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  화해 Best new products  Beauty AWARDS in the first half of 2021  No 1 in Washoff Pack 1025 DOKDO MUD PACK _______________________# Hypoallergenic# Exfoliation# Blackhead clean________________________      화해 Best new products  Beauty AWARDS in the first half of 2021 No 1 in Wash off Pack...

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Type: Masks & Treatments



화해 Best new products  Beauty AWARDS in the first half of 2021 

No 1 in Washoff Pack



# Hypoallergenic

# Exfoliation
# Blackhead clean



화해 Best new products  Beauty AWARDS in the first half of 2021 
No 1 in Wash off Pack

GLOWPICK AWARDS in the first half of 2021 
ROOKIE in Wash off Pack


346 Glowpick survey people carefully evaluated the survey.
Survey period : 2021.2.1~2021.2.8



Surprising product effects proven by human application tests

The skin sebum (oil) cleansing effect of ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Mud Pack, Blackhead improvement effect in pores, Human application test for keratin improvement effect

Institution: Korea Institute of Dermatology
Period: 2021-1-11~2021.2-3
Number of people: 
21 adult women aged 20-60

It seems to reduce the oiliness and shine of the skin---95%

 The blackheads in the pores seem to have shrunk and become cleaner---95%

 It seems that the dead skin cells on the skin have been reduced---95%

 Skin texture seems smoother---95%

 Skin seems clear and bright---95%


Korea Institute of Dermatology 

Subjective survey on skin condition after use of '1025 Dokdo Mud Pack'
95% of the study subjects answered positively

Skin sebum (oil) cleaning effect 

As a result of analyzing the improvement in the cleansing effect of the skin sebum (oil) in the left nostril area, the amount of sebum was reduced by 50.08% immediately after the first application because the amount of sebum was not used before the use of the test substance.


Keratin improvement effect

As a result of analyzing the degree of improvement of the keratin cleansing effect on the left side of the mouth, the keratin level of the skin decreased by 82.97% immediately after the first application compared to before the use of the test substance.


Blackhead improvement effect in pores

As a result of analyzing the improvement in the blackhead cleaning effect in the pores of the left nostril, the blackhead area showed a 29.65% decrease immediately after one use compared to before the test substance was used.



# high content mud
# hypoallergenic
# pore care


'These days, intensive care is needed because of the mask.' 

Introducing Dokdo Mud Pack filled with thick mud.

Gently cares for waste products and leaves only moist moisture.



Deep Sea Water on Ulleungdo Island : Maintaining moisture balance with rich mineral ingredients

High content mudWaste, old grinding, hypoallergenic smooth care

Panthenol, Allantoin : Skin protection with a soothing moisturizing film


Ulleungdo Island deep sea water moisture balance care

Ulleungdo Island deep sea water of ROUNDLAB 1025 Dokdo Mud Pack
safely contains 72 kinds of naturally-derived minerals such as magnesium, calcium and zinc with patented technology for 'manufacturing mineral water using nanofiltration membrane'.

Patent holder : QBM 
Patent number : 10-0992428

 * The above description is limited to the raw material characteristics.



40% high content mud effective for pores


It contains 40% of high content mud, which is excellent for moisture supply and pore care, and helps to maintain skin moisture and soothe and protect irritated skin.

 * The above description is limited to the raw material characteristics.


 POINT 03 

Skin trouble care due to mask

Mud and sea salt ingredients take care of dead skin cells and wastes on the skin surface, and manage excess sebum and oil to make healthy skin.

The above description is limited to the raw material characteristics.



Moisture retention that does not dry out

Unlike general mud packs, ROUNDLAB 1025 Dokdo Mud Packs are soft and creamy and do not crack or harden and retain moisture for a long time.



Soothing care for tired and irritated skin

PANTHENOL : Misturizing

ALLANTOINCalm, Protection

LACTOBACILLUS : Condition care


Panthenol, allantoin, and altobacillus ingredients that are effective in soothing the skin comfortably protect the skin stimulated by the external environment.



Creamy mud type that adheres softly

The thick creamy mud texture gently adheres to the skin and cares for moist skin without tightness.



Moisturizing deep cleanser for clean pores

Mixing your usual cleanser and mud pack in a 1:1 ratio helps to clean pores and maintain moist moisture.


Cosmetics that come in direct contact with the skin
Roundlab makes cosmetics that even sensitive skin can use with confidence.


01. Skin irritation test completed

Hypoallergenic confirmation after 1 to 24 hours after using Dokdo Mud Pack

Institution: Global Medical Research Center Co., Ltd.
Period: 2020.11.11~11.13
Number of people: 33

Skin reaction

after an hour : 0.0
after 24 hour : 0.0

02. all ingredients

Check out all the ingredients selected by ROUND LAB


Hydration, Skin soothing/protection, Keratin care

Kaoline(340,000ppm), glycerin, Purified water, bentonite(60,000ppm), Trehalose, 1.2-hexanediol, sea ​​water, sea ​​salt, allantoin, panthenol, Lactobacillus, Cyprilyl Glycol, Cellulose Gum, Ethylhexylglycerin, Butylene Glycol, tocopherol, xanthan gum



After washing your face, take an appropriate amount on a dry face and spread it gently, then wash it off with lukewarm water after about 10-15 minutes.

* Apply it thoroughly to avoid exposing the skin.


 Daily power to change skin and the world, do 'ROUND LAB' today






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