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ERMORE Makeup Brush Set of 12

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* ERMORE Makeup Brush Set of 12

* It is easy to manage with a strong and durable brush, and using strong and soft bristles, there is no worry about hair deformation or hair loss even after repeated washing and use.
The Ermore makeup brush is made of artificial wool with the most similar structure by reproducing the maternal structure of natural wool.
It compensates for the stiffness to smooth the color and enhance the color development.

* A good brush to give as a gift or show off!
"Give it to your loved one as a gift to me"
We have worked hard to create a brush that you want to gift with a total of 12 different types of brushes and a high-quality cylindrical pouch that prevents dust.
The brush case is a stand on the dressing table. Its cylindrical shape and small volume make it easy to carry in your handbag.

* What are the best Ermore makeup brushes?
01. 12 types of makeup perfect for makeup!
From base/lip/shadow/eye/blusher/foundation eye to face lip makeup, it is made up of essential components.

01. Foundation Brush

Soft and fine hairs evenly cover the foundation to help skin coverage.
02. Powder brush
Multi-purpose powder brush that can easily express a large area when using compression/powder type powder
03. Shading/Highlighter Brush
It is a brush with diagonally treated bristles that are evenly applied to the contours of the face to help with a more three-dimensional expression.
04. Ball touch brush
A brush that gives life to cheeks and cheekbones
05. Blending Brush
Naturally loosens and blends the boundaries of eye shadow.
06. Diagonal brush
A brush that helps create a middle color or three-dimensional eye hole on top of the base color of the eye shadow.
07. Point brush
Used to create point color or triangular shadows on the eyelids
08. Bullet Brush
A bullet-shaped brush that loosens the boundaries of eye shadow or sharpens the contours of the nose.
09.Square brush
This brush is used to cover narrow areas or dark circles when using concealer.
10.Lash Combo
Tips for naturally blending brow color and loosening mascara lumps
11. Lip Brush
A brush that creates a natural lip line
12. Eye line Brush
When using a gel-type/shadow-type eyeliner, create a fine line

02. Fluffy, soft micro-fine hair
Even those who are sensitive to elasticity and softness can use it satisfactorily, and the soft and rich micro-segment type catches even the smallest particles, so there is little powder flying during makeup and it does not fall out or fall out easily.

03. Durable, high-quality handle!
Upgraded to durable plastic. Durable, less likely to separate brush and handle, good grip and light weight.

* Brush Overall Length (Cm)
Brush case 8*18
Foundation brush 14.5
Powder brush 16
Shading & Highlight Brush 15
Ball touch brush 15
Blending brush 14
Diagonal brush 14.5
Point brush 14.5
Bullet brush 15
Square brush 14.5
Lash combo 13.5
Lip brush 14
Eyeliner brush 13.5

* How to clean makeup brushes
- Wet the brush thoroughly with lukewarm water.
- Use a special brush cleaner, shampoo, treatment, etc., and take an appropriate amount on the palm or cleansing tool.
# If you use a special cleanser designed for the characteristics of the brush, the usability and lifespan of the product will be improved.
- Swipe back and forth to make lather, then rinse thoroughly.
- Rinse thoroughly under running water several times to avoid leaving any detergent residue.
- Lay down the brush so that the brush hairs do not come into contact with the towel or air dry it upside down every month.




ERMORE Makeup Brush Set of 12

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