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Medicube Red Vita Cica Powder

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Type: Powder


* Medicube Red Vita Cica Powder 

* If you mix it with the ampoule you've been using, the high-enriched vitamin instantly calms down the ampoule.

* If you mix it with the cream you used, you can complete a highly concentrated vitamin moisturizing cream.

* If you mix it with the pad you've been using, a high-concentrated vitamin immediately completes a sebum-improving skin pack.

* Mix with existing products
Upgrade to New Care
Mix a small amount with all products such as skin care, cleansing, body care, and hair care to upgrade the effect of the product.

* The beginning of customized cosmetics,
Highly concentrated powder care for my skin

* Powerful care by adding just one red vita cica powder to all products

- Cosmetic : Base Role
- Red Vita Cica Powder : Boosting Role


* After checking the direction of the arrow at the top of the cap, open it in the direction of the arrow.

* Solving complex skin problems - Multi Powder
* Mix Solution Optimal ingredient combination - Boosting enhancing ingredients
* Application of Medicube's special method - Micro powder

* Point 01.
Efficacy of multi-powder care
Completed 9 human application tests

* Use of thesis data
Freeze-drying is superior in the extraction rate of active ingredients when compared to hot water and heat-drying.

* All in one Powder 
Various skin concerns that coexist on the face -
Just add one more freeze-dried, highly concentrated red vita cica powder.

* Soothing and skin barrier care

Human application test completed
(damaged skin. dry skin)

* If you use it consistently for 2 weeks, it will last longer.
Melasma, blemish, skin texture, sebum care effect

* Spots, blemishes, skin texture (irregularities) care
Human application test completed
(pigmentation, melasma, blemishes, irregularities, excessive sebum)

* Tip
Upgrade the effect of the product by mixing a small amount with all products such as skin care, cleansing, body care, and hair care.

* Suitable for acne-prone skin
Non-comedogenic test completed

* Point 02.
It contains essential ingredients in an optimal combination to calm various skin concerns. - Sensitive skin improvement solution

Using high-quality British vitamin C - 500,000ppm +
Use of Korean Centella Asiatica Extract - Cica 5,000ppm +
Niacinamide 40,000ppm

* It has been developed with micro-sized particles so that it can be quickly mixed with any product.

Hypoallergenic test completed to ensure less irritation even when mixed anywhere
Medicube Vita cica powder is judged to be non-irritating as a result of human application tests.

* Point 03.
FSC certified

Practice clean & good beauty considering both the environment and skin
Use of sustainable containers & eco-friendly paper
Printed with environmentally friendly soybean ink

* Container optimized for powder formulation
In order to conveniently use powder formulations that are easily blown or spilled, a container optimized for powder formulations was used with a cap that blocks air and moisture to prevent contamination and a well-shaped outlet.

* Tip
Upgrade the effect of the product by mixing a small amount with all products such as skin care, cleansing, body care, and hair care.

* How To Use 
1. Shake the product before use.
2. Take a small amount of powder into your hands.
3. Mix with basic products and use. (skin, essence, serum, emulsion, cream, etc.)
4. Apply evenly to the skin in need of solution and let it absorb.

* Red Vita Cica Powder
- Frequently Asked Questions
01 Can I use the powder alone? 

Powder alone is not absorbed, so mix it with your basic or body products.

02 How should I store Red Vita Cica Powder?
Be careful not to let liquids or basic products enter the opening of the container so that the outlet is not blocked, and be sure to close the stopper before storing.

03 The color of the powder seems to have changed!
The color may change depending on the storage method such as direct sunlight or the surrounding environment, but there is no problem with the efficacy. Please use with confidence.

04 Can I use it on painful skin?
Due to the nature of highly concentrated, high-content products, sensitive skin may feel irritation. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend using it after a patch test before using it on your face.


Medicube Red Vita Cica Powder

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