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Medicube Soyxidil Scalp Gua Sha

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* Medicube Soyxidil Scalp Gua Sha 

* The beginning of scalp health
Soyxidil Scalp Gua Sha

* Developed independently by Medicube
4 in 1 massage designed with an ergonomic angle
It is an ergonomically curved scalp gua sha designed to fit the scalp line, enabling precise and close care.
- The key to scalp balance care - 4 in 1 massage
- Durable pottery made by firing four times
- Cool usability with ergonomic design

* The core of scalp balance care - 4 in 1 massage

* Projection Point
The 10 porcelain bumps remove impurities from the scalp without irritation.

* Acupressure Points
Massage improves scalp blood circulation and protects scalp health.

* C Point
It stimulates the scalp to help improve the elasticity of the weak scalp.

* U Point
It quickly relieves fatigue accumulated around the neck and eliminates discomfort.

* Tip
If you are worried about hair loss or thin and weak hair, it is more effective if you use it together with Soixidil Foam.

* Good product to use with Soyxidil Scalp Gua Sha

*Effect of waste removal UP
- Medicube Soycidyl Shampoo
Lather and massage along the hairline as if sweeping through the hair.

* Increased nutrient absorption effect
- Soycidil 2-in-1 Treatment
Apply to the scalp and massage lightly from the sides.

* Increased nutrient absorption effect
- Medicube Soycidyl Foam
After applying to the scalp, massage lightly along the hairline.

* Medicube Q & A
Frequently Asked Questions
01. There are marks on the ceramic surface, but it seems to be defective.
This is a phenomenon that can occur due to the nature of handcrafted ceramics, and the following cases are not defective products.

02. My scalp became red after the massage.
The redness of the skin after massage is a phenomenon caused by strong pressure, and it disappears over time, but it stimulates the skin, so you need to adjust the intensity and time that suits your skin.

03. Should I massage after applying hair products to the skin?
Yes, parentheses are products that scrape and massage the skin, and if used without the help of a separate product, irritation may occur due to friction, so be sure to apply hair products to the massaged area.

* Precautions before use
- Apply hair products to the area you want to massage to protect and use the skin.
- Before use, wash the product thoroughly and check for damage before use.
- Do not use damaged products as there is a risk of damage.
- If you are concerned about side effects caused by skin disease or fragile skin, consult with a specialist before use.
- Do not use on surgery, wounds, or bone areas, and read the instructions before use.




Medicube Soyxidil Scalp Gua Sha

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