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Sparkle Spot 507 Sugar Gold.

Graceful woman's noble gold color.  

Tone-down gold with thick sugar grains.  
It has a brilliant gold tone and subtle skin tone.  
I'm going to cover it up softly.  
It blends naturally with the skin.  

I recommend it for daily smokey and shading.  
It also has a subtle tear effect.  


4.1 x 1.1 x 5.1cm

Sparkle spot is a pearl eye shadow with sparkling sparkles.
It has big particles but it's moist, so it gives you more comfortable glare.

Hot topic!
Amelie's Aegyo Sal color

Why are so many people so passionate about aegyo sal makeup?
First of all, as the name suggests, it creates a bright image while emphasizing the convex part when smiling.
As a fan of aegyo sal, I would like to add one more reason. By adding volume to the center of the face, it gives the effect of making the features look fuller.
Anyone who says they care a little about aegyo sal seems to agree!
The dramatic effect of sparkles on this small area.

Pure gold color without coral and brown
A sentimental Sugar Gold color.

507 Sugar Gold
Pure gold color without coral and brown.
As the name suggests, coarse sugar grains give a sparkling point around the eyes. It is also suitable for creating a vague feeling of tears if you only apply it to the center of the underside.

Tone-down gold glittering with coarse sugar grains

It's so pretty with a soft gold color!
If you apply it to the double eyelid line, it gives off a sophisticated feel!!

It is mainly used to give a tear effect in the middle of the eyelids and under the eyes.
It’s shiny and pretty like a beam coming out haha
Even with a small amount, the color develops very well and it doesn't smudge even if I don't use corrective makeup all day.

It is a deep brown. It is very pretty!

Also Amelie.
It is elegantly expressed while bling bling!

Among the pearly shadows, this is the first shadow that spreads so finely and softly.
It is beautiful even when applied with a brush...
I have dark skin, but if I put it on top of other shadows, it's soft and gorgeous, and it's really pretty 

I put sugar gold under my eyes, but it's not overdone and I like it haha

Daily shadow compatibility without failure

'What color would be nice to layer with an orange color shadow with a brown color?',
'A different rose shade today! But do you only paint this?'
I prepared this for those who have difficulty layering shadows.
A color matching tip that can only be passed on to you!

A classic autumn color, orange-brown color

224 Real Skin + 507 Sugar Gold
If you want to give your daily makeup a little bit of strength, try adding 507 Sugar Gold.
Just like a spoonful of magic powder added when the taste of food is missing somewhere, it brightly changes the overall makeup mood with one touch.
At this time, if you use 224 Real Skin together as a base, you can complete a detailed makeup look.
It is perfect for secretly becoming beautiful by creating natural shades with a pure, non-pearl skin color that is neither dark nor bright!
So what about lip?
It goes well with any color, so enjoy as much as you like.

A sentimental, well-dried rose.

222 Cocoa Beige + 221 Rose Brown
Around this time, is the editor the only one who thinks of the dried rose color?
It is a color that creates an elegant aura as if it is sensuality.
When using Amelie's dried rose color, 221 Rose Brown, use 222 Cocoa Beige as a base.
The apricot-tinted beige plays a role in calming the rose brown one step further.
It is more stable to choose a color that excludes fluorescent light.
After applying 801 Natural Beige to the entire lip, layer the color you want on the center of the lip and there is no chance of failure!

A gentle autumn staple, orange brown color

240 Pumpkin Orange + 226 Sepia

I think this is the most comfortable combination to capture the mood of autumn.
Just apply 240 Pumpkin Orange, a toned-down orange color mixed with brown, all over the eyelids to create a subtle charm that does not pop out.
Here, apply the 226 Sepia color along the double eyelid line and layer it to create a deeper eye look.
If today's fashion item is a trench coat, we recommend 914 Vampire as a lip color, and if it is knit, 923 Tasty Brown.

Sparkle Spot

Dramatic refractive index! dazzling reflection effect
Sparkle Spot contains pearls that amplify and reflect colors in various ways depending on the direction of light. The dramatic difference in refractive index creates a dazzling reflective effect.

Large particles but soft feel
Although Sparkle Spot contains large-grained glitter, the Soft Feel Texture system is applied, so you can feel a soft and moist feeling.

Lightly stick! Long-lasting, high-adhesion shadows
Sparkle Spot uses a porous powder with excellent sebum absorption, and a high-adhesion blinder system and long-lasting color effect system have excellent adhesion and last a long time.




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