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MTS 600 Roller for Skin

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A Korean luxury brand made with 13 patented technologies and exported to developed countries such as the United States, Europe, and Japan

MTS 600 Roller

Cosmetic absorption inducer used in dermatology

600 needles in total

Pain-free home care recognized by the world
MTS 600 Roller

13 patent technologies applied
Triangular needle for minimal pain
600 needles in total
Minimize Scratch
Gamma sterilization
Product safety material SGS certification

What is MTS?
Micro Needle Therapy System

Advanced ultra-fine micro-metal processing technology

It is a patented technology that processes a disk needle by finely processing the needle tip in micro units. Needles used in general oriental medicine cannot be processed in micro units, and the word micro must not be used. Therefore, a product that has not processed the needle tip into a triangle cannot be MTS.

Self-type home care MTS

It is a new concept high-tech product that maximizes skin care by absorbing the active ingredients of cosmetics more effectively through the skin passage made by 600 micro needles without pain.

In general, the process in which active ingredients are absorbed into the skin after applying cosmetics (only a small part of cosmetics is absorbed)

The process in which the active ingredients of cosmetics are absorbed into the skin after using the MTS 600 roller (cosmetics are absorbed deep into the skin)

Check out the real 100% review below!
"I feel like I'm being sucked in."

first day before use     2nd week

It absorbs well and feels like it is being sucked away. It seems to be getting better these days as if watering the dry roots absorbs them.
I washed my face, applied only a foundation, and dabbed my lips, and I'm satisfied.

"I think my skin has improved quite a bit these days. I highly recommend it."

When I tried it, my skin texture, which did not change well after just washing my face and applying cosmetics, seems to be in order and looks lively, so I will continue to use it regularly.
I highly recommend it as my skin has improved quite a bit these days.

"I'm so excited for my skin after a month!"

After doing it in the morning, in the evening and the next day.
After using it, there is a feeling that the cosmetics are well absorbed into the skin.
And it felt good to feel like I was taking care of my dead skin cells.
I am so looking forward to my skin after a month.

Any good cosmetics are meaningless if they are not absorbed.

MTS 600 roller is an excellent product for inducing absorption of cosmetics.

Features of MTS 600 Roller

01. MTS 600 roller made with 13 patented technologies
02. The world's first! Minimal pain micro triangular needle
03. Individual rotation of disc needle prevents skin scratches
04. Use up, down, left and right and even round by rotating the roller head 360
05. Using a large number of micro-needles in every corner (total of 600)
06. Natural healing collagen production
07. Gamma sterilized product to be used immediately after opening
08. Management of assigning a unique number to each Made in Korea product
09. Disinfectable with ethanol with integrated disc needle
10. MTS 600 Roller, a luxury brand used by people around the world

Safe use of MTS needle material as it does not detect harmful ingredients

NO Cadmium
NO Lead
NO Mercury
NO Hexavalent chromium
NO Arsenic
NO Barium
NO Antimony
NO Selenium

MTS 600 roller made with 13 patented technologies

The MTS 600 roller has unique patented technology, which is why it is recognized as the best luxury brand in the world.

Patent for manufacturing method of triangular needle (No. 10-1182494)
Skin stimulator patent (No. 10-1383203)
Roller assembly related patent (No. 10-1686226)
Beauty equipment related patent (No. 10-1647009)
Microneedle related patent (No. 10-1112095)
Micro Needle Roller Patent (No. 10-0908893)
Multiple needle roller related patents (No. 10-1120467)
Patent for fluid application roller (No. 10-1646934)
Beauty equipment patent (No. 10-1647836)
Patent for connection cap for needle device (No. 10-1658229)
Patent for needle roller using viscous liquid (No. 10-2016108)
Cushion needle roller head patent (No. 10-1108992)
Microneedle roller related patent (No. 10-0959075)

Patented technology of MTS 600 roller
Triangular needle for minimal pain
Disc needle individual rotation
Roller head 360 degree rotation
600 needles used

World's first! Minimal pain micro triangular needle

Triangular needle manufacturing patent
No. 10-1182494

General similar product needle VS MTS 600 roller needle

Boiled Egg Punching Test

The patented triangular needle minimizes skin scratches and pain like the principle of an arrow, making it safer and more convenient to use.

Individual rotation of disc needle prevents skin scratches

If the disc needle rotates in the same pattern without rotating individually, it may not rotate in the curved part of the skin, which may cause scratches on the affected area.

