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VPROVE Asper biome soothing essence pad 100pcs

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Speak with raw materials and prove with skin
Asperbiome Soothing Essence Pad !!! 

Special Point

Non-drying moisture
100 pads are filled with highly nutritious essence, giving you full moisture from the beginning to the end.

Minimize skin irritation
The thin cotton pad made of 100% eco-friendly material contains plenty of essence to minimize skin irritation.

Skin soothing effect
Natural moisturizing ingredient 'betaine' balances oil and moisture while taking care of skin moisture.

Increase skin vitality
'Tangerine peel extract' gives vitality to the skin and helps to maintain a bright skin tone.

* The above description is limited to the characteristics of raw materials

Experience clear and healthy skin every day with fermented yeast

01 Excellent moisture inside
02 Skin soothing
03 Keratin softening effect
04 Oil-moisture balance management

Sensitive skin irritated by micro-damages
Skin overturned by stress
Skin that needs moisture from the inside out
Skin troubled by rough skin texture
Allergic skin of animal origin : Skin vegetarian

All ingredients EWG green grade
Certification completed 002 1-2 Leve VEGAN EVE VEGAN 01

Completed French Yves Vegan Certification

NO Synthetic Fragrance & 20 Caution Ingredients

Delicate care is provided so that tired skin becomes more comfortable and healthy by escaping from daily stimuli such as the environment, harmful ingredients, and stress.

NO animal source
Animal testing NO
Vegan certified

pH4.48 mildly acidic pad that can be safely used even for sensitive skin

EWG Green Grade
Ingredients of Reconciliation Free
Mild formula

One-touch cap
Hygienic and convenient with built-in tongs

Patented ingredients developed with microbiome technology
Vegetarian soothing line with high concentration of fermented fermented rice from Jeju Batpyeon

The strong vitality and abundant moisture storage capacity of Jeju wild rice(Sandi) grown in fields without water provides a high-moisture barrier to the skin.

Jeju volcanic bedrock water
Jeju volcanic bedrock water, filtered once again with a natural filter, is filled with rich minerals to deliver deep nourishment to the skin.

Contains patented yeast and patented fermented rice extract
* Patent registration number: No. 10-2019-0119974

"Publication of a paper on the mechanism of skin soothing and moisture filling of fermented yeast in Molecules, an SCI (E)-level international academic journal
Aspergillus oryzae-Fermented Wheat Peptone Enhances the Potential of Proliferation and Hydration of Human Keratinocytes through Activation of p44 / 42 MAPK

Asper Complex™
Twisted skin, the need for amino acids

Wait, what is skin torsion?
NMF in baby skin
->48% reduction ->
NMF in adult skin

NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) loses about 48% of its constituent amino acids as adults
This is also the reason why the older you get, the more you feel the pulling and twisting in your skin.

Asper Complex™, which is extracted with microbiome technology by fermenting wild rice from Jeju in clean bedrock water in Jeju with yeast, presents a surprising change to the skin that has never been experienced before.
MX Jeju ingredients. It is nurtured with ingredients suitable for the skin. Extracts pure Aaper Compless".

1. Purify Jeju volcanic bedrock water.
2. Mix Jeju field rice ingredients.
3. It is fermented by adding pearl yeast.
4. Shake the raw material to supply oxygen.
5. It is nurtured with ingredients suitable for the skin.
6. It goes through first-order filtering. (1um)
7. Secondary filtering to pass through the smallest pores. (0.2um)
8. Extract pure Asper Complex™.
9. Complete Asperbiome

Ultra fine process
A special technique that separates the raw materials without destroying nutrients and then separates only the ultra-fine particle size and then separates the ingredients once more to deliver the nutrients and moisture of the raw materials to the skin.

Testimonials from those who first met the amazing effects of yeast

01 It contains enough essence, so I am using it as a skin pack!
It's amazing how quickly your skin gets smoother!

02 Eco-friendly cotton seeds are embedded in the pad. In fact, it is soft and thin like silk, so it is comfortable to use.
I was worried because I have sensitive skin, but my skin condition is improving!

03 Although it is vegan, it is a pad with fermented ingredients, so I trust it and use it!
Personally, I find it annoying to have to take care of my skin, but I'm satisfied that I can take care of it just by attaching it after washing my face.

04 It's good to take care of dead skin cells, but it's moisturizing too!
Usually, after arranging the skin texture with a pad, it dries quickly, but with this product, the essence is quickly absorbed, so there is no skin tightness.

Discarded Clean Beauty, Eco-Friendly Asper Biome

100% biodegradable eco-friendly sugarcane package
Use of eco-friendly soy ink
PCR * 30% PET from recycled waste plastic
Water separation label for easy separation and discharge
Eco-friendly container made from discarded coconut shells
* PCR plastic material made from recycled plastic used and discarded by end-users


A thin cotton pad* made of 100% eco-friendly material considering skin friction, which contains plenty of essence, provides moisture that does not dry out.
* Acquired LOHAS, Okotex certification

The dots embedded in the pad are eco-friendly cotton seeds, so use with confidence.

After washing your face, attach it to the area that needs moisturizing and soothing.
After about 5 to 10 minutes, gently wipe the entire face except around the eyes.
Lightly tap the remaining essence to absorb it, and you can feel deep moisturizing and skin soothing.

speak as raw material and prove blood

Yeast therapy made by 100 years of time
Asperbiome found in it




VPROVE Asper biome soothing essence pad 100pcs

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