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Medicube Soy Protein No Wash Treatment 200ml

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* Medicube Soy Protein No Wash Treatment 200ml 

* Combination of 11 kinds of hair-friendly vegetable protein
Deep and Rich Nutrition Soy Protein

* The main cause of hair damage -
Heat damage from daily irons and dryers

* In addition, the hair surface tended to be damaged as a whole as the temperature increased, and the most severe surface damage occurred after drying at the highest temperature (95℃).

* Hair Damage Care
The key is protein coating care that can protect hair from heat damage before using a hair dryer.

* Spray it on wet hair after showering every day.
Whit just one spray,
1192% increase in protein blinding

* Increased protein binding ability by 1192%

* The world's easiest care for extremely damaged hair
Spray on and dry without rinsing.

* More reliable care for extremely damaged hair without washing it off

* 11-protein link system
11 types of vegetable proteins that are good for hair are adsorbed and combined with ultra-fine particles between hair damage gaps to immediately care for hair damage and minimize heat damage by coating the outside of the hair with protein.

* If you're worried about this now, don't wash it off.
・Those who use a flat iron/dryer every day
・Those whose hair gets messy quickly after drying
Those who want to care for oily/oily hair
・Those who want to take care of protein concentration

* Use once a day on wet hair to solve extremely damaged hair tangles

* Real protein damage care without gimmicks with silicone pre-prescription, not instant care with chemical ingredients

* Silicone free prescription
- It cares for hair shine and damage at the same time with only protein nutrients without silicone.

* How To Use 
1. Dry with a towel and spray 5–10 cm away on wet hair.
2. Press it down for 3-5 seconds to absorb it and dry it.
*Please be careful because there may be residue on the floor after using the spray type.

* Point 01. Coating Care

* No-wash protein care that enhances protein binding

* Micro-protein sprayed with nanoparticles fills the gaps between damaged hair to increase protein bonding power, and the no-wash type does not wash off the protein, enabling immediate care for damaged hair.

* Left photo - Before Use , Right photo - After Use

* Step01. Protein care
- Hair protein binding ability (immediately after one use) - 1192.9%
- Immediate improvement in split ends - 28.1%
- Immediate hair cuticle improvement - 29.8%

* Step02.
Protein coating care
that protects hair from heat damage.
- It is used for wet hair to minimize hair damage even with high heat in the curling iron and dryer, and coat it to prevent protein from escaping, so that it can be cared for with smooth hair all day long.

* Left photo - Before Use , Right photo - After Use

* Protects hair from heat damage (dryer, curling iron)
5.949A.U. compared to the test substance non-applied group protective effect

* Completed hypoallergenic human body application test
As a result of the human application test, it is judged to be non-irritating.

* Point 02
The secret to shiny hair all day long
11 kinds of hair-friendly vegetable protein complex

* 11-Protein Link System
Eleven types of hair-friendly vegetable proteins are ultrafine particles that are bound and adsorbed between hair damage gaps, thereby immediately caring for hair damage as well as protein coating the outside of the hair to minimize heat damage.

In order to achieve a smooth feeling without silicon, a light oil base is applied to adjust the amount of spray that is suitable for hair damage or hair length.

* Special Tip For Use
- Special Tip 01

After drying with a towel, refer to the guide below and divide the hair into 2 to 4 parts according to the length and thickness of the hair, and spray 1 to 2 times in the direction from the tip of the damaged hair to the damaged hair.

- Special Tip 02
Spray at a distance to avoid clumping in one part of the hair.

- Special Tip 03
Depending on whether the hair is damaged or not, selectively spray the area near the scalp where the degree of hair damage is not great.




Medicube Soy Protein No Wash Treatment 200ml

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