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Dr.Banggiwon Beer Yeast Shampoo 1000ml

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Hair loss symptom relief function

Contains premium brewer's yeast extract from Germany

Hair loss symptom relief
Functionality test completed

Micellar cleansing technology
Absorbs waste & retains moisture

Brewer's yeast extract
Contains 30,000PPM of German premium brewer's yeast

No 15 harmful additives
Hypoallergenic Safe Ingredients

Hair loss care
Beer East Shampoo
Key Point!

Functionality review completed
It is a functional cosmetic for hair loss relief that has been verified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

German brewer's yeast extract
This product contains 30,000ppm of premium brewer's yeast extract from Germany, which is effective for strengthening hair roots and hair.

Micellar cleansing technology
The micellar cleansing technology adsorbs and cleanses impurities, leaving only moisture on the scalp for a moist finish.

15 kinds of worry ingredients are not added
You can rest assured that it is free of 15 ingredients suspected to be harmful to the human body, such as CMIT/MIT and 7 parabens.

Hair loss shampoo that is good for hair loss prevention, have you checked where it is good?
What if there is no change in the widening forehead and falling hair even after using all the shampoo and hair loss care products that are said to be good for hair loss? It is necessary to improve the scalp environment that affects the hair roots and hair.

Brewer's yeast extract to improve weakened hair roots and scalp environment!

Everyone in the know already knows the efficacy of brewer's yeast!
More than 50% of brewer's yeast is composed of high-quality protein, and the B7 component, biotin, as well as abundant B vitamins and minerals, improve the fundamental scalp environment and help with hair loss care.

Brewer's yeast nutritional information
Nutrients rich in brewer's yeast improve the fundamental scalp environment and take care of weakened scalp and hair healthily.

It is rich in vitamin B biotin, which is excellent for scalp care, and makes hair healthy and full.

It contains more than 50% of protein, which has a similar structure to hair protein and is highly absorbable, and cares for the scalp and hair healthily.

It is skin-friendly and has excellent moisturizing effect, so it moisturizes the scalp and hair.

Known as a powerful moisturizer.

Ingredients such as potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P), and sodium (Na) purify the skin and control PH to care for healthy skin.

Selenium revitalizes and revitalizes tired skin.

Dr. Bang Kiwon Beer Yeast Shampoo is more special as it contains 30,000PPM of German premium brewer's yeast extract.

How to choose brewer's yeast shampoo
Brewer's yeast originating from Germany, the home of beer, has excellent freshness and is not subjected to high heat during the production process, so the protein is not denatured and is of high quality.
Make sure the country of origin is Germany!

The secret of beer factory workers with abundant hair!
Brewer's yeast extract

The hair loss relief effect of brewer's yeast, which was revealed by focusing on the rich and shiny hair of workers who worked at beer factories in Germany! Experience the effect with Dr. Bang Ki-won Beer East Shampoo!


German premium brewer's yeast extract
From improving the scalp environment to taking care of hair loss!

German premium beer extract
Contains 30,000PPM
Dr. Bang Giwon Beer Yeast Hair Loss Shampoo
From improving the scalp environment to taking care of hair loss!

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety certification
Hair loss symptom relief effect
The key ingredient to relieve hair loss symptoms!

It is rich in dexpanthenol, salicylic acid, and mandol, which are key ingredients that help relieve hair loss symptoms, and provides healthy scalp care.

It allows sufficient nutrition to be absorbed into the scalp and is one of the essential vitamin B complexes for hair health, and is also effective for scalp and hair care.

It soothes an irritated scalp and forms a moisturizing film to prevent moisture and nutrients from escaping from the stratum corneum, and cares for weakened hair roots.

cool refreshing feeling

Salicylic acid
Removes dead skin cells and sebum at the entrance of pores
It keeps the scalp clean and creates a scalp environment where nutrients can be absorbed smoothly.

Micellar cleansing technology that absorbs waste and leaves only moisture

What is a micelle?
Surfactant structure with both lipophilic and hydrophilic properties
It is lipophilic and removes wastes from the skin
It is hydrophilic and has the property of leaving only the necessary moisture in the skin.

Dr. Bang Ki-Won Beer East Shampoo uses micellar cleansing technology to adsorb and cleanse impurities in pores, leaving only moisture on the scalp for a moist finish.

Scalp Care 1-STEP
Scalp soothing and protection

Natural ingredients that are effective in soothing and protecting the scalp help to soothe the irritated scalp and protect the skin.

medicinal buckwheat extract
Prickly pear root extract
Purslane Extract
Camellia Leaf Extract
Thief's Cane Root Extract
cypress leaf extract
sewage rhizome extract
Angelica gigas root extract

Scalp Care 2-STEP
Scalp moisturizing, nutrition

Hypoallergenic nutrients from nature give luster to the scalp and hair and replenish the lack of nutrients to keep them healthy.

※ Limited to raw material characteristics

Loquat Leaf Extract
Lactobacillus/soybean fermentation extract
Safflower Extract
Hidden extract
Arborvitae leaf extract
Goji berry extract

Gentle ingredients for sensitive skin
safe prescription

It is a safe ingredient that can be used safely even on sensitive skin with a safe prescription.

Hypoallergenic safe prescription
15 harmful ingredients
Additive free test completed

You can rest assured that it is free from 15 harmful ingredients such as CMIT/MIT and 7 parabens.

Completed 15 kinds of harmful ingredients free test




Dr.Banggiwon Beer Yeast Shampoo 1000ml

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