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Mamonde Probiotics Ceramide Skin Softener 200ml

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Mask, stress, irregular life...  
Doesn't it feel like your skin barrier has weakened?  

If you care about your skin health, it's time to start skin barrier care!  

Skin barrier, are you still using only cream?  
A healthy skin barrier starts with the skin.  

Hypoallergenic moisturizing barrier skin that provides a healthy skin barrier
Probiotics Ceramide Skin Softener

#Ceramide skin  
#Probiotics skin  
#Hypoallergenic skin  
#Moisture barrier skin  

Skin concerns: dryness, barrier  
Solution: Moisturizing, barrier strengthening  
Ingredients: probiotics, ceramides  

*Contains lactic acid bacteria fermenting and soluble ingredients

Why We Made
2 skin barrier functions

Did you know that the skin barrier has two functions, INSIDE & OUTSIDE?

When the skin barrier function is out of balance, the skin becomes dry and sensitive!

Skin ecosystem barrier (outermost skin)
Protect skin from external stimuli
Keep skin moist and healthy

Skin moisturizing barrier (stratum corneum)
Protection from moisture & nutrient loss
keep skin moist

It is a true barrier care when both barrier functions are taken care of!

Meet a different level of barrier care with the double barrier care of ceramide and probiotics!

Probiotics X Ceramides
Awakens the unshakable skin health barrier with perfect double barrier care

7-layer ceramide
7-layer ceramide ingredient
Moisturizing barrier care in the skin

Skin’s outer ecosystem barrier care & skin’s natural strength (pre/pro/postbiotics + Mugunghwa moisturizing ingredients)

*Including lactic acid bacteria fermentation and dissolving ingredients

How It Works

IN & OUT double barrier care

Step 1

Build a moisturizing barrier from the inside out with 7-layer ceramides with high skin affinity

It contains ceramides with enhanced skin affinity by becoming more Similar to ceramides in the actual skin.

Mamonde's 7-layer ceramide

#Moisturizing skin & replenishing moisture
Boosting ceramide
#Strengthen skin barrier
Barrier ceramide
#Strengthen skin protection function
Moist ceramide
#Moisturize skin & strengthen barrier
Shield ceramide
#Moisturize skin & strengthen barrier
Core Ceramide
#Moisturize skin & strengthen barrier
Brilliant Ceramide
#Glow barrier

Step 2

Mamonde’s microbiome ingredient, Floral Biotics™, strengthens the skin’s natural strength with skin ecosystem barrier care

We created a microbiome ingredient that contains the three effects of "moisture/moisture-barrier strengthening- moisture soothing" for a healthy skin barrier and Mamonde's technology.

Mamonde Floral Biotics™
I love this!

3 efficacy care for a strong health barrier with all pre/pro/postbiotics

Contains Mamonde's patented ingredient (postbiotics)

Floral Biotics™
01 Prebiotics Moisturizing/Reinforcing Barrier
02 Probiotics moisturizing / barrier strengthening / soothing
03 Post-biotics moisturizing / barrier reduction / soothing
04 Mugunghwa moisturizing ingredient

Reasons To Believe
Convenience of use with clear effects

Hypoallergenic moisturizing barrier skin that you can trust and use

I do not want to irritate the weakened skin barrier, so I put the desired effect into a comfortable feeling of use.

Anti-wrinkle functional Cosmetics
Dermatologically tested
Hypo allergy test completed

Animal raw materials FREE
Mineral oil FREE
Polyacrylamide FREE
Imidazolidinyl urea FREE
Triethanolamine FREE
Synthetic pigment FREE
PEG Surfactants FREE
Parabens FREE

From the inside moisturizing to the skin barrier.
Translucent milky texture, highly moisturizing skin

With quick absorption, it fills the inner moisture and refreshes it without stickiness.
A soft skin barrier that can be felt at the fingertips,

Moisturizing barrier, start with the skin now.

Multi-use skin that can be used in various ways as desired

Depending on your mood and your skin condition, wipe it off with toner, let the skin absorb into your face, or use it as a skin pack in various ways.


In the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount at the toner stage and apply gently over the entire face according to the skin texture.

Tips for use
Tip 1. Put it on your hands and let it be absorbed deeply into the skin.
#Apply the skin to a cotton pad and place it on your face for absorption.

Tip 2. Pour it on a cotton pad and apply it along the skin texture.
#Apply the toner onto a cotton pad and wipe it according to the skin texture.

Tip 3. On days when your skin is very dry, moisten it with a lot of makeup and use it as a pack. #skin pack

I recommend it to people like this.
✓ Those whose skin barrier is damaged due to external stimuli such as masks and stress
✓ Those with weakened skin barrier
✓ People who suffer from dryness and tightness of the skin
✓ People who want to replenish moisture without stickiness
✓ People who like mild products that do not burden the skin
✓ Those whose dead skin cells are raised and stand out after applying makeup


Skin moisturizing
Skin moisturizing & barrier strengthening

Purified water, glycerin, dipropylene glycol, propanediol,
1,2-nucleic acid diol, butylene glycol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, hydrogenated lecithin, acrylate/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, dextrin, polyquatinium-51, trometa Mint, lactobacillus fermented product, ethylhexyl glycerin, fragrance, ammonium acryloyl dimethyl taurate/vpicopolymer, disodium EDTA, adenosine, sodium hyaluronate, ceramide NP (111.2 ppm), raffinose , Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Mugunghwa Bark Extract, Hydroxypropylbislauramide MEA (10 ppm), Hydroxypropylbispalmitamide MEA (10 ppm), Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate (10 ppm), Camellia seed oil, green tea seed extract, black soybean oil, tocopherol, phytosphingosine, canola oil, rosemary leaf extract

Concisely and surely, the most beautiful of me




Mamonde Probiotics Ceramide Skin Softener 200ml

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