't feel tight even in cold weather.
Moisture Cream
#Always dry skin #Dry skin #Focused moisturization

Dry skin test

- Skin is itchy or dry in cold weather

- Nutrition cream absorbs well.

- After washing your face, it feels like tightening.

- Do not use oil paper.

Hydro-LightningTM technology moisturizes dry and sensitive skin with mild moisture.



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