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Milk Baobab Baby & Kids Wash 500ml

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1st place in Korea Brand Satisfaction Index (KBSA)

Milk Baobab Baby
No. 1 in infant skin care for 6 consecutive years

KBSA (Korea Brand Satisfaction Awards)
It is an award ceremony hosted by Hankyung Business and supervised by Korea's No. 1 Brand Satisfaction Management Office.

Children's customized slightly acidic wash for growing children

Skin irritation test completed

Plant-derived surfactant
Excellent detergency

Complete moist skin
without worries after showering

A healthy slightly acidic wash
that protects from the external environment

Happy bath time,
sweet bubblegum scent

Milba's live review

Thanks to the sweet bubblegum scent of Milk Baobab Kids Wash, it's good that the children don't avoid bath time and the bath war passes peacefully.

Happy shower time! It lathers well with just 1-2 pumps and is suitable for children's skin, so I use it well because it is hypoallergenic. I don't think you have to worry about the smell of children's sweat at this age!

Kind Dr. Yoo
"Mom, it smells sweet!" I liked it so much that I put warm water in it and let them play, and it made a fuss! It lathers well, smells good, and it's refreshing, so it's a secret that I use it sometimes too haha

Why do we need kids-only products?

Children's skin, different from that of babies and adults

Sweat glands develop on the surface of the skin, increasing sweat secretion.
As the sebaceous glands develop, waste products increase.
As skin loss increases, the skin becomes dry.
They have weak skin and are easily stressed.

It is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a child grows and the radius of activity widens, and it requires customized skin care for the child.

Weakly acidic face wash tailored to children's skin that meticulously cleanses growing children's skin without irritation.

With plant-derived cleansing ingredients from nature
Soft and clean cleaning power

Soap grass leaf extract
Calla Jax Bark Extract
Soapnut Tree bark extract

Use of plant-derived surfactant
Plant-derived surfactant ingredients obtained from nature with mild and excellent cleansing power minimize skin irritation and gently and cleanly cleanse the wastes accumulated on the skin.

*Limited to raw material characteristics

The soft and rich foam that is created in a small amount gently wraps the skin and adds cleansing power.

Convenient for children to use
It's a pumping type that presses!


Contains 6-layer hyaluronic acid & ceramide
Keep baby's skin moist even after a shower

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid
Medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid
Reduces skin irritation by blocking external harmful substances by forming a protective film on the skin surface

Medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid
Maximizes skin hydration by expanding skin nutrient absorption with high skin penetration

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid
Through strong hydrophilicity, it attracts moisture to the inside of the skin to enhance moisturizing and store moisture

Six hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients of various molecular sizes help to create a moist and firm skin base so that the skin does not dry out even after showering.

*Limited to raw material characteristics

Broken skin barrier
Strong skin barrier with ceramide ingredients

Ceramide ingredients that help strengthen the skin barrier are added to keep your baby's delicate skin moist even after showering.

*Limited to raw material characteristics

Contains 4 types of vegetable oils to supply skin nutrition and replenish moisture at the same time!

Olive oil
Maintaining skin balance / supplying moisture

Macadamia seed oil
block moisture evaporation / improve skin texture

Jojoba seed oil
oil management / skin astringent effect

grapeseed oil
Reinforcement of skin barrier/moisturizing effect

Four types of vegetable oils suitable for children's skin fill the skin with nutrients and help to make it healthy and smooth.

*Limited to raw material characteristics


Slightly acidic wash for skin health that protects the skin from the external environment

The slightly acidic formula, similar to the pH of healthy skin, maintains the oil-moisture balance to help protect the skin from the external environment.


Sweet bubblegum scent that makes bath time fun

The pleasant sweetness of the bubblegum scent leaves a pleasant scent for a long time even after taking a shower.

Mom, don't worry!

Completed skin irritation test in 2 countries

Korea Dermatology Research Institute
0.00 mild

German Dermate Test
Excellent rating

Completed 10 types of hazardous substance non-detection tests
Test agency : Oatc
Test period : 2022.07.11

No plumbum
No nickel
No arsenic
No Mercury
No antimony
No cadmium
No dioxane
No methanol
No formaldehyde
No phthalates

We will be with your child's strong growth with children's customized wash!




Milk Baobab Baby & Kids Wash 500ml

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