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Type: Moisturizer


Niacinamide 50,000ppm Latent melanin care in the skin
A high-performance formula that reduces skin blemishes and troubles

Real Pure Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid

Use with confidence even for sensitive skin!
The non-acidic cream is gently absorbed into the skin and helps with maximum care.

What is my skin tone now?
Skin you want to brighten
I need vitamins!

Contains 5% Niacinamide
Niacinamide formulated with a high content has skin tone care and amazing anti-aging effects.

Niacinamide formulated with a high content has skin tone care and amazing anti-aging effects.

Vitamin B3 reduces skin blemishes and blemishes.
The high-functional vitamin, along with the zinc salt of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid, even balances the skin's sebum activity.

Enriched with booster ingredients for clear and clear skin, revitalizes.

Asco Big Acid
pure vitamin c
Inhibition of excess melanin secretion

skin tone improvement
Inhibition of melanogenesis formation

Improving cell regeneration
Anti-aging care !!!

Real Pure Vitamin C
Asco Big Acid

Cosmetics containing pure vitamin C will change color when mixed with iodine.



The skin effect of vitamin C recognized by Harvard Journal

Clinical studies have shown that vitamin C can improve wrinkles, protect the skin from long-term damage, and improve overall skin results and appearance.

Unbalanced Guide
Unbalanced skin condition causes melanin pigment shift, which causes skin blemishes and loss of elasticity.

3 Melanin Key points

Production of melanin pigment by tyrosin component

broken skin balance
melanocyte stimulation

Transformed melanin migrates to keratinocytes

* It is not related to product efficacy and is a material to help understand the principle of melanin pigmentation.


Pure vitamin brightening cream for skin condition

water soluble vitamin B3
Improving cell regeneration
skin elasticity UP

01 Melanin CARE
Care for blemishes in the latent skin

02 Whitening function
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Notice
Contains up to 5%

03 Safe antioxidant
Pure vitamin, arbutin vitality

04 Sensitive skin
feel safe
non-acidic cream



Vitamin C
The miracle of antioxidant action in the skin

Tangerine Complex
Citrus fruits containing Hesperidin are specialized for vitamin C, which gives excellent benefits for skin antioxidant properties.

vitamin extract
Vitamin C content, known as a powerful antioxidant, is known as a treasure trove of vitamins containing 200-800 times that of apples.

It is a patented raw material that was created by plant cell culture technology using cells collected from five plants with special efficacy and strong vitality.

* The above is limited to the original characteristics

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect "Hesperidin"
VITAMIN C with Jeju mandarin oranges

Delay aging
Anti-inflammatory effect


Whitening functional cosmetics made with 'Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)' and 'Patented Ingredients'

Vitamin B3 50,000ppm
Melanin pigment care in the skin




pH5.5 ± 1.0, which can be used even for sensitive skin, is gently absorbed into the skin and cares for it.

Hhealthy pH acidic acid
Sensitive acne gently absorbed

Feel safe and healthy




Pure vitamins, brightening care

Sustainable Daily Cream
Make full use of it every day!

I wonder,
Hwasa Pure Vitamin Brightening Cream

Q. My skin stings when I use vitamin C products.
A. You may feel a tingling sensation due to the difference in pH between your skin and vitamin C. It is a natural phenomenon, so you can rest assured, and if you feel strong irritation, we recommend that you apply a moisturizing cream over it.

Q. Can I use it after exfoliating?
A. After using exfoliating products containing AHA and BHA ingredients, skin irritation may increase, so it is not recommended to use them together.

Q. Do I have to use it only in the evening?
A. It can be used both in the morning and in the evening. It is a stabilized vitamin C product that can be used in the morning, and it is effective to apply sunscreen thoroughly on days with a lot of sun exposure.

Q. Can it be used with beauty devices such as LED masts?
A. It is not recommended to use in combination with the high temperature generated by the LED mask, as exposure to light may increase skin irritation..



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