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Duck Odol Bone 70g

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*Duck Odol Bone 70g

Made with better ingredients and more valuable than human food 
Need a long-lasting snack?
Even going out! Even at play! Even tartar removal! OK

Duck  Odol bone made with zero chemical additives and 100% domestic eco-friendly raw materials

Reliable pet snacks made by yourself
additive-free! Health is the most basic of the basics!


A must-have for biting kids!
Once you bite, you can't stop, just one chew of gum makes it quiet! Recommended NO.1 if you are teething It is also good for tartar!

Duck bones different from sharp chicken bones!
If you are thinking of sharp chicken bones, NO!

It feels like chewing bone with soft cartilage!.
This is a product that can be paid with confidence,

One seat two sets of snacks!
The dual effect of relieving stress and naturally removing tartar, lean meat can be consumed even to the bone, so it is perfect for calcium supplementation.

Regular customers looking for only bone marrow!
It is a product made from dried bones of duck breast, and once you taste it, you will not even look at other handmade gums.

WARNING !! Please read before purchase!!
Children who do not chew well and gulp the whole thing
Please note that homemade gum may get caught.

Our house trouble maker!
Is there a product as good as this for children with severe bruises, who have to bite on anything to get rid of their teeth when furniture is tight and shoes are chewy?


Natural handmade gum!
I recommend it for these kids.

-A troublemaker biting every corner of the house because his teeth are itchy
-When you want to throw something and go out
-When you want to easily reduce dirty tartar
-For children who need a snack that they can chew and play for a long time


Homemade snacks that do not use any chemical additives such as preservatives, additives, and preservatives!


Duck bones used (domestic raw material) All raw materials

Registered content of ingredients
50% or more of crude protein,
9% or less of crude fat,
2% or less of Mineral 
25% of moisture

It can be given to older dogs from 3 months of age to 15 years of age or older.
If you are allergic to certain ingredients, check the ingredients before eating.

Adult dogs: 1 small dog per day, 2 to 3 large dogs per day
* This is a snack and special meal concept. Feed only with moderately seasoned food. * Be careful that overeating may cause indigestion and upset stomach.
* Do not chew gum well and do not swallow whole. please be careful


Q. What is the shelf life and storage method?
Shelf life is 3 months from the date of manufacture and can be stored up to 3 months with 3 days of refrigerated storage and 3 days of frozen storage.

Q. How do I feed frozen snacks?
You must remove the cold air before feeding so it is easy to burn. For products with low moisture content, thaw them naturally at room temperature before feeding.
For other products, heat them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds before feeding.

Q. What is your total daily salary?
A healthy diet centered on feed is important.
Snacks are recommended in a small amount of 1 to 4 revisions per day.
(Skg or less 1-2 pieces per day / 5-10kg1 2-3 pieces per day / 10 (3-4 pieces per day over g)

Q. Isn't it salt or seasoning?
It is a healthy snack flavored only with the characteristics of .
No additional sodium is added, and it contains a very small amount of sodium.
In the case of sea ingredients, it goes through a desalination process.
Usually children can eat it without any problem.

Q .I am new to homemade snacks, so what are the precautions?
Above all else, a healthy eating pattern that uses samples as a staple food is important.
Snacks should be provided in small amounts to relieve hunger between meals or for stress-relieving training.
In the case of nutrient imbalance, there may be long-term nutritional imbalance.
In case of prolonged exposure for more than 2 days, please be careful not to deteriorate as mold may form.

Q. Are there any special precautions?
Occasionally, for sensitive dogs with allergies, please check the main ingredient.

*Amount of snacks by weight
5kg less : 1~2 per day
5~10kg less : 2~3 per day
10kg over : 3~5 per day 

Homemade snack healing pets carefully selected by the animal hospital.

Healing Pet is a reliable homemade snack and feed that is located in animal hospitals such as Gangnam, Bundang, Ilsan, and pet centers in each region.
In particular, the purchase satisfaction of Healing Pets is very high, so it is very popular in hospitals compared to world-class brand snacks & feeds.
Rather than using inexpensive and unknown ingredients to lower the cost,
Healing Pets are made by veterinary hospital doctors and pet center managers because they cook only ingredients that are better than humans and ingredients with a clear source in a naturalistic way.
One of our favorite snack brands.

Health 200% Healing Pet
For a healthy dog, we make it with better ingredients and more precious than human food.
Meet healthy 200% homemade snacks and feeds selected from the animal hospital.

Healing pet chosen by veterinary hospitals
Because it is cooked in a naturalistic way using only ingredients with a clear source, which is better than human consumption, rather than using inexpensive and unknown ingredients to lower the cost, the healing pet is a veterinary hospital doctor. One of the favorite snack brands for teachers and pet center managers.

No added saltiness for health.
Additives that are harmful to children's health are removed and the original taste of the ingredients is added to enhance palatability.
The natural sweetness of sweet potatoes is cooked only with natural flavors such as the savory taste of salmon.

The secret of moisture content of 25% or more
The higher the moisture content, the better the taste and flavor of the ingredients are alive, but the shelf life is shorter, so mass production is difficult, and there is a hassle of having to produce it immediately after ordering.
However, Healing Pet We are sticking to 25% moisture content to make sure your kids really enjoy eating homemade snacks.

Preservative-free, color-free, additive-free natural homemade snack

A reliable healing pet that has completed registration of feed manufacturing business and permission for ingredient registration!

I am eating it myself.

All of Healing Pet's homemade snacks are directly eaten and inspected just like babies make baby food.

Happy People, Healing Pet Chefs
Did you know?
Healing Pets live on the smiles of our dogs and owners who will enjoy this snack. Humming, chatting, dancing to the rhythm, and people who like pretty snacks when they are served, such happy people gather to make food that will make dogs and their owners happy today.


Duck Odol Bone 70g

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