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Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Treatment 200ml

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Confidence in your hair. 
Olive Young Shampoo #1 

About Folligen Treatment  
3 in 1 treatment that takes care of scalp, hair and volume all at once  

Relieves hair loss symptoms and makes hair soft  

Should the treatment be used only on hair?
Polygen Treatment is free from silicone and 10 types of scalp care ingredients, so it can be used on the scalp as well as hair. 

It is a functional treatment for alleviating hair loss symptoms that takes care of hair and scalp at once.

Essential nutrition with 8 hair-like amino acid ingredients

It delivers essential nutrients to the scalp and hair damaged by chemical treatments such as perms and dyeing.
202% increase in hair protein after 4 uses
Test product: Efficacy evaluation test for hair protein improvement of Folligen Treatment 
Institution: PNK Skin Clinical Research Center Co., Ltd.
Exam period: 2018 11.05-2018.11.16
Test Subject: 20 Human Hair Tress

The Czech Karlovy Vary Thermal Water made damaged hair glow.

The mineral-rich Karlovy Vary thermal waters in Czech Republic help to care for soft and shiny hair.

Hair radiance care ingredient

Czech Republic Karlovy Vary Thermal Water (28.5%)

Monoi Oil
Monoi Oil Thai Rae Flower + Coconut Palm Oil

Changes in healthy hair confirmed by human application test results
Test product: Human application test for Folligen Treatment to improve hair shine and split ends
Testing Institution: Global Medical Research Center
Exam period: 2018.12.04 ~ 2019.01.02 (4 weeks)
Number of test subjects: 21

Hair glow increased by 45%.
Hair chisel splits by 12%.

Relieves hair loss symptoms with scalp strengthening ingredients

5 types of scalp nutrition patented ingredients and 3 key ingredients for alleviating hair loss symptoms help to care for a healthy scalp.

Alleviate hair loss symptoms
Zinc Pyrithione
Salicylic Acid

Patented ingredients for scalp nutrition

Panax Ginseng
Red Ginseng Extract

Bitter grass (sucrose) extract

Cnidium Officinate
chrysanthemum extract

Paeonia Suffruticosa Root
Peony root (Mokdan leek) extract

Belamcanda Chinensis
Beom Fan Root Extract

*The above is limited to the characteristics of raw materials

Dr.FOR HAIR's unique core ingredient Folligen complex

What you put in is important, but how you put it is more important.
No matter how good the ingredients are, if they are larger than the scalp pore size, they will not be absorbed.

Folligen Complex Structure

Ceramide NP
Bowl Palm Fruit Extract

The difference in effectiveness is the difference in delivery power.
Put it in a capsule 2,500 times smaller than pores.

In order to deliver scalp-reinforced ingredients deeply, three key ingredients were successfully put in capsules 2,500 times smaller than pores, increasing scalp absorption.

Positive scalp changes confirmed by human application test results
Test product: Human application test for Folligen Treatment improvement of scalp keratin and scalp elasticity
Testing institution: Global Medical Research Center
Exam period: 2018.12.04-2019 01 02 (4 weeks)
Number of test subjects: 21

After 4 weeks, the elasticity of the scalp increased by 26%.
44% reduction in scalp dead skin cells after 4 weeks

Care for volume from the roots of sagging hair without strength

Grain-derived vegetable protein is intensively supplied to the hair, making it voluminous from the root.

Root volume care ingredient
Wheat, Bean, Rye

Grain-derived protein: Laudamonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed rye phytoplacenta extract

*The above is limited to the characteristics of raw materials

Changes in root volume confirmed by human application test results
Test product: Human application test for improvement of hair root volume of Folligen Treatment
Testing institution: Global Medical Research Center
Exam period: 2018.12.04-2019.01.02 (4 weeks)
Number of test subjects: 21

After 4 weeks of use, hair root volume increased by 7.74%

10 additive-free products for the scalp and hair
Folligen Treatment confirmed that 5 types of scalp care ingredients were not added and 5 types of non-detection were confirmed.

No Sulfate-based surfactants
No 6 parabens
No Phenoxyethanol
No Benzophenone 3,4,8
No Benzyl alcohol
No Triethanolamine
No Artificial color
No Mineral oil
No Animal oil

Reliability shown by actual purchase reviews

A simple treatment that takes care of hair and scalp

"I have bleached hair, but my hair has become softer!"
"I love that my hair is shiny!"
"It's a treatment that can be used even on the scalp, so I like it"
"I used it as a set with Polygen Shampoo and it was even better"

We are making more effective and satisfactory products by monitoring the reviews of our valued customers and improving the inconveniences.

Customized container designed for easy application to scalp and hair

A container that is suitable for both hair and scalp. Apply directly to the scalp.

After opening the twist cap, apply directly to wet scalp and hair after shampooing and wash off after 1 minute.

For enhanced nutrition and softness, massage for at least 3 minutes and then wash off.

Folligen Treatment Product Information

01. Luxurious floral scent
02. White opaque formulation

Stronger and faster Polygen 3-STEP scalp strengthening solution
Experience the Polygen scalp care synergy suggested by Dr. For Hair Scalp Care Center

Folligen Plus Shampoo
Scalp strengthening and hair volume at once! Hair loss relief functional shampoo

Folligen treatment
Functional treatment for strong scalp and soft hair

Folligen Tonic
Contains the maximum amount of Folligen Complex, hair root intensive nutrition tonic

Dr. For Hair is a global functional hair care brand that pursues beautiful and healthy hair. It has scalp care centers around the world including the US, Beijing, and Seoul, and provides effective scalp care solutions based on clinical research and data.

Dr FORHAIR is a global hair care brand that pursues the beauty of healthy hair.

Feel the pleasure while taking care of your scalp with our products.




Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Treatment 200ml

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