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CLIO Pro Eye Palette (21AD) 0.6g*10

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*CLIO Pro Eye Palette (21AD) 

*A high-quality life color combination that you want to collect!

*Everyday color combination you want to collect
- A real daily color combination that is all precious without any color to throw away

*Upgraded high-quality formulation
- An upgraded formulation that not only develops vivid high-pixel color, but also adheres neatly without powder or pearl.

*Practical dual brush even as a tool
- Upgraded to a brush for gently spreading shading and glitter points.

*Mute tone recommendation
-No.11 Cozy alley walk
From calm matte makeup to subtle daily glitter makeup with cozy nude brown color!

*Warm tone recommendation
-No.12 Seoul Forest Autumn Wind
From red coral to yellowish brown makeup with various formulations of matte and glitter!

*Cool tone recommendation
-No.13 Evening Sunset Picnic
From emotional matte makeup with a combination of mauve color and gorgeous glitter!

*A fresh and light touch feeling at your fingertips and a matte that adheres clearly and softly

-Glitter that sticks tightly without shimmering pearls and shines brightly

*Water Glitter
- Clear and transparent glitter like water sparkling in the sunlight.
No.11 #4 Holy Water Vibe

*Creamy Glitter
- Glossy glitter without stickiness and creamy adhesion.
No. 12 #7 Cozy Sunshine

*Melting Glitter
- Brilliant glitter that sparkles in various ways depending on the angle of light
#13 #6 a piece of moon

*Practical dual brush
-Round bullet shading brush for easy blending
-Flat brush suitable for points and glitter

*No.11 Cozy alley walk  - Nude brown with a soft and mellow atmosphere

-Softness (Matte) - Pink base shade color
-Afternoon coffee (matte) -Muted pink beige color
-Joyful mood (matte) - Toned down pink color
-Seongsu Vibe (Glitter) - Silver, Pink, Cooper Glitter
-Peaceful Weekend (Matte) - Milk tea brown color with a hint of reminiscence
-Vanilla Flavor (Matte) - Skin tone base color
-Milk Caramel (Matte) - Nude base shade color
-Cream Cookies (Matte) - Beige Brown Shaded Color
-Mocha Bread (Matte) - Milky Mocha Brown Color
-Laze Away (Matte) - Deep brown point color with a hint of gray

* No.12 Seoul Forest Autumn Wind - Warm brown with full leaves of Seoul Forest and autumn sunlight

-With Deer (Matte) - Apricot base shade color
-Leaf Peeping (Pearl) - Pink coral color with pink & gold pearls
-Sign of Fall (Matte) - Toned down coral color
-Seoul Forest (Glitter) - Green & Cooper Big Glitter with Pink Pearl Base
-Maple hill (shimmer) - reddish brown color
-Toasty Day (Matte) - light skin tone base color
-Cozy Sunshine (Pearl) - Shimmer Gold Beige Color
-Tender Breeze (Pearl) - Gray brown color with gold pearls
-Warm Filling (Matte) - Yellowish Brown Color
-Autumn Glow (Glitter) - Gold glitter with a warm pink base

*No.13 Evening Sunset Picnic - Emotional Move with a Violet Sunset at Sunset

-Mellow Cloud (Matte) - Cute skin tone base color
-Evening Sun (Pearl) - Milky Pink Beige Color
-Dazzeling Dusk (Glitter) - Glitter with purple point pearls based on gold and pink pearls
-Dreamy Sky (Matte) Bright lavender base color
-Sentimental Soul (Matte) - A mauve-colored color that revolves around
-A Piece of Moon (Glitter) - Clear Opal Pearl Glitter with a gold tint
-Afterlight Han river (Glitter) - Point Glitter of Purple & Green & Gold & Blue Pearl
-Mauve Scenery (Matte) - Subdued mauve shade color
-Delightful Moment (Matte) - Mauve brown color
-Ride the Wind (Matte) - Deep muted brown point color

*How To

*No.11 Cozy Alley Walk - Nude brown with a soft and mellow atmosphere
-No1 - Eyelid Base
-No2 - Double Eyelid Line Shading
-No3 - Shading of the triangular zone behind the eyes
-No4 - Under
-No5 - Underline Glitter in the middle of the eyelids

*No.12 Seoul Forest Autumn Wind - Warm brown with autumn leaves, fallen leaves, and autumn sunlight
-No1 - Eyelid under base
-No2 - Double Eyelid Line Shading
-No3 - Underline Glitter 
-No4  -Eyelid glitter

*No. 13 Evening Sunset Picnic - Emotional Mob with Evening Sunset
-No1 - Eyelid, Under base
-No2 - Double eyelid line shading
-No3 - Shading of the triangular zone behind the eyes
-No4 - Double eyelid line glitter
-No5 - Middle eyelid glitter 

* 011 Cozy Alley Walk
-A cozy and hip shop in an alley where the subtle scent of bread and coffee on the street and nature are in harmony.
Clean and stylish shaded look

*012 Seoul Forest Autumn Wind
- Maple leaves swaying softly in the autumn wind, blue sky and clear sunlight shining through them
Cozy, warm and clear glitter look

*013 evening sunset picnic
- Emotional picnic under the purple sunset and sunset .
A relaxing and free time at sunset.
A dreamy yet natural color accentuated look




CLIO Pro Eye Palette (21AD) 0.6g*10

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