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Kakao Friends Bluetooth Microphone Speaker

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Type: Electronics


* Kakao Friends Bluetooth Microphone Speaker 

* Bluetooth Microphone & Speaker
High-output dual speaker stereo sound improves the atmosphere!!
It is quickly recognized as Bluetooth 4.2 version and can be connected in 1 second, and duet mode is also OK with the dual pairing function!
Even the LED mirror ball holder is perfect. Now enjoy it at home.

* Using LG Cell, you can safely enjoy up to 6 hours of uninterrupted enjoyment!

* LED lighting mirror ball charging cradle that responds to light according to sound up to the mood!!!

*Product composition and name of each part
1. Microphone
2. speaker
3.Deco/Microphone volume control
4. Volume control
5. Previous/Next song
6. Cradle and mirror ball
7.USB-C charging port and mirror ball power button

*Q & A Frequently Asked Questions!

Q - Power on the mic and after hearing power on screams, there's a crackling sound! Is it bad?
A - NO! It is the sound that the microphone picks up the frequency. (Ex- When connecting to the radio, it is the same as the phenomenon that the frequency does not match.)

Q - I turn on the microphone and connect it to the cell phone, but I hear a t-du-thu sound! Is it bad?
A - NO! It is the sound of the cell phone and the microphone connecting the frequency signals to each other.
This phenomenon disappears when playing music.

Q - If you hold the microphone in your hand while singing, a howling will occur.
A - howling happens when you hold the microphone in your hand while singing.

Q - I hear a noise while singing, is it bad?
A - NO! The microphone battery is low.
It is recommended to fully charge the microphone before using it.

*In order to repay our customers with good products, we have raised the product specifications. If the volume of the microphone itself is low, the corresponding sound will also be low. Because the volume of the microphone itself is increased to arouse the excitement of customers, the volume of other devices is also increased.

*If you are sensitive to even a small sound, please think about it one more time before purchasing. thank you.

* Precautions for this product
· Read the precautions before using the product.
· When charging the product, use a rated and approved product. (Standard 2A recommended) Affects charging time and product life.
· Dual pairing is possible only when two of our same model (Apeach/Ryan) are used. Not compatible with third party models.
· When using for the first time, use it after charging it for 20 minutes or more with a charger of 1A or higher.
· Battery performance may deteriorate if the product is not used for a long time.
· When storing the product, be sure to store it with the power off.
· Do not arbitrarily disassemble this product or use it for other purposes.
· There may be some heat depending on the charging status and device, but this is normal.
· Be careful not to expose this product to shock, moisture or fire.
Be careful not to let water or foreign substances enter the charging terminal.
· Do not charge this product with a vehicle charger. There is a risk of breakage and damage due to momentary high voltage current.
· If you use a high-speed charger, cable defects and battery defects may occur.
Do not use or manipulate products that are wet or damaged as there is a risk of electric shock or explosion.
· We do not provide any guarantees for damages caused by the above.
· It is recommended to use the enclosed cable and 5V2A charger.
· Covalently bonded ferrite core is a device that reduces low-frequency signals. If necessary, attach to the cable before use.
(You can use the product normally even if you do not use this device.)


Kakao Friends Bluetooth Microphone Speaker

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