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BB LAB  Inner View Enzyme  Enzyme charging for inner health  15 Different Grain Fermentation Enzymes  High titer levels [enzyme activity]  7 degrading enzymes for a quick and easy day  Ingredients for inner beauty  Reliable and safe manufacturing system  A refreshing lemon flavor that you can enjoy deliciously  BB LAB  The...

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Inner View Enzyme  
Enzyme charging for inner health  

15 Different Grain Fermentation Enzymes  
High titer levels [enzyme activity]  
7 degrading enzymes for a quick and easy day  
Ingredients for inner beauty  
Reliable and safe manufacturing system  
A refreshing lemon flavor that you can enjoy deliciously  

The beginning of true inner beauty  
It is a brand specializing in inner beauty that awakens your latent beauty.  

Why do our bodies need enzymes?


What are enzymes?
As a protein catalyst that acts on all metabolic activities in our body, it is an important substance that helps digestion and absorption of food.

If there is not enough enzyme, it is not possible to absorb or synthesize certain substances, so it is important to manage the enzyme so that there is always an abundance of enzymes in the body.
*This is a description of general raw materials, not products.

15 Grain Fermentation Enzymes Full of Nutrients from Grains

✓ Rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber!
✓ Nutrient absorption rate through fermentation process
✓ Helps digestion and absorption so you feel comfortable all day

Brown rice, barley, whole wheat, black bean, red bean, millet, sorghum, buckwheat, rye, oats, corn, barley radish, soybean, potato, sweet potato

Enzymes from trusted manufacturers

A grain fermenting enzyme with guaranteed potency (enzyme activity) stability was used.

Absorption rate UP!
Uptake of nutrients through microbial culture and enzyme addition!

Culture of Bacitituis amyloliquefaciens
Edible strains derived from soybean paste
Break down protein
Produces bacterial amylase

*This is a description of the raw material, not the product.

Maximizes enzyme activity Total 201,500 UNIT enzyme titer per bag

What is titer?
It is a numerical value indicating the activity of an enzyme.

For enzyme products, the amount of enzyme is not important, but how high the activity is. Be sure to check the enzyme titer indicated on the product!

[Carbohydrate-degrading enzyme]
200,000 units / 3g

1,500 units / 3g

7 kinds of decomposing enzymes in one package for a comfortable day!

In addition to digestive enzymes such as amylase and protease, it also contains lipolytic enzyme (lipase).

Alpha Amylase: Decomposing Carbohydrates
Invertase: catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose to fructose and glucose
Glucoamylase: Breaks down carbohydrates into units needed by the body.
Papain: Protein breakdown with papain-containing plant-derived enzymes
Lipipe: A lipolytic enzyme secreted by the pancreas
Bromelain: Pineapple-containing plant-derived enzyme, protein enzyme

Ingredients filled with healthy inner beauty

Pomegranate Concentrate Powder, Cranberry Concentrate Powder, Hibiscus Extract Powder
Corn Beard Extract Powder, Sweet Pumpkin Concentrate Powder
Aloe vera extract powder, fructooligosaccharide

Reliable safety manufacturing and management system
BB Lab Innerview Enzyme was manufactured through a safe and strict manufacturing process in a domestic HACCP-certified manufacturing facility.

Stop worrying about the smell!
Fresh Lemon Flavor Enzyme

Enzymes smell and taste like fermentation?
Not a fermented flavored tribute-flavored enzyme, but "a delicious enzyme with a refreshing lemon taste"
Anyone can give without hesitation!

Recommend this person

Don't forget that even healthy people can slow down their metabolism if their body lacks enzymes!

Those who eat irregularly
People who drink excessively, binge eat, and eat late at night
Those with a low amount of enzymes in the body
People who eat instant food frequently
Those who frequently consume carbohydrates (rice/wheat)
People who spend a lot of time sitting

It is recommended to consume before or between meals on an empty stomach or before going to bed.
Enzymes are sensitive to heat, so it is not recommended to drink them with hot tea.
Because it is weak to chemicals, it is not recommended to take it with medicines.

After ingestion, there may be a temporary increase in the amount of stool or frequent farts. If this is the case, try reducing the intake and then gradually increasing it. Enzymes are weak to heat and should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Health information
* This is health-related information that has nothing to do with product information.

Why should enzymes be consumed externally?

1. As we get older, the amount of digestive enzymes in the body decreases.
The production of enzymes in the stomach, pancreas, and small intestine is reduced and the activity is also weakened.

2. You need to conserve enzymes in your body.
If we use too much 'digestive enzyme', an enzyme made in a limited amount in our body, the amount of 'metabolizing enzyme' will decrease.
Therefore, if you supplement the enzyme from the outside to help the digestive function, the enzyme in the body can focus on the metabolism and maintain health.

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