The disc needle of the MTS 600 roller rotates individually, so you can use it with confidence by minimizing scratches even on curved skin.

Roller head rotates 369 degrees to use up, down, left, right and round

Because general rollers use needles used in oriental medicine, the rollers can only be used vertically or horizontally. However, the MTS 600 roller can be used by one person while looking in the mirror, horizontally, vertically, and rotates 360 degrees, so you can use it without the help of a professional.

A total of 600 microneedles are used

Gap Test (Ingredient: Banana)
General similar product roller MTS 600 roller

The higher the number of needles, the more precise and detailed the needles make it possible to drill a lot in a short time.

Natural healing collagen production

1 General skin condition
2 Using MTS 600 rollers
3 Induction of collagen production
4 healthy skin

It induces collagen production in the skin by maximizing the natural healing power using the skin recovery principle that can improve skin without burdening the skin and without artificial stiffness or damage.

Gamma sterilized product to be used immediately after opening

Light brown discoloration by gamma sterilization

Gamma sterilization related certificate
ILAC-KOLAS International Accredited Testing Institution Recognized

It is an organization that performs accreditation work for calibration institutes, testing institutes, inspection institutes, and reference material production institutes based on the Framework Act on National Standards.

* KOLAS Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme

MTS 600 rollers are gamma-sterilized and can be used immediately after opening. The transparent case on the front has a light brown color due to discoloration that occurred during the gamma sterilization process. Please use it with confidence.

Unique numbers for each product in Korea.

It is a Korean manufactured product with high trust in the product, and each product is assigned a unique number to transparently and thoroughly manage the manufacturing process and post-mortem problems. Similar products that stole MTS trademarks and illegal trademark infringement products are also identified and managed.

Integral disc needle for ethanol sterilization

all-in-one disk low-cost disk

The needle of the MTS 600 roller is made of an integrated disk, so the needles do not separate when disinfected with ethanol. However, low-priced products made of adhesive can dissolve the adhesive when disinfected with ethanol. It is impossible to use ethanol even in a stable phase.

MTS 600 Roller, a luxury brand used by people all over the world.

The MTS 600 roller is a luxury brand in the field of skin beauty equipment and is currently used in many countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Stain, Japan, Dubai, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sangapore, Iraq, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, and China.

"Recommended for people like this"

Lifeless skin
Loss of elasticity, sagging skin
Dry and dull skin
Skin with large pores
Makeup skin
Red or dark-toned skin

How to use
1. After washing your face, prepare the skin texture with toner.
2. Unpack the heat-treated MTS 600 roller and prepare it for rolling.
3. Next to the eyes → under the eyes → cheeks → nose → chin → forehead.
(1) When rolling, do not repeat the same area more than twice.
(2) Rolling time does not exceed 10 minutes.
4. After rolling, apply skin soothing cosmetics or use a cool mask pack.

It is recommended to use this product once a week, and never use it with other people.

How to rotate and fix the head

1. Hold the body with one hand and hold the MTS logo part with the thumb and index finger of the other hand.
2. When rotating the head, push up the MTS logo.
3. When fixing the head, pull it down under the MTS logo.

Disinfection method

Transparent case
Ethanol wash
plastic bag storage

1. Check the scale mark on the MTS 600 roller transparent case (component) and fill 7~8 ml of ethanol.
2. Immerse the head of the MTS 600 roller. After soaking for 20-30 seconds, take out the MTS 600 Oler and shake the ethanol to blow it into the air.
3. Once the ethanol has been removed to some extent, store it in a plastic bag with a zipper.

Precautions after care

1. It may be slightly swollen and tingling for a day or so after treatment, but it is a normal process, so please rest assured.
2. Rest assured that the redness will disappear within 24 hours after administration.
3. Whenever the area to be treated feels like it is pulling, apply a moisturizer frequently to calm it down.
4. Exfoliation may occur and should never be artificially plucked or scratched.
5. Avoid UV rays and always use a sunscreen when going out.
6. Avoid bathing, sauna, jjimjilbang and excessive exercise.
7. After management, never use cosmetics that have not been proven to be safe or effective.
8. If you are allergic to metal, please refrain from using it.

Product specification

Product name: MTS 600 Roller (Cosmetics absorption induction skin stimulator)
Size: 25mmx145mm
Type: Roller
Needle length: 0.25mm
Weight: 24g (body)
Needle material: SUS304H (stainless steel)
Place of Origin: Made in Korea
Configuration: MTS 600 roller body, transparent case (scale display), instruction manual



MTS 600 Roller for Skin

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