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ILLIYOON Ceramide Derma Facial Cream 80ml

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ILLIYOON Hypoallergenic Derma Moisturizing Solution for Sensitive Skin

Skin irritation index 0.00

Hypoallergenic derma moisturizing cream that soothes sensitive skin and strengthens the skin barrier to keep it moisturized for a long time

# Strengthen skin barrier
# 100 hours soothing moisture
# Moist without stickiness 

Awarded for 5 consecutive years!

Derma Cosmetic Division
Grand Prize for ‘Best Brand’ ILLIYOON

* Dong-A Ilbo '2022 KCAB Korea Consumer Review Best Brand' selection in the Derma Cosmetics category Illiyoon (5 consecutive years, 2018-2022)

*A wise choice for a smart consumer
2022 KCAB
Korea Consumer Appraisal Brand

High satisfaction of 298 members of the Hwahae questionnaire!

*Skin irritation index 0.00 confirmed!

*Priority for sensitive skin 

Think twice about ingredients for sensitive skin
For comfort of sensitive skin
Efforts to find the stability of the formulation and a comfortable feeling for daily use

The first derma skin care solution made by ILLIYOON who is sincere about sensitive skin

-Did you know that sensitive skin has less ceramide content than healthy skin?

When ceramide, a major component of skin lipids, is lacking, the skin's ability to retain moisture and defense decreases, resulting in dryness, and the weakening of the skin barrier makes it easy for the skin to react sensitively to small stimuli.

If your skin is often upset and sensitive due to dryness, now, take daily care with ceramide!

Fill in the lack of ceramide
Protects necessary ceramides

Create a healthy derma routine with ceramide derma moisturizing care!

Make sensitive and dry skin moist and healthy!

Hypoallergenic derma facial cream

Point 01

Containing PHYTO CERAMIDE™ the inside of the skin is moist and the skin barrier is strengthened! 

Moisture-specific ceramide derived from soybeans

PHYTO CERAMIDE™, which resembles my own skin, quickly penetrates deep into the skin to take care of dry skin and strengthen the skin barrier! 

Structurally similar to ceramides in healthy skin, it is quickly absorbed deep into the skin and delivers moisturizing active ingredients from the inside of the skin, taking care of dryness in the skin and strengthening the skin barrier.

Point 02

Excellent soothing and moisturizing effect for sensitive skin

*Twice the content of allantoin with excellent soothing effect

Soothe skin

*Moisturizing Vitamin B5 Panthenol applied to the skin

Moisturizing effect, improved moisture retention

It soothes the skin and supplies sufficient moisture and nutrients to keep dry, rough skin moist and healthy. 

Point 03

Contains Hyaluronic Ceramide™
Double moisture barrier without leaks

Moisturizing is important for skin that gets tired and dry easily due to temperature, humidity, UV rays, pollutants in the air, and makeup, but maintaining moisture is also important. 

Hyaluronic Ceramide™

The strong double moisturizing barrier created by hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing factor, and ceramide, which acts as an adhesive for the stratum corneum of the skin, protects the skin and prevents moisture loss, making it moist and healthy skin that does not dry out easily.

Point 04

Hypoallergenic formula for sensitive and fragile skin 


Be gentle once more
Formulation completed after 269 days of sample testing 

5 safety tests ALL PASS!!

√ Sensitive panel test completed
√ Hypoallergenic test completed
√ Comedogenic test completed
√ Dermatologically tested
√ Sensitive skin primary irritation test completed

Skin irritation index 0.00
*Suitable for sensitive skin as well as acne-prone skin! 


0% animal ingredients
Vegan certified
This is a vegan product that has been certified by the Korea Vegan Certification Authority.

Point 05

Moist daily cream that is comfortable for sensitive skin 

-It applies smoothly and absorbs quickly to form a moist moisturizing film.

-Moisturizing feeling that does not feel greasy over time

-With a refreshing finish, base makeup is also comfortable without being pushed!

Hypoallergenic cream that applies smoothly and permeates without stickiness

Point 06

Reliable efficacy confirmed by human application test


Effectively cares for sensitive and upturned skin due to dryness

Check the amount of oil, moisture, transparency, dead skin cells, and improvement in skin texture after applying ceramide derma cream in a simulated environment during the changing seasons when the skin turns upside down!


Substantial fast-moisturizing effect Moisturizes the 10th layer of the stratum corneum!



Moist without tightness until the next morning!

Pleasant moisture retention that lasts for 100 hours





ILLIYOON Ceramide Derma Facial Cream 80ml

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