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LUCINDE YEONER FERMENT Ampoule cream 300ml

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More transparent,
More tightly
More resilient,

Ampoule cream
Crystalline of high-purity salmon PDRN

Lucind Salmon Fermented Ampoule Cream

High Purity Salmon PDRN
Contains 70,000ppm of high-purity salmon PDRN

Excellent skin penetration
Ultra-low molecular weight of 59 to 300 kDa or less increases skin absorption!

Contains patented fermented ingredients
Contains fermented ingredients of Lactobacillus beans, barley, pomegranate, and pear

Good Review
A user review that I want to spread widely!!!

The texture that stretches like cheese seems to be an ampoule full of nutrients. I believe it.

When applied to the skin, it feels plump.
It's definitely non-sticky and really moisturizing.
Why did I only find this treasure now at this price?

The most necessary thing for tired skin is 'skin regeneration',
The ability of the skin to regenerate declines with age.

*Skin loses elasticity with age

Nucleic acids must be replenished to revive skin elasticity.

Our body consists of about 60 trillion cells, and the genes in each cell are called 'nucleic acids'. It is known that these nucleic acids gradually weaken with age, naturally begin to decrease after the age of 20, and are rarely produced after the age of 40.

If the reduced nucleic acid is not supplied separately, our body lacks nucleic acid, so wrinkles and aging progress.

The safest way to fill nucleic acid

Salmon PDRN Ampoule cream

It's not just PDRN

#most effective

Salmon PDRN

What is Salmon PDRN?

It is a DNA extraction and processing ingredient from salmon milt, and a very small amount is collected from 5 to 15 ml per salmon.

Base composition similar to human body by 96%

High-purity salmon nucleic acid-sPDRN boasts incomparable stability and effectiveness to general PDRN as its base composition is uniquely 96% identical to that of the human body. In particular, DNA extraction is known as an expensive raw material as it requires very sophisticated and sophisticated technology in extremely small amounts.

Please compare
Ultra-low molecular high-purity salmon PDRN is different.

Is the purity high,
what is the content,
whether the absorption is good,
where is the source,

Need to check carefully and meticulously?


Derived from clean Norwegian salmon

Salmon Nucleic Acid-s PDRN processed with DNA extracted from semen of clean Norwegian salmon can be used with confidence.

Certificate of Origin
Place of Origin: Imported (Norway)


Contains 70,000PPM of high-purity ultra-low-molecular PDRN

Salmon nucleic acid PDRN absorbed deep into the skin
Ultra-low-molecular high-purity PDRN of 59 to 300 KDa or less is sufficiently absorbed into the skin dermis to help improve skin.


PDRN Salmon Nucleic Acid-S

Experiment summary

Nucleic acids are key substances within cells that direct cell division and production of new DNA. Among them, DNA, as a conductor, repairs damaged genes and promotes cell division and regeneration, so cells change rapidly. Then, cells such as melasma and freckles quickly disappeared, and the production of vegf increased significantly, so it was found that there was a skin regeneration effect.


Korean DNA Valley's verified PDRN

Only Salmon Nucleic Acid PDRN completed with biotechnology of Korea DNA Valley, an advanced biotechnology bio-cosmetic material research center, is used.

Delivers moisture and full nutrition to the broken skin texture




LUCINDE YEONER FERMENT Ampoule cream 300ml

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