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Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Plus Hair loss relief Shampoo 500ml

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Type: Shampoo & Conditioner


Confidence in your hair.
Olive Young Shampoo #1!
Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Shampoo.

Hair loss relief volume shampoo made with scalp science at the scalp care center.

FOLLIGEN PLUS Scalp Reinforced Hair Loss Care, which contains research data and know-how from the Global Scalp Care Center.

Those who are confident in their hair know
15 million consumers' choice
#1 hair loss shampoo

Folligen Shampoo is a functional shampoo for alleviating hair loss symptoms selected by confident people.

* Folligen Shampoo Series (Original, Plus, Intense, Cell Energy) cumulative sales based on 2014 10-2021.02
* 1st place in the functional shampoo category for alleviating hair loss symptoms in 2019-2020 (19.01-20.06) based on Olive Young sales
1st place in the shampoo category in 2020 (19.07-20.06)
* Hair loss shampoo means 'functional cosmetics for alleviating hair loss symptoms'

Wrong habits · Increased scalp troubles due to aging

Wrong shampoo
Sleep disorder
Perm and dye

What if you continue to neglect bad habits?

As it turns into a scalp environment in which healthy hair is difficult to grow, the power of the hair follicles gradually weakens and eventually hair loss occurs.

It is necessary to take care of the scalp as soon as possible before the onset of hair loss symptoms.

Dr.FORHAIR's unique core ingredient Folligen complex

What you put in is important, but how you put it is more important.
No matter how good the ingredients are, if they are larger than the scalp pore size, they will not be absorbed.

Folligen Complex Structure

Ceramide NP
Bowl Palm Fruit Extract

The difference in effectiveness is the difference in delivery power.
Put it in a capsule 2,500 times smaller than pores.

In order to deliver scalp-reinforced ingredients deeply, three key ingredients were successfully put in capsules 2,500 times smaller than pores, increasing scalp absorption.

Scalp strengthening and volume care at once

Volume care ingredients

Horsetail extract
Hop Flower Extract

Oil-water balance (4 types) + scalp cleansing (2 types)

Oil-moisture balance (4 types)
Rose-Root Rhodiola
Rock Stone Flower Root Extract
Chinese Yam
Yam root extract
Peony Root Extract
Ginger Extract

Scalp cleansing (2 types)
Mentha Piperita (Peppermint)
Peppermint Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract
Caffeic Acid

* The above contents are limited to the characteristics of raw materials

Changes in the scalp felt after only one use

Increase scalp elasticity
Reduces scalp sebum (oil)
Reduction of scalp keratin
Increase in the root volume of newborn hair

Human application test results confirmed with only one use

Scalp elasticity increased by 8.9%
Reduced scalp sebum by 94.5%
Scalp dead skin reduced by 27.6%
New hair root volume increased by 5.8%

Hypoallergenic Scalp Care Polygen Plus
Testing institution: PNK Skin Clinical Research Center Co., Ltd.
Test period: October 10, 2018 - October 13, 2018
Number of test subjects: 34.

As a result of the hypoallergenic human application test, Dr. For Hair Polygen Plus Shampoo is judged to be hypoallergenic.

Testing institution: KTR Korea Research Institute of Chemical Convergence Testing
Test period: October 10, 2018 - April 3, 2019
Test sample: Dr. For Hair Polygen Plus Shampoo

Result of inspection of 7 samples free of scalp worrying ingredients
3 non-detection and 4 non-addition of scalp-worrying ingredients

*7 non-additive ingredients: methylisothiazolinone (MIT), chloromethylisothiazolinone (CMI), triclosan, mineral oil, animal oil, artificial color, silicone

99% of subjects rated positive (above average)

In the Folligen Plus Shampoo (validation survey), 99.9% of the subjects rated it as above average positive.

99.9% satisfaction with scalp elasticity improvement
95.0% satisfaction with scalp cleanliness improvement
95.0% satisfaction in improving the oiliness of the scalp (due to sebum)
95.0% satisfaction with improvement of scalp (due to waste water and foreign substances) cleanliness
95.0% satisfaction with bangs hair volume improvement

Test Title: Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Plus Shampoo Human Applied Test (Efficacy Assessment Survey)/Individual differences
Testing institution: PNK Skin Clinical Research Center Co., Ltd.
Number of test subjects: 21


200,000 reviews data customer satisfaction 4.9 points

"Doctor for Hair calling for repurchase"
"It smells good and it foams well, so I love it!"
"I really like this shampoo! It makes my scalp feel refreshed."
"This is the shampoo of my life! It seems to bring volume to my hair."
"I'm going to use up 10 bottles and order again!"

200,000 actual customer reviews
By monitoring the reviews of our valued customers, we are improving the inconveniences and making more effective and satisfactory products.

These are actual reviews from customers who have purchased Folligen Shampoo, not an advertisement.

Polygen Plus changed the perception of hair loss shampoo

It foams up and adds volume.

Tight form     Solid foam

It is a tight formulation that feels highly concentrated nutrition, creating a rich foam, which makes your hair feel refreshed and voluminous after shampooing.

Good scent lasts.
It contains the fragrance of moringa flower, one of the most attractive flowers, so that even after shampooing, the delicate and luxurious fragrance lasts.

Luxurious floral fragrance mixed with cool aqua fragrance

Stronger and faster Polygen 3-STEP scalp strengthening solution
Experience the Polygen scalp care synergy suggested by Dr. For Hair Scalp Care Center

Folligen Plus Shampoo
Scalp strengthening and hair volume at once! Hair loss relief functional shampoo

Folligen treatment
Functional treatment for strong scalp and soft hair

Folligen Tonic
Contains the maximum amount of Folligen Complex, hair root intensive nutrition tonic

Dr. For Hair is a global functional hair care brand that pursues beautiful and healthy hair. It has scalp care centers around the world including the US, Beijing, and Seoul, and provides effective scalp care solutions based on clinical research and data.

Dr FORHAIR is a global hair care brand that pursues the beauty of healthy hair.

Feel the pleasure while taking care of your scalp with our products.

There has been added an additional ingrediant for dr. Folligen plus such as other plant extracts, other oils, and conditioning substance which if you are oily type hair then would not require addtional conditioner.


Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Plus Hair loss relief Shampoo 500ml

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