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MODA MODA Pro-Change boosting treatment 200g

Type: Shampoo & Conditioner & Treatment

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MODA MODA Pro-Change boosting treatment 200g




"Limited to Moda Moda Pro Jayge Black Shampoo
Boost color
Pro-change boosting treatment that takes care of gray hair quickly

Change the way you think about shampoo
The secret of natural browning
7 years of hard work

Moda Moda is a natural browning shampoo that was developed based on the browning phenomenon in which bananas turn brown due to polyphenols.

The world's first developer of innovative technology for hair

KAIST College of Natural Sciences Department of Chemistry Professor Lee Hae-shin

"I started research to alleviate the difficulties of mothers who have difficulty using dyes."

When combined with gray hair care shampoo (Black shampoo, Darkening shampoo)
About 1.6 times UP Faster effect
Pro Change Boosting Treatment

Color boosting with innovative technology
Boost UP
Anti-hair loss functional Hair Care
Korea Dermatology Research Institute test completed
96.4% hair moisturizing improvement

Point 1
The effect becomes more certain when we work together

With Darkening Shampoo, gray hair care speed BOOST UP

The Pro Change Boosting Treatment contains plenty of seaweed-derived polyphenols, allowing you to experience faster and more definite gray hair care effects.

*Korea Dermatology Research Institute/2022.06.20~2022 06.21 / Bleached hair 20 groups/ Evaluation of temporary gray hair coverage in 2 types of bleached hair besides Moda Moda Pro Change Darkening Shampoo/ Individual differences depending on usage environment

Sea Black Darkening Complex™

Radiant seaweed extract, seaweed extract, Ecklonia cava extract, flat seaweed extract, chlorella vulgaris extract, algae extract

Pro Change Boosting Treatment
Satisfaction BOOST UP by adding treatment!
Satisfaction is increased by maximizing the gray hair care* effect.

Gray tooth care UP
Volume UP

Boost gray hair care more clearly

#For thin hair #Hair volume care #Scalp & hair nutrition

Perfect compatibility (Darkening Shampoo & Boosting Treatment)
Special gray hair care
Limited to temporary gray hair care

Prochange Boosting Treatment
Prochange Darkening Shampoo

"Just adding a treatment will greatly increase your satisfaction with gray hair care."

When used together with Darkening Shampoo, gray hair care speed increases by about 1.6 times

Simultaneous care from hair to scalp

Point 2
Hair loss care at the same time

Safe hair loss change from scalp to scalp
Scalp & Hair Loss Care

Silicone-free prescription for scalp use

Moisturizes the scalp at the same time
Scalp moisturizing power increased by 96.48%!
Effective in improving scalp moisture

Hair loss symptom relief function
We added functional ingredients to relieve hair loss so that the scalp, the root of healthy hair, can become stronger.

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approved 'Hair loss symptom relief functional ingredient contained
Completed report to Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Salicylic acid

Safe use from hair to scalp

The silicone-free, soft cream formulation is evenly absorbed into the hair and scalp, enabling gray hair care* without irritation!

* Temporary gray hair care

Even sensitive scalp is all OK
Completed skin cumulative patch test at domestic sensitive skin irritation and overseas clinical specialist (PCR)

No stimulation was observed after 30 minutes, 24 hours, or 48 hours after removing the patch with the Modamoda Prochange Boosting Treatment. The average skin reactivity was 0.00, and it was judged to be non-irritating according to the criterion.

The test articles can be considered as safe for use under the conditions of the study, and claims such as,
"Dermatologically Tested", "Clinically Tested",
"Kind to Skin" and "Safe for Skin" are substantiated.

Please use with confidence!
Harmful ingredients and ingredients of concern have been confirmed to be free!

Hair dye ingredient FREE
Paraben Free
Tar Color Red No. 2 / Red No. 102 FREE
Sulfate Surfactant FREE
Free of 26 allergenic ingredients
Eye irritation replacement test completed

Other 73 items
Ingredient tested

It is okay!
Because it's a natural phenomenon
#Natural Principle Phenomenon of Polyphenols

Natural dark brown texture
The brown band phenomenon that appears during use is a natural phenomenon of polyphenols, so please use it with confidence.

Point 3
Satisfactory hair volume

Surviving Volume
Hair change
Natural and abundant!
Even weak hair is voluminous.
Style is maintained
Hair Volume & Curl Sustainability

Volume improvement & 100-hour volume lasting!
Volume that revives immediately after use

Before use
Immediately after 1 use
After 100 hours of use

Resilient hair curl retention
Maintain natural and firm curls!

Before use
Immediately after 1 use
Immediately after 14 uses

Improving hair brittleness by moisturizing hair
Moisturizes the ends of the hair!

Before use
Immediately after 1 use

Immediate hair damage (cuticle) improvement
Smooth hair cuticle care!

before use
Immediately after 1 use

2-minute use for maximum effect

Wait 2 minutes after applying to hair
After using shampoo, apply an appropriate amount evenly and wait for 2 minutes.
Short hair: 2-3 minutes / Long hair: 3-5 minutes

Rinse and dry to moisture
Dry your scalp completely, dry your hair to a slightly moist state, and then dry it naturally.

Moda Moda products are cosmetics that do not contain hair dye and tar colorants, but sometimes there may be ingredients that are not suitable for individual characteristics. If you are at least a little worried, we recommend that you safely do a patch test before using the product.

Apply the contents of the product to be tested on the inside of the arm or behind the ear on the soft part of the skin 2-3 times, attach a bandage or bandage, and remove it after 12 hours to check the condition of the skin.

* Browning of nails when used.
Due to the nature of the polyphenols contained in the product, temporary browning of the nails may occur after use.

* After leaving the hair and scalp for 3 minutes, thorough washing is required.
If washing is not done properly, the scalp may become itchy, so make sure to wash it thoroughly.

Moda Moda Shampoo to choose according to your hair type

#Easy #hair care #natural #hair browning
Pro Change Black Shampoo
* Limited to temporary gray hair care

#stronger #gray tooth care" #twice faster #cover speed
Prochange Darkening Shampoo
*Limited to temporary gray tooth care

#After bleaching #Catching yellow #Low irritation #Purple color shampoo

Pro Change Blonde Shampoo
* Complete skin irritation test

Use it like this!
modamoda cover step

Black shampoo
Darkening shampoo
Blonde shampoo

Boosting treatment

Hair cover stick



"Limited to Moda Moda Pro Jayge Black Shampoo

The world's first gray hair care total solution
Boost color 
Pro-change boosting treatment that takes care of gray hair quickly

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