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Dr.33 Hair Ampoule 20ml

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Container renewal information

Dr.33 Hair Ampoule design has been renewed. All ingredients/capacity are the same product, so you can use it with confidence.
Food and Drug Administration certification

Alleviate hair loss symptoms
Functional certified product
What's In My Bag

The secret to T-ara's Eunjung's small face
# Neat hairline essentials
Eunjung Ham's Selfie

Hair loss functional ampoule that stimulates scalp blood to help nourish, soothe, and improve dead skin cells
When the ampoule comes out, apply it like rubbing and massaging.

Eunjung Pick
I think it's so good that my hair is growing!
Real user reviews, check it out!


"I'm rich with fine hair!"
I really want to recommend it to people who have a complex like me because I don't have a pretty hairline! I'm really happy that my hair has sprouted like new sprouts!!

"I solved my M-shaped hair loss and made my face look smaller!"
I have severe M-shaped hair loss, so I pretended to be deceived and tried it!
I've been hearing that I escaped from the M shape in a month and my face looks smaller these days~

"I'm satisfied with a full crown~"
•After giving birth, I was upset that only the top of my head was hollow, but now I am satisfied that it has been filled in tightly. It's not sticky, and it's cool every time I apply it, so it relieves the stress of raising children.
Scalp nutrition, soothing, dead skin improvement
Hair loss functional ampoule
Satisfied with improvement of crown hair loss
Degree of improvement in hair density
Degree of M-shaped hair loss improvement
Satisfaction with cooling sensation when using

Scalp cooling & nutrition supply & hair generation
"3in1 Female Hair Loss Solution Scalp Ampoule, Doctor 33"

I recommend 'Doctor 33' to these people.

A bumpy hairline with an empty M
stress burning scalp
Hair pulled out every time you brush
Scalp with wide crown
Thin and brittle hair from frequent grooming
Itchy scalp with dead skin cells and troubles

Doctor 33's In-Depth Approach
Doctor 33 focused on the causes of hair loss.

Parietal hair loss
M-shaped hair loss (forehead)

Scalp fever experienced by 72.7% of hair loss patients weakens the hair roots and scalp, resulting in insufficient nutrition.

So I researched.
Korea’s first scalp blood stimulation hair loss ampoule
A massager developed with a patented method, a more powerful solution to the scalp

3 types of hair loss functional ingredients
Korea's first patented massager
Instant cooling sensation
Black soybean/ brewer's yeast
EWG Green Grade
Special Blended Amino Acids

Rolling massage → scalp blood stimulation → blood circulation and nutrition supply → hair health help

Massager exclusively for bangs
Meticulous care with triple mini rollers
Accurately stimulates the scalp blood on the forehead
Roll-on type, easy and convenient
Fine care is possible with easy amount control
Cooling sensation with instant scalp heat reduction

Reasons to choose Dr.33
Why? Doctor 33

Point 01
3 types of hair loss functional ingredients
"Definite effect of hair loss functional ingredients"
Exfoliation of dead skin cells through deep penetration of fine particles
Menthol ingredient relieves itching and fever

Hair loss symptom relief

Salicylic Acid.
Keratin and sebum management

Reduces scalp heat, discharges skin wastes

Scalp barrier protection, inflammation relief

Point 02
Relief of hair loss
Natural extracts

"Healthy hair and antioxidant effect at once"

Deep penetration of fine particles removes dead skin cells and menthol ingredient relieves itching and heat

Brewer's yeast
Vitamin B
barley extract
Hair UP

Vitamin B, a vitamin that helps hair health, and amino acid protein similar to the structure of the scalp and hair meet to grow the strength of the hair roots and help hair health.

Comparison of protein content seen in real life

Milk: 3.15g
Meets 5% of the 11-day recommended intake

Beef: 14.97g
Meets 25% of recommended daily intake

Brewer's yeast: 53.33g
Meets 88% of recommended daily intake

※ This is the recommended daily protein intake for adults recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).
※The protein content unit is g/100g.

Point 03
Amino acids developed for the best hair care
Amino acid blend that is 99.9% similar to the structure of the scalp

Basic amino acids:
Improvement of dry texture of hair
Neutral Amino Acids:
Improve hair strength and shine
acidic amino acids:
Improving hair texture and softness

Point 04
Powerful and thick black food extract
"Hard hair and active scalp"

Black soybean extract
- Promote hair growth
- Improving scalp elasticity
Black Rice Extract
- Promote hair growth
Bean sprout extract
- Improving scalp elasticity
-Scalp nutrition
Black sesame extract
- Scalp/hair nutrition

This effect is limited to the characteristics of raw materials.

How To Use
Dr.33 Hair Loss Ampoule

Use it before drying when the scalp pores are cleanly opened.

Shake the product sufficiently before use, and lightly press the tube to let the ampoule come out through the cheek.
Roll and massage evenly on the hair loss problem area.
Absorb the remaining ampoule with your hands.

Plus Tip
Simply roll it anywhere on the scalp where you feel the heat and massage the scalp.

Don't hide it. Be Confident.

Doctor 33, Frequently Asked Questions
We have gathered and organized frequently asked questions from our customers.

Can both men and women use it?
Dr. 33 is a product that can be used by anyone of any age or gender who has problems with hair loss.

Can I use it anywhere?
Dr. 33 is a product that is formulated with ingredients that are effective for the entire scalp, so it can be used anywhere on the hair loss area.

How many times a day should I use it?
Dr. 33 is most effective if you use it in the morning and evening, but you can see the effect even if you use it only once after washing your hair or after the pores of the scalp are open.

There is white powder, is it a problem with the product?
If the ampoule is not sufficiently absorbed, the remaining amount may dry out and appear white. After rolling with a massager, let it absorb with your hands.

*Please refrain from using a hair dryer immediately after use.




Dr.33 Hair Ampoule 20ml

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