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Foretderm Derma Relief Cleansing Gel 200ml

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Type: Cleanser & Exfoliator


Renewal information
You can receive the same product with a different design as a product under renewal.

Derma test with strict standards and verification procedures

A relief line that helps dermatological aftercare
Barrier protection cleansing gel for sensitive skin

Point 1
Ingredient design

Point 2
hypoallergenic test
German derma test completed

Point 3
hypoallergenic non-ionic
plant-derived surfactant

Hypoallergenic weakly acidic face wash

Safe for sensitive skin

Refreshing moisture cooling face wash

Mild vegetable

Sensitive, troubled skin is a mildly acidic cleansing gel

Weak acid cleansing
Regulated to a healthy pH balance

Non-foaming gel
A non-foaming gel type that melts at body temperature and turns into water

Moisturizing formula
Moisturizing film that leaves only freshness after washing your face

Hypoallergenic cleansing
Non-ionic plant-derived surfactant with low irritation
Healthy cleansing with pH 5.6 for sensitive skin
If your skin is sensitive, make sure it is slightly acidic for your skin.
Proper pH is the most important for skin health

13 years of know-how safe derma cleanser
Healthy skin care begins with proper cleansing.

Plant-derived surfactant + moisturizing ingredient + skin barrier strengthening ingredient

Contains only plant-derived surfactants, moisturizing ingredients, and skin barrier strengthening ingredients
Safe cleansing for sensitive skin

The 1st moisturizing face wash that is the mildest for your skin
Water cleansing in which the moisture gel melts at body temperature

Moisturizing film formation

Comfort the skin

Kelp Extract
Keep skin healthy

Strengthen skin barrier

*The above information is limited to raw material characteristics

Non-foaming cleansing gel that is fresher than milk or oil
Moist cleansing without tightness after face wash

Q. Are you worried that the slightly acidic cleanser won't come off well?
A. Don't worry!
Weak acidity was maintained through dozens of cleaning power tests, and the cleansing power was excellent.

Comfort the heated skin - cooling gel
A cooling moisture gel that refreshes and comforts dry and hot skin.

01 Apply an appropriate amount on dry skin and massage gently.
02 Wipe off with lukewarm water
03 Lightly wash your face a second time using a slightly acidic cleansing foam.
* Be sure to use Lip & Eye Remover separately for sensitive skin around the eyes-

Frequently Asked Questions
01 Can it be used by pregnant women with trouble sensitive skin?
Only mild ingredients are used to ensure safe cleansing for both normal and sensitive skin, but we recommend that customers with sensitive skin, such as pregnant women, use it after a skin test or consultation with a doctor.

02 Do I need to wash my face even though I only use sunscreen?
If you are using a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, it is recommended to wash your face twice. It is better to first emulsify with a hypoallergenic weakly acidic product and rinse with a second cleanser rather than trying to clean it all at once with a strong cleanser.

03 Why are weak acid cleansers good for the skin?
You can protect your skin from skin troubles or external stimuli by maintaining the pH level, which is the healthiest condition for your skin.

04 It seems like you have to wash your face to get clean, is that correct?
Alkaline face wash removes the barrier that protects the skin surface, making the skin barrier sensitive and dry. Forederm Dermari Relief weakly acidic cleansing gel protects the skin barrier while cleansing moistly and cleanly.

05 What is the best foam-free gel-type cleanser?
The gel texture, which is the least irritating to the skin, is good for gentle morning and evening use when the skin is sensitive and excessive cleansing is burdensome.


Foretderm Derma Relief Cleansing Gel 200ml

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