Personalized hevitz 3795 Leather Skin Case For iPhone 13

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*It is a handmade product, it takes 10-15 business days. (Up to 5 weeks )*Made by the Korean best artisan


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 *hevitz 3795 Leather Skin Case For iphon 13

Using a smartphone that has now become a necessity, it is easy to send a message to anyone you want to talk to, no matter where you are. However, there are times when you feel a certain lack that is not satisfied with chat window conversations. Sometimes, I want to share vivid and warm feelings with people rather than talking in a cold machine.

What if the machine delivers those emotions? So that the machine can approach you more warmly and intimately.





 This is a reinforced product by attaching the existing Hebitz smartphone leather skin to a transparent high-quality bumper-type jelly case to protect the sides. Bumper-type jelly case has excellent impact protection. The leather skin is attached to the entire back of the smartphone, so you can feel the soft warmth with your fingertips. A smartphone that is touched countless times a day, the more you use it, the more it absorbs sweat and oil, giving it a glossy finish. Like human relationships that deepen and become closer as they meet, the leather case of Hevitz will also be an item that will give you the pleasure of accumulating time by your side.



* Minerva Vox Leather

Minerva Vox is a leather that has been processed one more time from Minerva, the representative leather of Badarasi, which is the epitome of natural leather. Unlike commercial leathers that simply use a press to print patterns, vegetable leather embossing is also traditional and inefficient. I am particular about how to be. Some of the produced Minerva is put back into a cylinder and rotated for a few days, and the leathers in the barrel are folded and pressed against each other and become soft. This operation is called milling. It has the same physical properties as Minerva, such as soft and chewy touch, tough and durable properties, and the silver surface (which absorbs essence and wax well), but the surface to touch and the overall feel are a little softer, and the more you use it, the more visual fun it is. Leather. In particular, it is embossed leather which is soft and nice to the touch. At Hebitz, we create pouches and key cases, or combine them with wax canvas to create a unique feel. We have the most diverse colors of leather handled by Hevitz.

You can protect the camera lens when the smartphone is placed by adjusting the thickness to create a step that is slightly higher than the protruding camera.



*My own item finished with my own hands, white wax leather

If you gently wipe off the white wax remaining on the silver side of the leather, the smooth luster is restored and the original color of the leather appears darker. Experience the fun of buffing with your own hands to achieve the desired level of gloss. 

* Various buffing tips!

#Dry buffing
As soon as you receive the product for the first time, gently wipe the surface with a dry cloth (flannel, soft cotton). As the white wax fades little by little, a smooth luster begins to appear. Rather than trying to peel it all off at once, proceeding slowly as you use it will help prevent damage to the leather. When the underlying color is exposed to a certain extent, start care with a full-grain leather care product or leather wax.

#Leather care
Lightly apply the exclusive essence and wipe gently in a circular motion on the leather surface. Dry it well in the shade for a few hours so that the cream ingredients can be fully absorbed into the leather. When it dries completely, the wax turns white again. Use after lightly buffing.

#Wet buffing
After applying a small amount of leather essence, take a rest for at least a day. When it dries completely, the wax dries white and freezes on the surface. At this time, you can see that the surface becomes smoother if you lightly moisten a clean cloth with water and rub it lightly. Wet buffing is a method of giving a luster to leather that has undergone some aging and leather care. At the beginning of care, the leather is very soft, so you should never over-buff it while it's wet.

*When shipping white wax leather products, we use a dry cloth in our workshop to do the first buff before shipping. When you start using the white wax on the silver side, an oil film is formed due to the oil on your skin, making it difficult to buff further. After receiving the product, we recommend that you start using it after buffing as much as you want.

For users, the unique texture and texture of Minerva Vox leather gives pleasure to the fingertips and creates a more luxurious atmosphere when using a smartphone.

The Hevitz logo is engraved on the bottom. (When applying for personal engraving, it is engraved in the center of the leather skin.)


*About Aging

Natural leather gets darker and more shiny as it is used, and it ages according to the user's habit. Natural leather has different characteristics after aging depending on its original color, and ages differently depending on the period of use and the user. The product you will receive is a new product before aging, and the color or gloss is different from the image above. Please keep this in mind. 

*Minerva Nox Color

Redishtan / Mahogany / Mandarin / Dark Cyan / Red / Indie Pink / Olive / Black


* White Wax Color



 iPhone 13 models can be selected.
iphone 13/mini/pro/pro max

 [Information on personal engraving]

*If you want to add an engraving, please read the information below.

1. Lee Jae Ho (last name + first name)
2. Jae Ho Lee (first name + last name)
3. Lee JH (last name + abbreviation)
4. JH Lee (abbreviation + last name)
5. LJH (abbreviation)

S. / I. / T. 
(Please check as it may be confusing )

-The first letter is uppercase, the rest are lowercase, and the abbreviation is followed by a period.

-The initial, middle, and final consonants are made with spaces (eg Lee J. H.) The size and typeface cannot be changed.

-Foreign names (Steve, etc.), symbols (V, ☆, etc.), and alphanumeric combinations (TJ 0221) are not allowed.

-If you enter something different from the above, delivery will be delayed.

*The joy of management

With simple maintenance, natural leather can be used for a longer period of time, retaining oil, and being stylish. The more you care, the more luster and luster stand out, which is a big difference from unmanaged leather. The first step to making healthy leather! It's not difficult.


   Presser foot mark / Scratch / Cow wrinkle / Cow dot / Numeric barcode


  *Presser foot marks and small scratches on vegetable leather goods are natural phenomena that occur during the manufacturing process, and cow wrinkles and spots are natural characteristics of natural vegetable leather.

In addition, in the case of Italian vegetable, it is measured and distributed with an automated system for the size of cattle to be distributed, so the number of square feet (bar code) is stamped.


  *Uses high-quality natural leather from Italy certified by the Italian Vegetable Leather Association, a traditional tenery combination of Tuscany, Italy.



-it is made-to-order, it takes some time until you receive the product after ordering. (It is a handmade product, it takes 10-15 business days.)

-Sewing marks, small scratches and wrinkles, dots, and stains on the product are natural features of genuine leather. Please make your purchase decision carefully.



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