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Step Basic 236 Yogurt  

Yogurt with a little bit of orange  
The yogurt color that brightens the eyes is the perfect basic item.  
ith a soft skin tone type, use it with apricot and orange shades to complete a mild and bright makeup.  

Are you blushing?  
You'll fall in love with the red, pale orange feel.  


4.1 x 1.1 x 5.1 cm  

Step Basic is the most basic base line in makeup.
It is a multiple item that can be used as shadow, highlighter, blush, and shading.

One of the basics of eye makeup!!
There's nothing like this!

Yakult color that sucks through a straw, 236 yogurt

Even if you buy one, you can make aegyo sal on your eyes, cover dark circles with a base color, and a single color that brightens your eyes!
Why are you so good at this?

Make up the aegyo sal that was not there, create aegyo skin makeup


* If you use 215 Cinnamon Dust to create an under shadow, you can create a more dramatic aegyo sal!

So good!

It was recommended by the shop. It's the best as an aegyo sal!!

Thank you, Ameli... I've been using yogurt for years. If you use this yogurt when your under eyes look dull and ugly, you will look a few years younger!

Use yogurt instead of glitter for aegyo sal.....
What do you mean by gaining weight, you look really plump!♡♡
Great effect even on dark..
Even if you apply it on your eyelids, it's a pretty yellow orange (?) color.
Never discontinued... Please sell it forever, Ameli...

I don't look good with eye makeup, so I put on a lot of shadow.
When I draw eyeliner, my eyes look stuffy.
But the more you apply yogurt, the brighter your eyes become and the better.
I recommend it to warm-tone people who don't look good with eye makeup.~

I'm No. 22 Medium Tone.
There's dark redness. Medium cool tones are the best.
Yogurt doesn't tone up~ Good good good as a base!

I had a product from another company with a similar color, but when I put it on my skin, the mood is different ,
It’s subtle, it’s more trendy, and Ameli is the best.

Layering is fun, and it's pretty when used alone.
It is also used to increase fixing power by mixing it with concealer.

Step Basic Eyeshadow

Silky soft texture!
Step Basic refines fine-grained raw materials to provide a silky soft texture. The soft touch that your fingertips feel first spreads over your eyes.

Lightly stick! Long-lasting, high-adhesion shadows
Step Basic applies a high-adhesion blinder system and a long-lasting color effect system, so it has excellent adhesion and lasts for a long time.





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