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Fognae Step One Air Baby Carrier

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Check 1. The UV rays that infants receive are three times that of adults, and the skin layer of children is thinner than that of adults, so they are easily damaged by the external environment such as UV rays more easily than adults. This product is specially processed to block UV rays.

Check 2.
Have you ever seen such a fine mesh? The mesh fabric is tightly knitted with surprisingly small microscopic holes for maximum breathability. The excellent air circulation function created by hundreds of thousands of air holes quickly dissipates heat from the body to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby. On a wonderful summer day, feel the pleasant coolness.


Check 3.
It is a soft mesh fabric that does not irritate the skin at all. The soft, non-stiff material that falls off gently wraps the mother and baby. Its elasticity and resilience are excellent, providing a well-balanced and firm support for your baby, as it always feels the first time you put it on. Experience a different level of comfort realized in a different mesh.

Check 4.
The waist belt is the core of the ergonomic baby carrier that supports the baby stably and effectively distributes the weight! To increase the breathability of the waist belt, the EVA foam that acts as a cushion is also perforated. Wear it comfortably anytime, anywhere.

Check 5.
Simple design that never gets tired of wearing 365 days a year Are you looking for clothes that match the baby carrier you use every day? Step One in Fog keeps mom and dad's style with a design that goes with any outfit.

Check 6.
Remember, one more time with the waist! Supporting Ergonomic Design Fog My Step One does not support the weight of the child solely on the mother's shoulders and back. Thanks to the waist belt, it is effectively distributed even as the child's weight gradually increases, helping her shoulder comfort. Her shoulder hurts less than 10 minutes after she put on the baby carrier? Try wearing a step one with a waist belt. You will have an amazing experience of relaxing your shoulders. The waist belt is the heart of the ergonomic baby carrier.

Check 7.
Remember, support the child with 3 layers Wrap the child with 3 layers to support them firmly. The stretchy and elastic fabric stretches naturally as the child's weight increases. However, the three-layered fabric step-one layered structure minimizes fabric sagging even if the child's number of months increases, providing stable support for the child for a long time. .

Check 8.
I use it every day, so I can't give up my mom's style, but I can't give up on the safety of my child either. Children often move unpredictably from moment to moment. Tight buckles and strong webbing straps are used to prevent the risk of a child slipping through the elastic fabric. You can't neglect the minimum safety for style. Fogna has been certified for safety and can be used from newborns up to 20 kg.

Check 9.
How to sit properly? M Position Fog for Child Comfort Step One is designed to keep the child in the most comfortable M position with an ergonomic design that supports the healthy growth and development of the child.

Check 10.
Easy to wear 'Clothes' It's easy to wear by yourself. Wear it like a T-shirt and pull the webbing strap to attach the back panel to your body. The simple structure allows you to wear it alone without assistance.

Check 11.
Easy-to-wear baby carrier, easy to take off? Put down the problem of the baby who barely slept. Even the slightest change makes it easy for children to wake up. The In-Fog Step One is designed to release the side buckles so that the baby carrier can be removed without disturbing the child's sleep as much as possible. Now, give your child a 'Guljam' and a 'bankbook'.


Check 12.
Everyone wears it without worrying about the size of the baby belt. Fog My Step One is a baby belt that mom and dad use together in one size. Does your child whine because he is cramped? Please adjust the size according to the growth of the child as if wearing clothes that fit the body perfectly and according to the clothes of the child.

Check 13.
Even 350g The weight of Step One is 350g, which is light enough to carry anytime, anywhere. It has excellent durability by using buckles and webbing straps that are directly related to the safety of children, but is lightweight and easy to carry. With Step One, going out with children is just fun.

Check 14
Fold and fold and keep compact. There is a diaper bag pouch that needs to be fully filled when going out, so it is convenient to put in the bag. When not in use, store it neatly in a pouch. The pouch has a strap so you can hang it on a stroller, etc.



Fognae Step One Air Baby Carrier

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