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Cellapy A.Repair Cream Body Wash 500ml

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No tightness for sensitive skin
Deeply sensitive moisturizing
Cream body wash
#Sensitive body wash #4 season body wash

Soothing moisturizing without tightness
healthy skin
Non-acidic PH balance care
rich bubble
A subtle scent.

Cellapy  A.Repair Cream Body Wash
Customer real review
Rating 4.8/5 ★★★★★

It has a mild feeling of use, has a lot of foam, and has a nice scent. Creamy body wash.
I don't have any regrets. 5 stars.

It's really moist.
And it smells so good!

It smells a bit like baby powder and it smells like real flesh!
It's good, so I'll save it. Recommended!

I have never seen such a moisturizing body wash.
The foam is rich, soft and really nice.

Above all, it feels mild and not irritating. like

It smells good, has good cleaning power, and it's not sticky or slippery, so I'll continue to use this as a body wash.

I have sensitive skin, so I can't use anything, but it's gentle and the scent is so good.

Point 01.

Cellapi calming know-how for sensitive body

Cica Peptide, created with Cellapi's own soothing know-how, provides a firm skin soothing effect.

soothing sensitive skin

Centella asiatica extract
Palmitoyl tripeptide-1
Copper tripeptide-1

Point 02.

Moisturizing without tightness after shower
It forms a strong moisturizing film on dry and sensitive skin with excellent ingredients for moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Skin barrier protection

Ceramide NP
Skin moisturizing effect

Edelweiss callus culture extract
Skin nutrition supply

Point 03.
Slightly acidic pH balance care for healthy skin

pH 5.0~6.0 A slightly acidic body wash with less irritation during cleansing and helps to maintain healthy skin.

Delicate floral musk scent that is pleasant to the scent
Take care of your mind as well as a healthy body with the softly spreading floral musk scent.

MIDDLE NOTE Jasmine, Lily of the Valley

Curiosity about Derma Cream Body Wash of Sensitive people ?

Q1. If it is a non-acidic derma wash product, isn't the cleaning power and foaming weak?
A. Effective cleaning is possible with a rich bubble shower.
Even with a small amount, you can effectively remove waste products and dead skin cells with a soft and rich foam.

Q2. I'm worried that if the cleaning power is good, the irritation will be strong.
A. Please use it with confidence.
The skin reaction after 24 hours was visually evaluated and the result of the test was "hypoallergenic".

Skin hypoallergenic test completed

6-3. skin irritation result

The researcher visually evaluated the skin reaction after 1 hour and 24 hours after removal of the lungs to determine the skin irritation index and degree of skin irritation of the test product. [Table 4]
[Table 4. Skin irritation index and degree of irritation of test products]

Test product name: Cellapy A.Repair Cream Body Wash
Skin irritation index: 0.00
Skin irritation level: non-irritating

A.Repair Cream Body Wash
I recommend it to such a person!

  • Those with dry and sensitive skin from daily showers
  • Those who want moist, moisturizing and soothing body care without tightness after showering
  • Those who want a mild, slightly acidic body wash on the skin with soft and rich foam
  • Those who are looking for a body wash product with a subtle and pleasant scent

Moist cream gel type texture
Soft and rich mild bubble formation

Take an appropriate amount on a shower ball, make bubbles, and rub it all over the body as if massaging, then rinse thoroughly with water.

* Enough with a small amount of rich and soft foam

Get healthy and fragrant derma body care with Cellapy A.Repair Cream Body Wash

It's even better when we use it together
Cellapy A.Repair Body Lotion 340ml



Cellapy A.Repair Cream Body Wash 500ml

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