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IOPE NEW MEN Bio Anti-Aging 2 Set

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A smart choice for anti-aging care for men's skin!!
NEW Man Bio Anti-Aging 2-piece Set


MEN Men's Set Type Sales Amount No. 1
Cumulative Sales Amount 44 billion

Honest reviews and high ratings from customers!!!

It's a life item!

I buy it every time! The ingredients and smell are perfect! Great as a gift, I keep buying! I think it's a good gift for a boyfriend or father. I totally recommend it!

I think it's well made and perfect for a gift. The lotion, skin foam, and sample are included, so it's a good composition. I think it would be good because it is a product that IOPE trusts and uses.

I only use the same product for several years. The scent is just right and it feels moist, so I use it all the time.

My husband and son use it and I think it's really good~~ I like the feel of it, so I always use this product!

Main features of male skin

#01 Dull skin tone
#02 Thick and deep wrinkles
#03 overflowing sebum
#04 Insufficient moisture

Precious male skin under threat

Threats in everyday life
Threats that lead to skin aging

Rough and sensitive skin damaged and irritated by frequent shaving
Hairy people who can't skip shaving for a single day
The stress that comes from struggling to get out of the present life
Skin that loses vitality due to unwanted overtime work and direct or indirect smoking
A drinking party that cannot be avoided by social life and loyalty
Crisp skin that lost consciousness due to fainting and film breakage

I recommend the NEW IOPE MEN 2-piece set for such people.

#No worries!
#Flex for you!

Those who want lively and revitalized skin
Those who are concerned about dry and dark skin tone
Those who are concerned about skin irritation caused by frequent outdoor activities
Those who suffer from poor skin elasticity
Those who want to present men's skin care products
Someone who wants to give a meaningful gift for me
NEW Man Bio Anti-Aging 2 types

2 kinds of this article
Bioconditioning Essence 145mL
Anti-Aging Emulsion EX 120mL

3 types of gifts
Bio-conditioning essence 18mL
Anti-aging emulsion EX 18mL
Perfect all-in-one cleanser 50g

The perfect start for men's anti-aging

Man Bio Conditioning Essence
Whitening/wrinkle improvement function
Anti aging water essence
Skin vitality

MEN anti-aging emulsion EX
Wrinkle improvement function
Anti aging emulsion
Elasticity and wrinkle improvement


Water essence type for quick skin absorption
A light liquid type that helps refresh the skin at the first stage.

Contains Bio Redox αTM
It helps to make dull skin lively and energized.

Peppermint extract soothes the skin
It takes care of tired skin from various skin stresses in daily life, such as shaving.

Available day and night
Available for all skin types
Dermatologically tested
Whitening/wrinkle improvement function

7-free formula for more comfortable use
No ingredients below

Animal raw materials
Poly acrylic
Silicone oil
Mineral oil
Imidazolidinyl urea
Synthetic pigment


Anti-aging effect of 3 ingredients
Soybean extract and taurine increase antioxidant and skin vitality, while adenosine helps improve wrinkles.

A good emulsion that is comfortable for the skin
It is an anti-aging emulsion that can be used comfortably even on sensitive skin.

Light feeling and moisturizing feeling
It is absorbed quickly and without stickiness, giving the skin a fresh and moist feeling.

moon night available
Available for all skin types
Dermatologically tested
wrinkle improvement

How to use

Man Bio Conditioning Essence

Texture & feel
A feeling of use that quickly absorbs and moisturizes the skin

How to use
1. After washing your face, squeeze your palms to prevent the contents from flowing.
2. Lightly tap the face from the inside to the outside with the palm of your hand to absorb the remaining contents.

MEN anti-aging emulsion EX

Texture & feel
It spreads smoothly and is not greasy, and after it is completely absorbed, it is finished with sufficient moisture.

How to use
1. After using Man Conditioning Essence, pump the contents into the palm of your hand 1-2 times and gently apply from the inside of the face to the outside.
2. Gently pat the face with the palm of your hand to absorb the remaining contents.
An anti-aging duo that changes the future of men's skin



IOPE NEW MEN Bio Anti-Aging 2 Set

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