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VIBAS Biome Beer Yeast Scalp Tonic 120ml

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 *VIBAS Biome Beer Yeast Scalp Tonic I like this.

-Contains Beer yeast extract

Contains 20,000ppm of Beer yeast extract

-Contains biome ingredients

Bifida fermentation lysate/Lactobacillus fermentation lysate

-Contains anti-dandruff ingredient

Scalp soothing effect, scalp cooling

-Contains nutrients

Contains hydrolyzed protein + oriental medicine ingredients + herbal extracts, etc.


Even if you skip breakfast on a busy day, you don’t skip shampoo
A tiring and tiring evening ends with shampoo.

Have you checked all the ingredients of the shampoo that accompanies you at the beginning and end of the day?


Did you know that ingredients that can cause skin problems are also absorbed while shampooing?

You didn't know? It has to be

All the ingredients hidden in gaudy advertising are "behind the scenes" out of your sight

Than fancy marketing. Focusing on the invisible back side, we are "VIBAS"

Optimal scalp care to create a healthy scalp
Scalp Care & Hair Nutrition & Scalp Cooling

*Beer yeast extract

Contains 20,000ppm of Beer yeast extract, which is effective for healthy hair roots and hair strengthening

*Contains anti-dandruff/scalp soothing ingredients

It soothes the weakened scalp from external stimuli and creates a healthy scalp.

*Bifida/Lactobacillus fermentation lysate 

Creates a scalp environment for healthy hair growth by containing biome ingredients that are effective in strengthening the skin barrier

*Contains scalp nutrients

Contains hydrolyzed protein + oriental medicine ingredients + herbal extracts, etc.

 VIBAS Biome Natural 98% Beer yeast Scalp Tonic's Confident Ingredients

 Purified water, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, coco betaine, brewer's yeast extract (20,000PPM), butylene glycol, xanthan gum, lactobacillus fermentation lysate, bifida fermentation lysate, licorice root extract, jojoba seed extract, Vitamin tree extract, walnut extract, avocado fruit extract, aloe vera leaf extract, matricaria leaf extract, nettle extract, elder fruit extract, chrysanthemum extract, japonica fruit extract, western cedar leaf extract, cnidium extract, copper bamboo root extract . , Centella asiatica extract, Quillaja bark extract, green tea extract, hydrolyzed soybean protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed corn protein, hydrolyzed keratin, propanediol, 1,2-hexanediol, ethyl Hexylglycerin, hydroxyacetophenone, polyquaternium-10, panthenol, salicylic acid, menthol, caramel, disodium EDTA, bergamot oil, rosemary leaf oil, Philippine orange peel oil, scented geranium flower oil, lavender oil


*Scalp problems that can lead to hair loss Check! 

√Dandruff and dead skin cells occur.
√The scalp gets oily quickly.
√The scalp smells.
√Female and male pattern hair loss

*Want to solve recurring scalp problems?

You should choose a tonic that can create a good scalp environment for healthy hair to grow!

Beer yeast extract
Contains 20,000ppm 

Biome component + hydrolyzed protein 

The answer to hair loss found in Beer Yeast

Beer Yeast, which is widely known to help with hair loss, has been actively researched on beer Yeast, paying attention to the fact that German beer factory workers' hair is exceptionally rich and soft!


Similar amino acid structure of hair and beer yeast 

Beer yeast has an amino acid structure similar to that of hair, so it is effectively absorbed by the hair roots and helps to create healthy and plentiful hair.


Bifida & Lactobacillus

Strengthen the scalp barrier with microbiome ingredients!

It is a new raw material that is used in various fields such as cosmetics as a component that helps to create a healthy scalp by creating an environment where beneficial microorganisms living on the skin can live.

POINT1  Scalp Nutrients 

Licorice Root Extract, Cnidium Extract, Elder Fruit Extract, Chrysanthemum Extract, Sunbikini Fruit Extract, Western Arborvitae Leaf Extract, Copperhead Root Extract, Legs Root Extract, Mulberry Root Extract, Hannyeoncho Extract, Vitamin Tree Extract

POINT2   Moisturizing ingredients 

Jojoba seed extract, walnut extract, avocado fruit extract, aloe vera leaf extract, matricaria leaf extract

POINT3   Scalp soothing ingredient

Nettle extract, medicinal wheat extract, eucalyptus leaf extract, centella asiatica extract


4 LPP proteins

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
hydrolyzed wheat protein
Hydrolyzed Corn Protein
hydrolyzed keratin

*Why does hair need protein?
If external stimulation is repeated, the cuticle peels off and the hair is damaged.
Hair once damaged is difficult to recover.

*What is LPP?
It is an abbreviation for Low Poly Protein Peptide, which is a high-density microprotein. The particles are fine, so it is possible to efficiently take care of the inner layer of the hair.



VIBAS Biome Beer Yeast Scalp Tonic 120ml

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