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OSLO Outback Tumbler 500ml, 700ml

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* OSLO Outback Tumbler 500ml, 700ml

* Non-detection of proven heavy metals [lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd)] that have passed heavy metal testing by the National Authorized Agency (KCL)

Durable stainless steel, rugged and stylish design is designed to withstand a variety of rough environments, making it ideal for outdoor visitors.
It can be used safely and hygienically for a long time, anytime, anywhere, at home, or in the office.

* It has excellent insulation and cooling power due to the double-layered insulation layer structure, and it can be used all year round by keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer, so it is highly useful.

* Leisure time to go in search of romance
Emotional minimal life Camping to get away from the tiring daily life and prepare only the necessary equipment to go to nature! It is recommended for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and backpacking who need a product that can show the best use with the minimum amount of consumables.
"Oslo Outback" is a stylish design that adds practicality and functionality as well as emotional feeling.

* It can be used for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, and picnics, as well as at home and in the office, anytime, anywhere.

* Out Back Tumbler
- Double vacuum treatment
- Good grip handle
- Hot & Cool

* It is safe to use since it is made of stainless steel material.

* By forming a vacuum between the inner wall and the outer wall, it maintains the temperature without being affected by the outside air, so it has excellent insulation and cooling effects.
Even if you put a cold drink in the tumbler, dew does not form, and even if you drink a hot drink, you can safely hold the hot drink by hand.

* Precautions
· Do not use it for anything other than basic purposes.
· Do not use metal brushes, sponges, or other highly abrasive tools when cleaning!
· Do not use any other chemical cleaning aid other than bleach or neutral detergent when cleaning!
· Make sure to put the capacity of the contents below the bottom of the cap.
· Do not boil the product. It can be deformed.
· Be extra careful not to touch children when handling hot contents.
· Be careful if there is a strong impact or friction, it may cause deformation or damage to the surface.
· When the product is tilted, the contents may spill out, so don't carry it in your bag.
· Make sure that the lid is closed before using it.
· When pouring hot water into the container, be careful not to touch the opening of the kettle.
The container of the product may be damaged.
· After pouring hot water, close the lid and use it about 2-3 minutes later.
· Do not store near direct sunlight or fire. (It may cause deformation, discoloration, or discoloration.)
· Do not use it in a microwave oven, oven, or dishwasher.
· If milk, dairy products, and nectar are left unattended for a long time, it will cause decomposition, so be careful.
· Stainless steel does not rust, but it can cause red spots due to water stains.
In this case, add vinegar: After about 30 minutes, wipe it clean with a soft sponge to make it cleaner and semi-permanent. Make sure to clean and store the product after use.



OSLO Outback Tumbler 500ml, 700ml

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