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Good habits for my body!Psyllium husk fiber for good bowel movements.Psyllium husk dietary fiberRefreshing with good bowel movements.Plant-derived Psyllium husk fiberFresh orange flavor Let's change with 100% botanical ingredients!Psyllium husk dietary fiberPsyllium Husk FiberPlease confirm100% plant-derived psyllium husk dietary fiber+Water...


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Good habits for my body!
Psyllium husk fiber for good bowel movements.
Psyllium husk dietary fiber

Refreshing with good bowel movements.
Plant-derived Psyllium husk fiber
Fresh orange flavor

Let's change with 100% botanical ingredients!
Psyllium husk dietary fiber

Psyllium Husk Fiber
Please confirm

100% plant-derived psyllium husk dietary fiber
+Water soluble +Insoluble dietary fiber
Promote bowel movements to facilitate bowel movements
1 pack a day delicious with fresh orange flavor

100% botanical dietary fiber.
Psyllium husk dietary fiber

Psyllium Husk Fiber
Psyllium Husk Fiber refers to the skin of seeds of vaginal family plants that grow wild under intense sunlight.

Before expansion                       After 40 times expansion

When Psyllium Husk Fiber meets water, it absorbs moisture and expands more than 40 times like jelly, increasing the amount of stool and promoting intestinal peristalsis.

Insoluble fiber: Increases stool volume and promotes intestinal motility
Soluble fiber: When combined with water, it becomes viscous, making stools slippery and soft.

Psyllium Husk Fiber contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, which softens stool and promotes intestinal activity.

* Source: Health functional food functional ingredient 2011

100% plant-derived dietary fiber
Psyllium husk dietary fiber can be consumed continuously for a long time.

Take with water
Absorbs moisture and converts it into a gel form
Expands 40 times to promote intestinal peristalsis

Psyllium husk dietary fiber is a raw material that has been recognized for its functionality by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety based on its special properties to help facilitate bowel movements.
Sub-ingredient fructooligosaccharide and grain fermenting enzyme all at once

One packet of Psyllium husk dietary fiber contains fructooligosaccharides and up to 8 grain fermenting enzymes as auxiliary ingredients.

Fructooligosaccharide: A component that feeds lactic acid bacteria
8 grain fermenting enzymes: brown rice, barley, soybean, wheat, barley radish, corn, rice bran

*This is a description of the raw material used as an auxiliary material.
Refreshing with orange flavor

Psyllium husk dietary fiber contains fresh orange concentrate as an auxiliary ingredient, so you can consume it refreshingly.
Take 1 sachet a day for good bowel movements

Put 1 sachet of Psyllium husk dietary fiber in cool or cold water, stir quickly before the powder expands into a get form, and consume immediately.

How to drink directly from water
1. Prepare room temperature or cool water
* 2-3 cups based on paper cup, 200ml~300ml
*Psyllium husk fiber increases rapidly in hot water, making it inconvenient to consume.

2. After taking 1 packet of Psyllium husk dietary fiber in the prepared water, take it immediately before the powder rises.

3. It is recommended to drink plenty of water even after taking a bite.
*At least 1-2 cups based on paper cups, 100ml~200ml

Precautions for ingestion
1. It is dangerous to eat the powder without water, so be sure to take it with plenty of water.
2. Psyllium husk fiber has the characteristic of rapidly expanding into a thick gel when it comes into contact with liquid.
Therefore, it is recommended to take it quickly with plenty of water for a comfortable swallowing.
3. When consumed with hot water, Psyllium husk fiber increases rapidly and you may feel uncomfortable, so it is recommended to consume it with cool water as much as possible.
4. If the amount of 1 packet is too large to take, it is recommended to divide it by 1/2 and take it with water.
100% plant-based dietary fiber derived from dietary ingredients
Psyllium husk dietary fiber for pleasure
A refreshing day with 1 pack a day!

Psyllium husk dietary fiber can be consumed continuously for a long time.

It is a health functional food that has been recognized for its safety and functionality by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
Manufactured in a facility that meets the manufacturing standards for excellent health functional foods.
Psyllium husk fiber
We recommend this to anyone.
  • Those who do not have regular bowel movements
  • Those who have difficulty in bowel movements due to diet, etc.
  • Those who want to feel refreshed every day
  • Students and office workers who are less active because they sit for long periods of time
  • Those who are troubled by discomfort in the lower abdomen that feels heavy
  • Pregnant women, lactating women, and the elderly with impaired intestinal activity
  • Those who have insufficient dietary fiber intake, such as fruits and vegetables
  • Those who want to spend a comfortable day with a healthy bowel movement
Psyllium husk fiber for good bowel movements.
Psyllium husk dietary fiber

Psyllium husk fiber that can be easily consumed by mixing it with water once a day

A good habit for my body!
Characteristics of psyllium husk dietary fiber
1. Active longevity through continuous intake of sufficient dietary fiber!
2. Psyllium husk fiber, which expands 40 times, helps bowel movements and refreshes with pleasant bowel movements!
3. Psyllium husk fiber powder contains a whopping 84.5% of plant-based psyllium hulls~!
4. Individual packaging makes it easy to take, so you can eat it anywhere!
5. You can enjoy it fresh and delicious with orange flavor~!

What is Psyllium husk fiber?
The seeds of the plantain plant grown under intense sunlight are called psyllium, and the seed shell is called psyllium husk. Psyllium husk fiber absorbs 40 times more water than its own weight and expands in volume, helping to facilitate bowel movements.

1. Consistent intake of sufficient dietary fiber is possible!
Because psyllium husk fiber is a plant component, it is safe to consume for a long period of time, and if consumed continuously, it saves the rhythm of bowel movement.
Psyllium hull dietary fiber softens the stool, increases the amount and elasticity of the stool, stimulates the intestine, and stimulates bowel movement, helping to have a comfortable bowel movement.

2. Individual packaging makes it easy to carry!
The slim individual packaging allows you to enjoy it easily with water anytime, anywhere, and it can be stored hygienically.

3. You can enjoy it fresh with orange flavor~!
Containing orange concentrate powder, it overcomes the disadvantage of bitter taste of psyllium husk fiber and makes it refreshing with orange drink taste, so you can enjoy it casually.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

這是我經常購買的產品, 就個人而言,我非常喜歡這種效果。 便秘解決了。 即使在我吃得少的日子裡,糞便量也不小。 我將茶放入120ml冷水中,快速攪拌,喝了3次, 並立即喝300毫升溫水。效果很好,所以在我已經回購了很多次。


만족합니다 엄마가 변비보다 항상 오래 화장실에 계셔서 늘 마무리가 개운치 않아 차전자피를 보내드리니 넘 편하게 보신다해서 기쁩니다 꾸준히 써봐야할듯합니다

Sabrina K. Perry
The effect seems to be real

It seems to have an effect, but it swells really quickly. If you just pour the powder into your mouth with water, it sticks to the roof of your mouth or in your mouth. The effect seems to be real, I have no hunger and I am seeing it smoothly in 3 days.

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