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Illiyoon Fresh Moisture Lip & Eye Remover 300ml

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Illiyoon fresh moisture lip&eye remover

Lip & Eye Remover won 3 crowns!
Continued purchase after another, highly praised item by customers

Illiyoon’s cleansing is gentle too-

Over 6,000 reviews!**
REAL REVIEW full of real satisfaction repurchase reviews
3 crowns that you can trust!
Customer rating 4.8/5.0
It's good that even if you have thick eye makeup, it comes off well without leaving any residue. The product itself is mild and not drying, so I buy it often.

I've always used this product, so I bought it again... I plan on repurchasing again in a larger capacity next time.

I've been using it for several days. I am satisfied with the waterproof eyeliner as well.

It is good that the eyeliner is also well removed and washed clean without residue. I always buy again.

How many bottles have you been using already... I'm using it well because it's mild without irritation and removes makeup well.

It's famous, so I tried it once and now I only use it. I tend to wear thick eye makeup every day, but it comes off easily. I will only use this product from now on.
I felt pure!

High satisfaction of 298 members of the reconciliation questionnaire!

I felt pure

I felt that there was less blindness.

It removes waterproof makeup well.

The finish is refreshing
Are you worried about eye irritation?
It's different if Illiyoon makes it

Worries about blindness DOWN
Reliable verification test completed

Passed UK human eye irritation test
91% of test subjects confirmed mild eye irritation

Eye irritation replacement test completed

6 ingredients free
Animal raw materials, mineral oil, sulfate surfactant, synthetic colorant, fragrance, triethanolamine

Healthy eyelashes!
Keep your eyelashes healthy with Eyelash protection Technology™

"What is Eyelash protection Technology™?
Formulated free of animal raw materials, sulfate surfactants, and fragrances
Technology that has passed the eye irritation test to protect eyelashes in a healthy way
Powerful waterproof makeup is gently sprouted at once!
“Even thin skin around the eyes and thick makeup are easily removed.”

Certain cleaning power!
Less stinging, all of them are eyeliners exclusively for practical makeup!!
Fresh moist finish with healthy ingredients
Refreshing finish with the optimal ratio of water and oil
"Vibrant and fresh deep cleansing"
Natural fermented yuzu ingredient full of vitamin C!
Makes the eyes and lips lively and moist-

Because it is used directly on the eyes, it is mildly moist!
Transparent, unscented texture of oil+water double layer
Fresh Moist Mild Deep Cleansing

Refreshing Deep Cleansing!
Containing coconut oil that dissolves makeup well, powerful waterproof makeup at once

Make your skin lively and moist!
Keep your eyes and mouth vibrant and moist with naturally fermented citron ingredients full of vitamin C.

A refreshing finish!
An effective ratio of water and oil leaves a fresh finish on the skin
Small Actions for a Sustainable Environment
Using Post Consumer Recycle (PCR) PET
100% Recycled PET
It is a 100% PCR container that recycled waste plastic collected after consumption.

In order to reduce the amount of plastic used, the design was renewed with a PCR PET container made of 100% recycled waste plastic.

Recommended for these people

√ Those who want to completely remove strong waterproof makeup at once
√ Those who want refreshing cleansing without residual oil
√ Those who want mild cleansing for the delicate eye/mouth area


1. Shake the contents of the double layer to mix well.
2. Place on the eyes and press gently.
3. Using a cotton pad, massage in a zigzag pattern to remove makeup from the upper and lower eyelids.
Simple Cleansing TIP! Scrub your eyebrows and base makeup as well.

Even daily make-up is neatly sprouted without any burden on the eyes!
I use it around my eyes every day, so it's mild like Illiyoon's!
Fresh Moisture Cleansing without tightness




Illiyoon Fresh Moisture Lip & Eye Remover 300ml

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