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Dinto Limited Wooncho Cushion 12g with 111 Love Toson 3.5g

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Type: Cushion


Dinto Limited;
Wooncho Cushion with 111 Love Toson
This limited edition consists of Blur Finish Uncho Cushion and Blur Finish Lip & Cheek 111 Love Dawson, available in limited quantities.

Draw the clean and elegant mood of the lotus blooming at dawn with two colors of 901 and 902 Wooncho Cushion and Love Toson that resembles first love.


Blur-Finish Cushion 901 Pure / 902 Sage
Expresses clean, natural, flawless, silky skin

Blur-Finish Lip & Cheek 111 Love Toson
Beige rose color that reminds me of first love

This product is a limited quantity product.

Dinto means deeply into and symbolizes our longing for depth. We believe that beauty without depth is just decoration. We respond to every moment, praise the voice of building our own philosophy and beauty, and try to color women's lives with colors inspired by classical literature. I hope that Dinto will serve as an opportunity, broaden your perspective and elevate your dignity, like an article that sees the world through different eyes than before.

Beauty without Depth is just decoration.

Beauty with Depth, Dinto

Dinto Blufinish Cushion Wooncho Collection
It is composed of color shades and skin expressions inspired by Kim Bu-yong, Wooncho, one of the three greatest female poets of the Choseon Dynasty.


#901 Pure Wooncho

Clear and clear skin, express brilliance

#902 Sage Wooncho
Elegant, clear and clear skin, expressing calmness

Blur-finish : Blur finish that smooths irregularities/pores
Long-wearing : Thin particles with fine particles and excellent holding and lasting power
Buildable : Coverage that builds up as much as you want.
Silky soft-matte : Soft and silky skin expression
Skin-like texture : Closely fixed, less smearing feeling

Experience soft, comfortable, but flawless skin.
It is dense, thin, and lightly adhered to enable clear and fair skin expression. It is a silky soft mat type that reproduces the natural and shiny beauty of bare skin, so you can use it comfortably without drying out.
It is a cushion for delicate, clean, picturesque skin expression.

901   902  WOONCHO

Let the cotton flowers dye the pond. 
It grows on all in reddish shine. 
All who witnessed its presence, sure that no beauty comparable is anywhere to be found. 
then why is so, that all are staring at me, instead of the cotton flowers. 
-Wooncho Kim Buyong

If the cushion focused on the cover or light was burdensome, you will definitely be satisfied with the Uncho cushion. Without being biased or lacking in anything, meet Uncho Cushion of clear color and expression of beautiful skin like an oriental painting.

901 Pure Wooncho
901 Pure Uncho, which expresses innocence, is transparent and bright with cream ivory and pink color, and it goes best with the skin No. 19-21.

902 Sage Wooncho
Expressing nobility, 902 Sage Uncho is creamy beige with ivory shades to create a calm and elegant look, and it best suits the skin No. 22-23.

The bouillon flower blooms beautifully and the pond is full of red. People say you are prettier than my face. I'm walking on the dock in the morning Why do people not see bouyonghwa but only my caves?
-Wooncho Kim Bu Yong

Product information used together

Dante Eye definer
#412 In the Light

Dante brow definer
423 Lupo

Dante lash definer
401 warm black

Zelda Fitzgerald Shadow
#Zelda (base) #Pola

Blufinish Lip & Cheek
111 Love Dawson

Blufinish Lip & Cheek
111 Love Dawson

It has a light and comfortable feeling like your own skin, and the fine particles adhere to your skin as if it were absorbed, boasting excellent holding power and lasting power.

Skin-like texture

As it is a cushion these days, it is fixed closely to the skin, making it less sticky and maintaining a bright and even skin tone for a long time.


The above test is our own test, so there may be individual differences.


Wooncho Cushion was developed with a focus on the expression of smooth and silky skin, and the texture that fills up transparently as if it had been blurred.

SPF 50 PA+++
Whitening improvement
Wrinkle improvement

UV protection, wrinkle/whitening improvement triple function, as well as 'super-adhesion, semi-coverage, non-clumpy silky soft mat, light wear formula' meets 4 types to maintain high-quality skin expression for a long time.

Initial sample Final sample (Uncho cushion)

Because it is our own test using the orange surface, there may be individual differences.

Buildable COVER

A buildable formula that expresses cleanly and thinly even if you apply as many times as you want.
Reapply by tapping on areas that need more cover or need correction.
It maintains the cleanliness and lightness of the first use and increases the coverage.

Natural shades of WOONCHO
Experience the change in your personal skin tone with Uncho's elegant and elegant color shades.

901 Pure Wooncho
No. 19-21 Recommendation
The blue 901 Pure Uncho expresses the supremely transparent and bright tone of cream ivory with a pink hue.

902 Sage Wooncho
No. 22-23 Recommended
The classical 902 Sage Wooncho expresses a calm and elegant tone in cream beige with ivory shades.

You can feel that the color of Wooncho Cushion immediately after makeup is a little brighter than the color body you normally use. Since it was developed according to the color expression when it naturally blends with the skin rather than immediately after application, please refer to it for use.

