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MERYTHOD Bling Chew Balm 3.3g

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* MERYTHOD Bling Chew Balm 3.3g

* Point. 1
Moist Lips
Rich moisturizing power that calms dead skin cells
It calms the dead skin cells and adds moisture to make smooth lips.

* This is a test comparing lips with nothing applied.
Left - before use, right - after use

* It provides a luster that shines as transparent as a grain of glass.

* Apply before bed to maximize nutrition and moisture.
Apply it on the lips and use it like a sleeping pack to give smooth lips the next day.

* Moist and comfortable lips - Contains lip care ingredients
Contains natural ingredients to add rich nutrition to the lips.
 - Matricaria Flower Extract

Prevents skin moisture evaporation and helps to calm the skin.
- Damask Rose
Moisturizes and revitalizes the skin
- Damask Rose Oil
Helps to soothe the skin and replenish moisture

* Hypoallergenic product, safe even for sensitive skin!
It is a product that has completed the hypoallergenic test and can be used without worrying about irritation.

* Point. 2
Pretty Color
Natural color that gets prettier the more you apply it
For the first color, the more you apply moisture, the more vivid the color will be.

Clear color that adds complexion
It adds a natural complexion to the face with a clear color like water.

* 3-layer color development that becomes more vivid the more you apply it
The more you apply it, the darker it gets, giving you a different feeling of color.
(From the top, color once, color twice, color three times)

* Beautiful color composition that adds vitality to the face
01. Red Waltz
02.Coral Motion
03.Pink Move
04.Salmon Chacha
05.Cherry Wave
06.Brick Tango

* Point. 3
Soft Spreadability
It melts softly the moment it touches the lips, completing smooth lips.

* Moist and refreshing!
Non-sticky formula
It has a moisturizing cream-like texture and gives a refreshing finish without stickiness.
( Left - our test product, Right - Bling Chew Balm)

* Point. 4
Long Lasting, Color Strenth
Color perfect!
Amazing Adhesion
Over time, only the luster becomes transparent and the color remains vivid.

* Just like the first impression!
Long Lasting
It stays the same without needing to modify the makeup.
(Left - morning, right - evening)

* Amazing coloring!
Pink lips are maintained all day with pretty coloring.

* How To Use 
STEP. 01

Turn the container over and take out an appropriate amount of contents.
※ There is a risk of breakage when using the contents excessively. 1~2mm raised for use.

STEP. 02
Spread the contents appropriately on the lips and apply.

Before makeup
- Apply an appropriate amount for plenty of moisture and nutrition!
Before going to sleep - Apply a lot like a pack on dry lips to complete the next day's soft lips!

* I strongly recommend these people.
■ Those who want lips that are as vibrant as a grain of glass,
■ Those who want to moisturize dry lips
■ Those who want long-lasting tint
■ Those who want natural color
■ Those who want a light feeling of use without stickiness
■ Those who want to add rich nutrition to their lips




MERYTHOD Bling Chew Balm 3.3g

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