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Natress Dog Disposable Walking Shoes 80pcs

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You wanted to take her for a walk, but it was very inconvenient to go through various pollutants, hot asphalt, and the hassle of having to wash my feet every time I went for a walk?

To make walking trails safer and more comfortable for dogs


What's different?

Natress puppy shoes
It is the result of deep consideration by Natris, which was created with durable and flexible materials and waterproof and breathable special non-woven fabric.


 Various concerns about walking

Hot asphalt
Garbage such as cigarette butts
Pests such as mites
Calcium chloride irritating in winter

The safe and durable special coating film of Natress dog disposable shoes protects them.


Natress special coating film has excellent stability, waterproof function and durability, so it safely protects the dog's paws from external stimuli.

 Hexagon pattern anti-slip function

The hexagonal pattern design of Natris dog disposable shoes is designed to prevent slipping for dogs. You can run around without slipping outside as well as in slippery indoors to avoid straining your joints.


The instep part is made of a special non-woven film that provides ventilation and water repellency at the same time.

It is designed with breathable non-woven fabric for the health of dogs' feet, which need to be dry at all times.
It is finished with water repellent treatment, so you do not have to worry even on rainy days.

* When exposed to water for a long time, moisture permeability may occur.

*Easy to wear with Velcro one-touch

You don't have to cumbersomely wrap your dog's feet around, you can simply and neatly wear it at once with Velcro. 


 It is strong but light and made of light and thin material so that pet do not feel uncomfortable.

Natress dog disposable shoes weigh
2G, thickness is 0.86MM.
It is a compromised minimum weight and thickness so that the dog is not uncomfortable when walking.

It is comfortable to wear as if you are not wearing it, so even children who are reluctant to wear shoes can wear it comfortably.

*Component information
-80 disposable walking shoes
-12 pieces of Velcro for fixing


 Recommended breeds

*Small (1~3kg)
Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, Papillon, Pomeranian

*Medium size (4~6kg)
Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Papillon, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Pug, Bichon, Poodle, Maltipoo





Natress Dog Disposable Walking Shoes 80pcs

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