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The Have a Nice Bowel

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Received numerous customer choices
Cumulative sales volume of 3.3 million bags
* June 2021 / Based on quantity per piece

Today, Make a project with a Have a Nice Bowel a day. 

Twice a day with one easy bite

Psyllium hull : dietary fiber (main ingredient)
12 types of lactic acid bacteria : probiotics (additive ingredients)
2 sachets per day : Easy intake as a pill

Have a Nice Bowel  Released
Meet the custom Have a Nice Bowel for me

The Have a Nice Bowel 

Function: Dual function, satisfying 29% of daily dietary fiber intake
Recommendation: Those who have difficulty in bowel movements

It can help with bowel movements.
It can help  improve blood cholesterol
5gx20 bags




Are you suffering from a dilemma that you can't say?
Why are you... Come out from there.
The back that was cool at the sudden signal.

It's heavy.
A heavy stomach and a feeling of stinky afterglow

the moment you want to stand up
Using the bathroom for a long time.

Crunch Crunch Bboong Bboong Bboong. 
Repeated gas discharge.

Have a Nice Bowel , a symbol of refreshing bowel movements
Ratings & Reviews
Rating 4. 8 /5 Total number of reviews 14,146
* As of June 2021

Refresh yourself with a psyllium health functional food Have a Nice Bowel !


Psyllium dietary fiber for regular bowel movements

It is the seed husk of a plant belonging to the plantain family and is very rich in dietary fiber.

Psyllium dietary fiber function
Absorbs water from the intestines and increases the size of the stool. An enlarged stool can promote bowel movement and aid in bowel movement.

Let's see how much psyllium hull dietary fiber grows!
A psyllium that grows 40 times larger!
Check out how it absorbs moisture and grows terrifyingly

Feeling like flying
This is the pleasure

Don't forget to take it
Psyllium hull health functional food Have a Nice Bowel  makes a regular bowel movement habit.

Have a Nice Bowel 
Born this way 

I will tell you the process of excreting the Have a Nice Bowel ingested with water from the body.

1 Absorbs a lot of moisture
2 Inflate 40 times with 2 stools
3 promotes peristalsis
4 Sufficient amount of watery stool stimulates the intestinal lining to feel a stool
5 The Have a Nice Bowel are released in a refreshing way!


Human test results of functional raw material psyllium hull dietary fiber

Increased frequency of bowel movements
Increased stool weight
Reduced stool hardness
Reduction of stool pain

My hidden~

Have a Nice Bowel's own recipe for auxiliary ingredients
12 kinds of probiotics













A poop pill that passes cleanly

It is the most comfortable pill form that does not spill or stick to the mouth.

Fluttering and stuffy powder
granules with severe throat congestion
A pill that goes over well without any residue

This is a pill, so it goes well.

Let's eat anywhere conveniently.

Individually hygienic packaging
Be sure to take your Serpent time anywhere with a convenient stick type

Easy-to-open easy cut
The edge is easy-cut line, so it can be opened without a separate cutting tool.

If you choose the Have a Nice Bowel 
Now remember two things

Enough water.
2 bags a day.

Please keep it for active intestinal peristalsis and bowel movements.

After consuming Have a Nice Bowel, there are some people who take only half a pack or 1 pack a day.
For intestinal peristalsis and smooth bowel movements, be sure to take 2 capsules per day with 500mL of water.

Have a Nice Bowel Developer Comments

'How much water should I drink?' We are getting a lot of inquiries.
In conclusion, when taking Have a Nice Bowel , I take it with 500ml of mineral water. Also, if you look at the actual Have a Nice Bowel review, many customers are saying 'Drink a lot of water'. Water is essential along with psyllium to facilitate bowel movements. In addition to forming a healthy habit of drinking water, drink 500ml of mineral water when eating Have a Nice Bowel .

Health functional food company
Made by Duruwon Co., Ltd.
Duruone is an eco-friendly BIO company with 30 years of production experience. In Eumseong, North Chungcheong, clean and clear, we make Have a Nice Bowel  with safety and hygiene as our top priority. 

Let's eat and know for sure!

Make sure it is a reliable health functional food

Have a Nice Bowel is a health functional food registered by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and can be consumed with confidence.

Have a Nice Bowel t is an item manufactured under the excellent health functional food manufacturing and quality control standards of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

The most cost-effective.
Launched large-capacity Have a Nice Bowel  ®
Just 60 Have a Nice Bowel ! (5g x60 sachets)
3 times the capacity

Increase capacity 3 times and price DOWN Meet the high-capacity Have a Nice Bowel 

Ask the Have a Nice Bowel everything

Q Have a Nice Bowel, when and how should I eat it?
A The intake time does not matter before or after a meal.
Basically, you can take 1 pack in the morning and 1 pack in the evening with enough water (500mL or more).

Q Can pregnant and lactating women take it?
A Yes. Have a Nice Bowel  is a health functional food that can be consumed even by pregnant women.
However, pregnant and lactating women have a sensitive body, so it is recommended to refer to the raw materials and ingredient list of our products and consult with your doctor before consuming.

Q Have a Nice Bowel Psyllium, can I eat it for a long time?
A Have a Nice Bowel is a product that can be consumed by people of all ages. Choose a product that suits you well from among the four lineups of Have a Nice Bowel Pure, Have a Nice Bowel Ultra, and Have a Nice Bowel diet, which were newly launched along with the existing Have a Nice Bowel 

Q . What is different about the new Have a Nice Bowel lineup?
A Have a Nice Bowel Pure and Have a Nice Bowel Ultra differ in content and intake based on the existing products. Have a Nice Bowel Pure has a lower psyllium hull fiber content and 2g less per serving than conventional products. Have a Nice Bowel Ultra contains garcinia cambogia extract, which can help reduce body fat, along with dietary fiber from hulls.

* If you have a specific constitution or an allergic constitution, please check the ingredients before consuming.
* Please refer to the detailed information below for detailed ingredients and contents of each product

Buy it. 
Just buy it

Start each morning fresh with Have a Nice Bowel 

Have a Nice Bowel 
Dietary fiber from psyllium: can help improve blood cholesterol and facilitate bowel movements

Content per daily intake
Daily Intake: 10g

Calorie: 22 kcal
Carbohydrates: 9 g 3%
Protein: 0 g 0%
Fat: 0 g 0%
Sodium: 10 mg 1%
Dietary fiber: 7.2 g 29%

※The figures in parentheses are the ratios to the daily nutritional value.

Product Name: Have a nice Bowel
Contents: (5g x 20 sachets) 
Raw material name and content
Psyllium hull dietary fiber (from India, psyllium hull dietary fiber 85%) 84.85%. Powdered crystalline glucose, aloe extract powder (South Africa), enzyme food (pineapple extract, dextrin), Western plum concentrate powder (USA, Xtrin, null prune juice concentrate (BRIX 70) 1. Green tea extract powder, other processed products [5] Longitudinal fermentation product (brown rice powder, pumpkin powder, mung bean powder, aronia fruit powder, kelp powder, Asp. Oryzae)], probiotics (12 types) [dextrin, vegetable cream mixed powder, lactic acid group powder ( Lactobacillus plantarum, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus aci- dophillus, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus
Contains milk and soy

This product is not a medicine for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

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