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Donggubat The RIGHT Dish Washing Bar 150g 500g

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The right idea for the planet
Donggubat The RIGHT Dish Washing Bar 
Introducing Donggubat's dish washing soap that contains baking soda and removes oil.
Skin irritation test completed
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Notification Class 1 Cleaner
Hang it with bare hands and moisturize
zero-waste solid soap
More than 17,000 cumulative reviews prove it
From the moment I opened the product, I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle lemon scent. The hardness is just right and the mirror looks really good. I changed the liquid detergent this time because there was residual detergent, but washing dishes is not inconvenient and the ingredients are good, so I am much more relieved. The Dong-gu field is so famous and there is a reason hehe It has a lot of capacity and the price is reasonable!
This is my first time using the dishwashing bar ... and .. it's much better than regular dishwashing detergent. It foams up with just a little rub, smells great, and washes off well when it cools down. We are changing one by one to reduce plastic waste, and it is the most satisfying gay dish washing bar among them. What if I bought three boxes or not, but I'm glad! In the future, the commercial kitchen detergent is bye-bye.

The first reason to change to a dishwashing bar
In the wrong way, we eat two glasses of soju dishwashing liquid a year.

Source: Green Post Korea, an environmental economy newspaper
Excerpts from some good habits that reduce the one-minute environment dishwashing detergent

How many pumps of liquid detergent do you use?

The correct way to use liquid detergents on the market is to dilute them 1,000 times in water.

• Dilute 20ml in 5L of Lax Water
• Dishwasher: Dilute 1-2ml in 1L of water.

The second reason to change to a dishwashing bar
dishwashing detergent to remove dirt
Rather, it can threaten the health of your family and the planet.

Synthetic surfactants disturb the ecosystem and can cause health problems if absorbed into the body for a long time.
Donggu Field Dishwasher Washing Bar is a first class solid dishwashing detergent made with plant-derived ingredients.

Solid Detergent vs Liquid Detergent

Why Choose Solid Dishwashing Detergent?
Compare for yourself.
Solid detergent
Cleaning Ingredients: Vegetable-derived Fatty Acids
Preservative: No additives
Plastic: not used
How to use: Use immediately after foaming
Water Saving: High

Liquid detergent
Cleaning Ingredients: Synthetic Surfactants
Preservative: added/no added
Plastic: Used
How to use: Dilute in water
Water Saving: Low
Donggubat The RIGHT Dish Washing Bar CHECK POINT!
Contains plant-derived ingredients
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Notice 1 class cleaner
Skin hypoallergenic test completed
Excellent cleaning power to remove grease
Hazardous substance non-detection test completed
check point 1
Safe washing dishes with plant-derived detergent ingredients
Made with plant-derived ingredients that protect our body and the global environment
Baking soda
Baking soda, which helps to absorb oil and pollutants, balances acid/alkali, and is an all-purpose cleaner that helps with various housework such as laundry, cleaning and washing dishes.
Sea salt
Various minerals such as magnesium and potassium in the salt provide moisture quickly, making it possible to wash dishes with bare hands.
Lemon essential oil
Food additive-grade essential oils for food and beverages that provide a refreshing fragrance, vitality and vitality.

Check point 2

A first-class dishwashing detergent that washes vegetables and fruits and even baby tableware

Donggubat The RIGHT Dish Washing Bar is a first-class cleaner notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and can wash baby tableware.
First-class cleaner: wash vegetables, fruits and tableware
Class 2 detergent: dishwashing
Class 3 cleaning agent: cleaning food tools and cooking utensils

Check point 3

Hypoallergenic dishwashing soap for moist skin even when washing dishes with bare hands
There are no harmful chemical ingredients that irritate the skin, and glycerin is made during the aging process to keep the skin soft and moist.
Gentle dishes for my hands
Skin hypoallergenicity verification
Donggubat The RIGHT Dish Washing Bar was rated as hypoallergenic with a skin irritation of 0.00 in the primary irritation test.
Check point 4

Reliable cleaning power
As this is a tableware we use every day at my family's table, clean and safe cleaning power is important.

Check point 5
Safety test completed so that there is no worry of even 1g left
Donggubat The RIGHT Dish Washing Bar has been verified by a reputable testing institute for various harmful substances and deodorization, which is a kitchen concern.
1. Heavy metals, arsenic, optical brightener
Hazardous ingredient non-detection test completed
2. Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibacterial test completed
3. Ammonia, Trimethylamine deodorization test completed

Donggubat Dishwashing Bar
Donggubat Dishwashing Bar is made with plant-derived ingredients that protect us and the global environment. It can be safely used to wash vegetables, fruits, and baby dishes as a Class 1 detergent notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
There are no harmful chemical ingredients that irritate the skin and glycerin is made during the aging process to make the skin of your hands soft and moist.
Donggubat's dishwashing bar which contains baking soda, removes even grease.
In the cleaning power test, the results were equal to or better than that of other conventional detergents.
It has been verified by a reputable testing institute for non-detection of various harmful ingredients and bacteria. 

1. 5 types of natural ingredients 
You will free safe to use it for it is made with natural ingredients 
2.  Soap made of salt and sugar 
The mineral-rich salt removes impurities and the sugar dissolves oil stains left on dishes 
3. A natural lemon essential oil
Used a natural lemon essential oil of high quality, not an artificial scent 

Coconut Palm Oil, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Olive Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Auric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Corn Starch, Oatmeal, Black Sesame Powder, Mineral Salt, Brown Sugar Flour, Citral, Limonene

Care Instructions
Store used products in a dry and shady place.
It is a Class 1 dishwashing detergent and can also be used as a baby dish detergent.
When using the product by dissolving it in water, do not soak vegetables or fruits for more than 5 minutes. Wash vegetables or fruits for at least 30 seconds and tableware for at least 5 seconds under running water. When using non-running water, change the water and wash at least 2 times




Donggubat The RIGHT Dish Washing Bar 150g 500g

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