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HANYUL Geuk Jin Essence 60ml

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HANYUL Geuk Jin Premium Ginseng Anti-aging Line

HANYUL Geuk Jin line contains whole ginseng to make the skin full of elasticity with enhanced efficacy. 


#Elasticity Essence   #Skin Moisture Shield   #Ginseng Vitality

High-elasticity essence that intensively improves elasticity with the power of raw ginseng capsule™ made by grinding ginseng into whole grains NEW Geuk Jin Essence

-100% domestic ginseng
--26 kinds of ginseng saponins
Ginseng content 60 times thicker1)
1) Compared to existing Geuk Jin Essence ginseng content 


 NEW Geuk Jin Essence
Overwhelming skin improvement effect

√ 10 fold wrinkle improvement
√ 6-fold elasticity boost

Helps improve skin lifting
Helps to improve mask pressure marks
Skin that looks 3 years younger

 "You'll find out when you try it yourself."
Satisfaction, Satisfaction, and Satisfaction that have been verified

√ It feels like the dullness is reduced and the skin tone is clear. 100%

√ It seems that the skin has become like a sound sleep.. 100%

√ It feels like a skin barrier has been applied. 100%

√ Feels like receiving luxurious anti-aging care 100%

√ Feels more confident in the skin. 100%

√ It feels like it tightens skin elasticity and wrinkles. 100%



Geuk Jin's special ingredients


Crystallization of evolved ginseng containing 100% whole ginseng
Fresh Ginseng Capsule™

Ginseng anti-aging crystal containing not only saponin, but also amino acids and polysaccharides

Fresh ginseng capsule T™
It contains the vitality of the wonderful ginseng as it is, giving the skin a powerful boost.


Fermented ginseng that maximizes the efficacy of ginseng through natural fermentation and aging

Enzyme-treated ginseng saponin and fermented ginseng extract are special ingredients that take care of signs of aging on the skin and strengthen skin elasticity.


Ginseng condensate containing the soothing effect of ginseng by condensing the moisture in ginseng

It smoothes rough skin texture due to aging and moisturizes and soothes the skin to create a healthy complexion.


Geuk Jin's special technology 


Fresh ginseng capsules containing only 100% ginseng without artificial additives, Kyukjin’s innovative technology

Ginseng oil
Ginseng water
Ginseng Powder

Ginseng innovation technology
Green Collision

The effective ingredients of ginseng are efficiently absorbed into the skin to deliver optimal efficacy to the skin.


Aged for 4 days, fermented for 3 days Patent application* ginseng fermentation technology with utmost sincerity added to domestic ginseng

*Patent No. 10-1583558 <Composition containing fermented salted ginseng extract>

In order to further enrich the efficacy of ginseng, Kukjin's unique fermentation technology made it more valuable.


Geuk Jin Essence is a highly concentrated formulation with a rich texture that gently penetrates into the skin, giving it a feeling of resilience.

Ginseng Moist Geuk Jin Skin

Ginseng Nutritional Geuk Jin Emulsion

Ginseng Adhesion Extreme Geuk Jin Eye Cream

Ginseng Concentrated Geuk Jin Essence

Ginseng Collagen Geuk Jin Cream

Geuk Jin design
The sense of Geuk Jin is added to the design of Bangjja Yugi, which used to serve precious guests, adding a special touch to your own space. It is a classy beauty that can be felt even without trying to reveal it.

Geuk Jin incense
It is a ginseng flower scent that makes you feel beautiful the moment you apply it and even the fragrance elegantly wraps your skin. 


Geuk Jin line is highly recommended for those who have trouble with elasticity and wrinkles. 

Order of use
From elasticity to wrinkle improvement, Kyukjin's unique combination of effects for ultimate anti-aging care

Geuk Jin Skin, Geuk Jin Essence, Geuk Jin Emulsion, Geuk Jin Eye Cream, Geuk Jin Cream 


How to open the product

When opening the product, do not turn the cap, but pull it up to open it. 




HANYUL Geuk Jin Essence 60ml

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