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Azalea Flower Sowol Kim×Kyungja Chun Poem Collection

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Azalea Flower Sowol Kim×Kyungja Chun Poem Collection


Publication date May 10, 2023
Guidance on the binding method for flat-type hardcover books
Number of pages, weight, size 304 pages | 472g | 130*188*30mm

book introduction
“Kim So-wol,” a poet of azalea flowers × “Chun Kyung-ja,” a painter of flowers and women
Art collaboration between Korea's leading poets and painters!

Ho-seung Jeong and Lee Hae-in are highly recommended!
Contains 150 poems by Kim So-wol and 34 paintings by Chun Kyung-ja
“Poetry lecture that touches the heart” Professor Jeong Jae-chan released

How can you say you have read poetry without reading Sowol's poetry?
How can you say you are writing poetry without reading Sowol's poems?
_Jeong Ho-seung (poet)

A book that makes anyone dream of being a poet!
Kim Sowol's poem itself is a prayer and song of Koreans.
_Lee Hae-in (nun, poet)

Kim So-wol and Chun Kyung-ja. The two are undeniably representative Korean poets and painters, and in their works, the common themes of flowers and women, sadness and resentment flow. It is a well-known fact that poet Kim So-wol sang about the pain of parting and the affection of a woman, and artist Chun Kyung-ja also said in an interview, “I must have the undeniable resentment of a woman in every corner of my body. No matter how much she struggles, the story of my sad legend will not be erased,” she said, revealing the emotions flowing through her work. While poet Kim So-wol expressed the pain of parting and a woman's resentment with a folkloric rhyme and a mournful feminine tone, artist Chun Kyung-ja expressed sadness and resentment through flowers and a woman with dreamy and sorrowful eyes that break through intense colors.

Kim So-wol × Chun Kyung-ja's collection of poems 『Azalea Flower』, published by Literary Publishing Company, contains 150 poems and 34 paintings that fully reflect the theme consciousness of the two people. In addition to all the poems in Kim So-wol's first collections of poetry 『Azalea Flower』 and 『Sowol Poetry』, works published in literary magazines were selected and published, and spelling and spacing followed some modern standard language regulations, but were minimized to preserve the taste of poetic language. In addition, Professor Jeong Jae-chan, who is famous for his heart-touching poetry lectures, gave a short but easy answer to the question, “Who is the representative poet of Korea?”, so that readers could enter a richer and new world of Kim So-wol’s poetry. is opening the way

Painter Chun Kyung-ja was as talented in literature as she was in painting, leaving more than 10 books as an essayist and drawing several book covers. One of them is the cover picture of azalea flowers in 『Sowolsiseon』 (Yeowonsa Temple) in 1958. In 1958, 『Sowol Poems』 was exhibited at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art’s “When Art Meets Literature” exhibition in 2021, along with other books whose cover was painted by artist Chun Kyung-ja. Just as the two artists, who are always famous as poets and painters loved by Koreans, met through a book 65 years ago, they met again in 2023 through Kim So-wol × Chun Kyung-ja's collection of poetry 『Azalea Flower』. I hope it will be a great gift. In addition, the book also includes sketches and lyrical and emotional paintings drawn by the artist while traveling, as well as flowers, women, and colorful paintings representing the artist Chun Kyung-ja.

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