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Anti-aging cream with snail mucin intensively restores and nourishes the skin, specifically fights wrinkles and gives the face a fresh, rested look. The anti-aging cream formula contains 20% premium black snail mucin, which protects the skin from moisture loss, increases its firmness and elasticity. The biologically active peptide Royal Epigen P5 stimulates the renewal of skin cells and smoothes its surface. The probiotic component Black BeeOme restores the individual microflora after stress, recharges the skin with energy and fills with vitality.

The cream is ideal for aging skin care: it gives a pronounced anti-aging effect, smoothes wrinkles and reduces their depth, strengthens sluggish, emaciated skin, gives it tone, eliminates dryness, reduces inflammation, whitens age-related pigmentation, smoothes out traces of acne and scars, improves skin elasticity.



Black snail secretion filtrate. It stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, which are involved in the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, due to which the skin texture improves, wrinkles are reduced, pigmentation is lightened, and the aging process of cells slows down.

Royal Epigen P5. It accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis, activates the process of cleaning the cells, improves skin elasticity, improves complexion, strengthens the protective mechanisms of the skin.

Black Bee Ome  It restores the natural microbiome, strengthens the skin barrier, regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, reducing the production of sebum, improves the uniformity of the skin.

Pearl powder. Smoothes the color and surface of the skin, gives it radiance and freshness. It improves the conductivity of active substances to cells, stimulates blood circulation, and regulates water balance.

Tranexamic acid. It brightens the skin, effectively fights pigmentation, inhibiting the production of melanin. Restores skin after aggressive environmental effects and invasive cosmetic procedures.

Niacinamide. Tones and nourishes the skin. Increases the barrier function of the epidermis. Relieves irritation, peeling, inflammation, evens out skin tone.

Method of application: Apply cream on cleansed, toned skin. Distribute evenly with massaging movements. Wait until completely absorbed.

The power of resilient black snails
Black snail elasticity cream for elasticity, radiance, blemishes, wrinkles

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Black Snail + Royal Jelly Protein + Black Bee Honey Extract
high nutrition elasticity solution

Inhibition of melanin production
blemish care

Hypoallergenic anti-aging cream that can be used even for sensitive skin


A highly nutritious and elastic solution for firm skin from the basics
Black snail cream applied with Dr.G's unique triple elasticity solution provides high nutrition to make the skin elastic and healthy.
To strengthen the skin barrier, Blackbee honey extract
After the Ice Age, 'Black Bee', which survived the harsh environment of the Alps, is blended with Dr. G.'s dermo technology, and Black Bee Ome ™, which contains fermented ingredients and honey extract of Black Bee, takes care of the skin barrier.

To strengthen skin stamina, royal jelly protein

Royal Epigen P5 ingredient contained in royal jelly helps to strengthen skin vitality and supply nutrients.
Strong nutrition retention, Black Snail

It contains black snail that survives winter hibernation for up to 6 months as nourishment for the body, providing high nutrition to the skin.

Melasma and blemish care effect that the skin becomes clearer the more you use it
Contains pearl powder, tranexamic acid, and niacinamide to keep the skin clear.


Hypoallergenic anti-aging cream that can be used even for sensitive skin
It is a hypoallergenic cream that can be used even for sensitive skin, and it is an anti-aging cream that has certain effects such as elasticity, face lifting, and improvement of wrinkles around the eyes.
Anti-aging effect that can be confirmed after 4 weeks of use
Completed human application test for sensitive skin

Completion of human application test suitable for sensitive skin
Skin irritation test completed
Soft coating type that tightly wraps the skin
The creamy formula containing black snail, black bee extract, and royal jelly protein is gently absorbed into the skin to form a moisturizing film.
How to Use

Daily care
At the last step of skin care, take an appropriate amount and apply gently along the skin texture.

When your skin is tired
With the built-in spatula, if you press down under the eyes and temples with the round part, it has acupressure effect, so your skin looks more lively.

When the skin is dry
On dry skin days, apply a little thicker and use it as a sleeping pack.

Skin concerns, the right answer.

I injured my skin in an accident as a child. As a result, an indelible scar was left on my right face, and the scar left a complex.
And I wanted to help people who suffer from skin problems like me.

We do not make a single product with a light heart because we know the hearts of those who have skin concerns more than anyone else.

About brand: Dr.G
Dr. G was founded by dermatologist Ahn Gun Yong of Gowoonsesang Cosmetics, the number one skin clinic in Korea and one of the world's largest medical skin care groups. Backed by a team of dermatologists and skin care professionals, the premium cosmeceutical brand offers clinical-grade solutions for skin problems like hyperpigmentation, dullness, dryness, wrinkles, sun damage, rosacea and sensitivity. Among its bestselling products are the R.E.D Blemish Soothing Ampoule, Barrier Activator Balm and Green Mild Up Sun with SPF50+ PA++++. All Dr. G products are proudly made in Korea.





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