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Vussen S
Sensitive Care Toothpaste
Vussen S blocks external stimuli by filling in the microscopic gaps in damaged teeth.
"Sensitive who makes daily life uncomfortable, don't put up with it any longer and do Vussen!"

Vussen S Sensitive Care Toothpaste
Fresh Mint Flavor 120g
Vussen's new toothpaste for sensitive teeth Vussen S

Osstem Implant Vussen's recommended shirini toothpaste Vussen S

The toothpaste we use every day,
Are you using any or not?

Keeps gums healthy with natural ingredients myrrh and sage extract

Vussen S toothpaste does not contain 10 safe toothpastes and does not contain harmful ingredients such as triclosan, parabens, MIT, CMIT, tar color, mineral oil, animal ingredients, fluorine, polyacrylamide, and microplastics, so you can use it with confidence.

Personalize according to the condition of your teeth!
Customized safe toothpaste suggested by dentistry
[Fluorine / MIT / CMIT / Paraben / Triclosan] Free

Luxury toothpaste tailored to you
Choose a toothpaste tailored to your tooth type

Safe toothpaste 10
No harmful ingredients are added, so you can use it with confidence.

Sensitive Care Toothpaste

Vussen S Fresh Mint Flavor 120g

Sensitive teeth are soothed
No added harmful ingredients
Contains natural ingredients
Clean and refreshing cooling feeling

Vussen S Product Features

01 Contains natural ingredients
Contains natural ingredients myrrh and sage extract
(Excluding triclosan, MIT / CMIT and other 10 harmful ingredients)

02 Neutralize oral acid environment
Weakly alkaline toothpaste, PH balance adjustment
→ Neutralizes the oral acid-resistant environment
(In the case of toothpaste, our general syringe has a neutral pH.
→ Alkaline toothpaste is difficult to develop formulations or has a bad taste/flavor)

03 Refreshing cooling sensation 
Clean and refreshing cooling feeling with fresh mint scent

04 Recommended for pregnant women and the elderly with sore teeth

Exposed ivory tubules, why?
Bad brushing habits of side-to-side brushing
Microfracture of the tooth surface due to excessive occlusal force
Habitual intake of acidic beverages (carbonated, fruit juices)
Poor oral hygiene such as plaque and tartar
Natural aging of teeth after adulthood
Temporary hypersensitivity after dental treatment

Causes of stinging pain
External substances stimulate nerve tissue through the dentin tubules of the dentin exposed below the tooth surface.

Vussen S can help you with this
Vussen S's tricalcium phosphate fills the dentinal tubule to relieve nerve stimulation.

By filling in the damaged tooth dentin surface, soreness helps with symptoms.
After extraction test (gargle 30 times), dentin surface restoration was confirmed as a result of enlargement

Sensitive teeth improvement effect
Take care of your teeth every day with Vussen S!
Vussen S uses calcium phosphate, a component of the tooth, to fill in the tooth gap causing pain and strengthen the tooth surface.

01 How do I use it?
In the same way as regular toothpaste, you just need to gently brush every corner so that the toothpaste ingredients are fully absorbed.
(at least 2 times a day, brushing for 3 minutes)

02 Does it contain harmful ingredients?
It does not contain harmful ingredients such as triclosan, parabens, MIT, CMIT, and tar pigment, so you can use it with confidence.

03 How much should I use to be effective?
It depends on the individual's dental condition, but if you use it consistently for at least 1 month, the soreness will be relieved.

04 Does it contain abrasives?
It contains colloidal silicon dioxide, a very fine high-grade abrasive to avoid irritation to sensitive teeth.





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