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dVine under eye master

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A natural-looking under-eye master that illuminates with concealer and completes with a stick shadow

Novev Under Eye Master

From. JEYU

I really wanted to make a long-lasting aegyo meat maker.
When I first applied the aegyo meat, it was pretty,
Over time, it may disappear or spread and become messy.
With this regret, I have launched a colorful pencil with aegyo meat that reflects my taste in aegyo meat.

With an under eye master with concealer on one side and stick shadow on the other, beginners and those who don't know much about makeup can easily experience aegyosal makeup!

No Bev Under Eye Master 04 Salmon Beige

No Bev Under Eye Master 05 Cream Peach

01 Better
02 But
03 Everything
04 Salmon Beige
05 Cream Peach

Nobey 2022 New color
Create a variety of moods with one aegyo-sal color for daily as well as special occasions.


It applies softly but has strong fixing power with just one touch.

Aegyo meat maker that can be easily made even for beginners and those who are not familiar with cosmetics

Concealer & glitter can be produced at once with 2in1

No-Bev's special formula
Implementation of a long lasting formula with minimal smearing through the mechanism

Formulated with vitamin E to protect the skin

Pearl adhesion with minimal fluttering properties that shines brightly without being stuffy.

Dual stick type for plump filling
It is a dual-stick type that delicately reveals with a stick concealer and fills it up with a stick shadow, so anyone can easily and quickly create a charisma.

Long lasting effect with high adhesion
It is formulated with high-viscosity oil with high adhesion, and it spreads on the skin without stickiness.

Rich pearl and creamy texture
It has a creamy texture that melts into the sensitive eye area, and the rich pearl and color are easily blended to create a colorful look.


01 Better
02 But
03 Everything
04 Salmon Beige
05 Cream Peach

01 Nothing
Champagne beige that fills clear without being stuffy

02 But
A bright and sweet peach orange as if it contained the broken starlight

03 Everything
Daily mauve pink that creates a mysterious atmosphere

04 Salmon beige
A matte-based glitter that completes the face with a moody salmon base.
(It is a type that has a weaker pearl feeling than existing products)

05 Cream Peach
Peach pearls that glisten comfortably in a soft cream cake


01 Better
02 But
03 Everything
04 Salmon Beige
05 Cream Peach

Anyone ~ How to make aegyo point super simple and easy!

Concealer + shade
01 Better
02 But
03 Everything
04 Salmon Beige
05 Cream Peach

Tips for applying concealer so it doesn't clump!

01 Prepare with only basic or base makeup.
Clumping may occur when used over powder-type formulations.

02 With a soft formula, apply as much force as possible to your hands and gently apply.
Unlike general concealers, the fixing concealer has a hardness in its formulation, but the softest formulation was used.

03 Gently draw the place where you want to make aegyo meat.
Due to the nature of the fixing concealer, it is fixed quickly, so rather than applying it several times, gently spread it out with your little finger before fixing it.

04 If necessary, after touching the concealer 1-2 times, apply a little by little with a stick shadow and blend naturally.

You can't do this.

It has a soft texture, so it can clump up when you apply it with strong force on your hands.

If you apply it after applying powder-type shadow or shading makeup, it may clump together.

If you apply it left and right several times, it can clump together.

Due to the nature of the stick concealer, remove it by turning it as carefully as possible.

STEP 1 Concealer
Use concealer to illuminate the area where you want to put aegyo point.

STEP2 Stick Shadow
Apply little by little to the area where the concealer is applied and blend naturally.

Please use the contents little by little, and close the cap tightly after use.
01 Better
02 But
03 Everything
04 Salmon Beige
05 Cream Peach

1) Quick & easy dual stick
-functions like a stick shadow
2) Long lasting effect
-moisturing finishing that can last for long hours without smudging
3) Soft creamy texture
-creamy texture with abundance of pearl for easy blending



01.Nothing (champage beige)
02.But(peach orange)
03.Everything (mauve pink)
04.Salmon beige
05.Cream Peach




dVine under eye master

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