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Type: Moisturizer


Lacto Derm, a live moisturizing agent beneficial to the skin  

*The product that 7,095 members of the largest beauty community powder room pre-experience group in Korea researched and selected first  
The very product that 25 strict mothers have verified and approved in advance
Lactoderm, a live moisturizing agent beneficial to the skin  

What if our family's skin is a concern?
Haven't found the perfect moisturizer yet?
Experience vividly how beneficial it is to your skin!

Itchy skin from dryness that keeps scratching without realizing it
Skin with exfoliated skin on cheeks, lips, arms, calves, etc.
Skin that feels dry and tight inside.
Sensitive skin with weakened barrier and weakened skin

Chong Kun Dang
A leading company in fermentation technology with 80 years of tradition
Established Korea’s first research institute for fermentation engineering and fermentation plant (1972)

Chong Kun Dang Bio
Possession of 3000 kinds of microorganism strain bank and research and development
Lactobacillus study using Chong Kun Dang’s accumulated fermentation technology Skin microbiome analysis/ Skin-derived microorganisms and skin clinical characteristics study

Chong Kun Dang Health
* No. 1 lactobacillus, 1 second lactobacillus Lactobacillus (lactofit) manufacturing and sales No. 1 company in Korea

*1st heritage group: (2020 health functional food market status and consumer survey 3041 people web survey and one-on-one face-to-face interview
Survey period: 2020.6.22.~7.4, 2019.7.~2020.6., market standards for one year, Korea Health Functional Foods Association

Lactobacillus No. 1 lactic acid bacteria that no one can follow I lived with patience (high)

No. 1 lactic acid bacteria that no one can follow
lactic acid bacteria
Lactobacillus technology

Unique moisturizer made by Chong Kun Dang Health

Fermented lactic acid bacteria D that is unique from the basics
#colostrum lactose 90% #100 hours moisturizing
Chong Kun Dang Health, a famous lactobacillus group, 90% ‘colostrum lactose’, a high-density moisturizing formula made with 100 billion lactic acid bacteria

Moisturizing Complex Colostrum Lactose 90%
Moisturizing barrier
Skin defense

Fermented lactic acid bacteria
Purified water substitute
Soothing effect

Colostrum Ingredients
Skin conditioning
Moisture moisturizing film formation

Sekolji TECH™ that delivers lactic acid bacteria fermented products deeply into the skin

Ceramides, Cholesterol, Phospholipids

Skin affinity UP
Skin absorption rate UP
Active ingredient stabilization UP

Consists of skin-like ingredients: ceramide: cholesterol: phospholipids
Liposome method with the lamellar structure of the skin
*Limited to the characteristics of raw materials
*Indicated on all ingredients of colostrum lactose
*100 billion CFU/75ml
* Lactobacillus growth efficiency: It is a component obtained by fermenting, dissolving, and filtering the culture of lactic acid bacteria, not live bacteria.
*Sekolji Ingredients: Ceramide NP, Cholesterol, Hydrogenated Phosphatidylcholine

Feel vividly how important it is to your skin!

For dry skin older than 3-5 years
#Skin soothing

Improvement of excitatory keratin
Immediately after 1st use, the change in skin keratin and improvement rate decreased by 85.93%

Skin soothing improvement
After 2 injections, a*value change and improvement rate decreased by 5.04%
Serious about moisturizing
#Moisture lasting item
100 hours of moisture lasting after 5 seconds of use

After the first application [after 5 seconds of application], skin moisture change and improvement rate (%) increased by 273.73% at the application site

Increases skin moisture by 273% just by applying
Moisture explosion in 5 seconds!
100 hours of moisture lasting after 5 seconds of use
2.5mm deep moisturizing
Skin barrier improvement and 24-hour maintenance effect

#300% moisture retention item even in extreme cold/heater wind environments

After 20 minutes of cold wind application, skin moisture change and improvement rate (%) moisture 300% increase

#Skin temperature reduction product that is resistant to heat stimulation

After warming for 20 minutes, the skin temperature of the application site changes and the improvement (% after application) decreases the temperature by 140%
Improvement of skin irritation caused by heat [infrared rays] and soothing effect 140% reduction in temperature

Preventing irritation
#Skin defense
Two-way skin irritation defense effect

Don't scratch
#Itching relief

Arms & thighs that get scratched without realizing it
Relieves itching due to dryness in each area

Skin elasticity & lifting effect by part
#Skin elasticity item
Skin by facial elasticity [eye/cheek/mouth area]
Lifting effectImprove skin firmness in the thigh area

Tightly filled with
#Tight grain improvement

39.47% increase in the number of star formations

Stimulus index '0'
#Hypoallergenic item

Hypoallergenic test completed in 3 countries

Sensitive skin test
Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences 2021.01.11~2021.01.15 35 subjects
Skin irritation test
Korea Institute of Dermatology 2021.01.18~2021.01.22 35 subjects
Uk Q Test
Q Test 2021.03.02~2021.03.05 31 subjects
German derma test
Derma Test 2021.03.19~2021.03.05 30 test subjects

16 ingredients
7 types of parabens and non-additive testing completed

Testing institution: INTERTEK
Additive-free test items Methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, isopropylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben, benzyl alcohol, benzophenone-3, benzophenone-4, benzophenone-8, benzoic acid, P-hydroxybenzo Acid acid, sorbic acid, clofenesin, dehydroacetic acid, benzalkonium chloride

Differentiated creamy texture that looks greasy but gets absorbed into the skin as if it spreads the moment it is applied

Apply an appropriate amount to the face and body in need of moisture and spread gently.

Reduce base makeup time!
Covers for office workers, weekends, etc.
Recommended item for those who can't do much!

Moist and smells good!

Even the redness is covered, so I apply only one all-coverage and go to work~

UV protection + cover is solved with one silver coverage line, so I only apply this one now!

With a soft finish, the skin inside the mask was very comfortable! #strongly recommended

There is no eye irritation, and the skin is comfortable and moist, so I use it every morning.

It applies smoothly without being heavy, and one cream solves it without using a separate eye cream! #collagen #restaurant

The product has also been hypoallergenic, so I can use it with confidence.

Collagen capsules that can be seen at a glance feel like they are filling the inside of the skin! #TangTong #Stick

I believe that it is a company that uses eco-friendly packaging materials!

A moisturizing cream that is faithful to the basics!
I apply just one before going to bed and my skin is moisturized until morning!

I use it all over my face!



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