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Type: Beauty Devices


Air Jet MS6020B that transcends wind limits

World's No. 1 BLDC DRYER
The world's first application of BLDC motors used in precision instruments rewritten the history of hair dryers.

1 million consumers' choice
In 2017, the cumulative sales of JMW's BLDC motor hair dryer exceeded 1 million units.

Satisfaction No. 1 Kookmin Dryer
Hair stylists, media, as well as customers who use it at home all trust and acknowledge JMW.
2018 Brand of the Year Grand Prize Hair Dryer Category [Korea Consumer Forum]

Upgraded BLDC 3.0 Air Motor
More powerfully reborn

The motor with improved performance compared to the previous model maintains an optimal balance, allowing a lot of wind to be drawn in and strong wind to be discharged, reducing drying time by more than 50%.

What is a BLDC motor?
BLDC motors are brushless motors that use electronic circuits and have improved vibration, noise and lifespan compared to general DC motors.

Power cold wind
It minimizes hair damage by maintaining moisture in the hair with the perfect cold air that completely blocks the slight heat without even the slightest heat.
TURBO mode
Over wattage
The 'TURBO' mode added to the airjet is a mode that allows quick drying and styling, and has improved noise.

Wind speed comparison (unit: m/s)
Airjet (JMW) 11.5
MS30 series (JMW) 9.5
DC (JMW) 7.5

Wind pressure comparison [manometer comparison] (unit: cm)
Airjet (JMW) 135
MS30 series (JMW) 107
DC (JMW) 80

RPM Comparison (Unit RPM)
Airjet (JMW) 7650
MS30 series (JMW) 6673
DC (JMW) 6500

Drying time comparison (unit min)
Airjet (JMW) 3.5
MS30 series (JMW) 4.3
DC (JMW) 5.5

Negative ion generator
Shiny dry
By emitting millions of negative ions, hair damage is minimized, enabling more lucky drying.

Dual structure cool nozzle
Various according to the situation

By designing a double insulated structure on the nozzle from which the wind is discharged, it blocks heat even when hot air is used, so it does not get hot compared to the existing nozzle.

Not hot! safety!
'Dual structure cool nozzle for power drying

By applying a double insulation structure to the nozzle that blows out the wind, it blocks heat even when hot air is used, so it does not get hot compared to the existing nozzle.
It has a heat-blocking effect compared to general nozzles, so if you use it for an excessively long time, the nozzle part may become hot due to heat conduction.

'Curling nozzle' optimized for drying as well as styling work

The discharge angle is wide, so the wind is evenly distributed.
In particular, even when using the nozzle close to the brush when styling, air circulates through the curls to prevent overheating of the product.

Double safety device
Safe design for peace of mind
Considering the user's safety, it has an electromagnetic wave blocking device and a fish safety device that can prevent electric heat accidents, so you can use it with confidence.
It is 0.7 mG, which is lower than the "electromagnetic wave level of 2.5 mG" that does not affect the human body, and thermal accidents are also prevented by applying a double safety device of bimetal and temperature fuse.

Blocking micro-hazardous substances
Delicately down to the smallest detail
In general, impurities come out in the form of fine dust due to friction between the brush and the motor. BLDC motors are brushless motors considering the environment where impurities do not occur when the motor is driven.

Carbon blocking
JMW's BLDC motor is a brushless motor and does not generate any microscopic harmful substances when driven.

Precise wind control
By precisely controlling the wind, detailed drying and detailed styling are possible.

Convenient temperature switching
You can easily change the temperature with one push of the PUSH LOCK button.

HOT 3-step wind speed control
Easy 3-step wind speed control and TURBO mode allow you to control various wind strengths.

Removable suction net
For easy management
If foreign matter gets stuck in the suction network, it may lead to a decrease in wind speed and even malfunction. It can be easily removed to wash the suction net so that the product can be used hygienically and safely for a long time.

Thick soft cord
No tangling feeling
It is a round soft cord thicker than a general dryer, so it can be used safely and without twisting.
Premium design
Sensuous visual
Airjet has applied a luxurious matte black that is resistant to external scratches and contamination.


1. Product and model name: JMW Airjet MS6020B
2. Electrical appliance safety certification: JH07496-17001
3. Conformity assessment information: MSIP-PEM-JMW-MS6000
4. Rated voltage, power consumption: 220V / 60Hz 1600W
5. Energy efficiency rating: Not applicable
6 Release Date: April 2017
7 Manufacturer: JMW
8. Country of manufacture : Korea
9. Size: 305*295*83mm / 455g (without code)
10. Quality Assurance Standard: Compensation is provided in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.



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