For the very best HOW TO

You will fall in love with Dinto's delicate skin expression. The skin that stays clear and elegant for a long time without being disturbed is the Uncho cushion that boasts a light feeling of use and a clean finish.

Start with little
After dipping the puff into the contents, pour it on the lid or back of your hand to reduce the amount.

Light & perfect
Apply a thin layer of color by tapping it as if you were pressing it on the skin. A small amount is sufficient.

Additionally, build-up cover
Lay as much as you want on the areas where the cover is needed and stack it up.

When used with Dinto Skin Deep Clean Beauty Toner Pad, it is more fully expressed.
After use, close the container completely so that the triple sealing cap makes a <click> sound.


Vegetable mucin, vegetable collagen, D-panthenol, and alatoin formula keep your skin looking bright and transparent for a long time without dryness.

Phyto Mucin
Plant mucin extracted from yam helps to form a natural moisturizing film

Phyto Collagen
Vegetable collagen extracted from natto helps skin shine and vitality

Plant-based vitamin B5 ingredient helps to strengthen skin barrier

Comfrey leaf-derived ingredients help to revitalize the skin

Signature Scent

Dinto Signature Fragrance is a clear fragrance with a fresh grass leaf scent based on white flower gardenia. Feel the subtle and sensual scent of grass, water, and fresh flowers.

Collaborated with Master Perfumer of Kehlen
In collaboration with Kehlen's master perfumer Cleo Lee, it was developed as an eco-friendly fragrance of 100% grain-derived fermented spirits and natural emulsifiers based on M.07 Gardenia.

4 layer PUFF
The puff, developed as a soft and thick 6mm thick quadruple layer, is made of antibacterial ruby cell fabric and has a silky velvet texture. It is evenly milled without clumping to express a smooth skin texture.

1 Touch the entire skin evenly with a wide surface.
2 Slightly fold in half around the tip of the water droplet to delicately express the sides of the nose and lips

3 layer lock CUSHION
It is a triple airtight container that combines a high hardness sponge that increases the adhesion of the cushion texture and an elastomer material to prevent evaporation of the contents.

A protective film is attached to the inner mirror, so please remove it before use.


You gently stretched out your white hand and gave me an apple; it was then I felt first love, At the fruit of autumn, that crimson fruit.
-Toson Shimazaki

color description;
Dinto Blufinish Lip & Cheek 111 Love Dawson is a more nude series of sensual bare sensual line.

It is a muted pink beige that expresses the fresh lips of first love beyond memory, and it is colored like the prettiest bare lips. The color is more pink than the 101 Fair Hesse. It is highly versatile for individual lip color development, base lip, and cheek.

You held out a white hand and handed a ripe red apple I learned the first time in my life I missed you with the pale pink autumn fruit
- Tosол Shimazaki


Product information used together

Dante Eye definer
#411 In the Dark

Dante brow definer
421 Leone

Dante lash definer
401 warm black

Zelda Fitzgerald Shadow

Blufinish Lip & Cheek
111 Love Dawson

Blufinish Wooncho Cution
901 Pure Wooncho


If you want more perfect adhesion/fixing power
Dry after coloring. After that, press down with a tissue until the tint doesn't come off to fix it for a long time.

If you want a more natural lip
After putting a small amount on the inside of the lips, smudge it with your fingers to create a slightly smudged look along the lip line.

* Coloring is recommended on bare lips with nothing applied.
* Depending on the amount used, you can experience various colors. Apply a small amount of layering several times to match the desired color or apply the color to the desired color by wiping it down as if pressing with a tissue after coloring.

If you want a more colorful look
Mix and use with color blending to create more colorful makeup.

If you want a more subtle color
After mixing with foundation or cushion base, apply or apply on the cheeks and press lightly with a cushion. As you layer, you can feel the glow and vivid colors that gradually fill up.

Dinto is a cosmetic brand certified as PETA Vegan & Cruelty-Free. As we face the world with thoughtful and kind eyes, we place respect for life as our basic value. We oppose animal testing and do not use animal-derived ingredients, and we will deliver ethical beauty through ESG management.

We use soy ink with a high vegetable content, unlike paper that has received FSC certification by using trees harvested from certified forests and general ink, which is a source of air pollution.

In accordance with Dinto's philosophy of clean beauty and for customers who prioritize the value of the environment, the box is packaged with paper tape using natural kraft paper and shipped. In addition, in the case of small-volume packaging to prevent damage, a 6T thick safety bag is used, and both inside and outside are made of the same PE, so 100% recycling is possible

Beauty w/ Depth

Dinto means deeply into and symbolizes our longing for 'depth'. We believe that beauty without depth is just decoration. We admire women who respond to every moment and build their own philosophy and beauty, and try to color women's lives with colors inspired by classical literature. I hope that Dinto will serve as an opportunity, broaden your perspective and elevate your dignity, like an article that sees the world through different eyes than before.

Signature Black
Dinto's signature color is black, which adds depth to any color. Gradient expresses the journey of growth to find your own mood and philosophy.

Clean Beauty
Dinto aims for clean beauty and vegan ingredients and opposes animal testing. We deliver and practice healthy beauty.


Dinto Limited Wooncho Cushion 12g with 111 Love Toson 3.5g

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