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Ameli Foundation 021 Every 30ml

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It is a comfortable face color that suits everyone.
When you don't like things that are too white, it's like you're not wearing makeup
Every is a color that men also apply a lot.

Make your skin look natural no matter who applies it.
Her name isn't Every for nothing.


3.9 x 13.2 x 1.6 cm
UV protection functional product SPF30, PA++

Do not rub it on the back of your hand.
You need to spread it over the area to be applied so that the moisture pudding sticks to it.

Strange foundation.

It is not covered by covering it.
Cover with light.

It is the world's first formula foundation that focuses on natural skin expression rather than coverage.


I'm really, really, so satisfied that I wondered why I bought it now.
I love light skin makeup, and this is the best foundation I've ever used in my life.
I can't say that the coverage is good, but the skin expression is very good.
My friend saw what I was wearing and ordered it.
My friend is on the troubled side, but she is very satisfied with it, and she is completely satisfied with her skin expression even though she looks like she has problems!!
200% repurchase intention.

Tone up cream

#Amelie #Cool Through Through
It's a foundation that advertises that has no coverage.
Between foundation and tone-up cream.
A foundation that even my mom doesn't recognize.

“After using this, I found out that covering up is not good.”

No matter how thin you apply makeup, it feels like a layer on your skin.
But this isn't it!!
I just put something on, it's my skin
If you stack it 3 or 4 times, it's my skin when my skin is good.

It's the best foundation I've ever used.
It can be applied evenly and thinly in two layers as it is moistly applied, and as time goes by, it feels like it sticks to the skin, so it collapses nicely.
Please prosper Ameli.
Buy one a month for 10 years.

I can see blemishes but my skin looks good
It stays on all day
After using this, I realized that covering up is not a good thing.
Even with blemishes and freckles, your face looks bright

It's a man who uses a foundation on important days!
I always failed...
This product is so good for men~~^^

I bought #21 because I thought it would be nice to have a more natural color after using #20.
It looks really good!!

I think I can see why the color name is Every.
It is a color that anyone can wear anytime.
Especially on days when you want to look calmer!

Form like pudding
Spread it with the tip of the skin and it will spread out in an instant.
The world's first foundation formulation

There is a feeling of moisture that bursts the moment you touch it.

But the ending is smooth,
Over time, it adheres more closely to the skin.

I'll let you hear that your skin looks good.
It blends in with your skin color and looks like you're wearing nothing.
But it is distinctly different from the bare face.

You will find that there is no darkening.
Amelie chose transparent skin expression rather than her coverage.
Due to the nature of the color combination and ingredients, it does not become cloudy and the clear skin color lasts for a long time.


It's not a shiny, shiny porcelain, it's a soft, matte porcelain feel.
A foundation that creates a soft, subtle luster like cashmere and a slightly pale skin tone.

Transparent rosy pink foundation.
The rosy pink subtly rises and spreads unnatural vitality and healthy light.

Calm down.
A medium-toned, calm beige that can be used on any skin tone.
It expresses clean and clear skin that is neither red nor yellow.
A pearl-like soft and elegant light spreads gently.

It's not 'everything' for nothing.
Every1 Everyday, regardless of hair color or skin money.
With Amelie's unique color scheme, it naturally layered even on dark skin.

When you don't like being too pale, try expressing a comfortable face as if you were not wearing makeup.


Try it regardless of the product number.

013 Porcelain
019 Blossom
020 Calm down.
021 every

Try it regardless of the product number.

I usually use number 22, which number should I use for Amelie's foundation?

What if No.22 skin applies No.13?

The model usually wears No. 22 skin tone, but if you look at the picture, the upper forehead was not applied, and the lower forehead was No. 13 porcelain. There is no feeling of "The makeup is caked on too heavily" even if you apply Amelie's No. 13 porcelain with the other company's No. 21 skin tone. The tone is naturally brightened. However, if you use the same amount as your existing foundation or if you use a foundation with a lot of oil, it may be pushed.

The world's first cool through through
You may be surprised if you use it like any other foundation.

Cool through through
Apply like this

As thin as a bean!
Do not apply too much at once.
Take the size of a pea-sized amount on the back of your hand and spread it directly over your face without spreading it from the back of your hand!

Do not rub it on the back of your hand!
It absorbs very quickly, so apply it on your face.

The foundation is a moisturizing product!
If you apply a product with a strong oily feel, it may float without sticking. If you do not apply a base or primer, it will be expressed more clearly.

Apply with a malang puff

How is it different from applying by hand?

When applied with a soft puff
When applied by hand

The biggest difference between applying with a soft puff and applying by hand is the coverage!
It is subtle, but if you apply it with a soft puff, you can visually check that the veins on the back of your hand are more hidden!

If you want to increase the coverage a little more, use the Malang Puff!
If you want to add a subtle glow, use your hands!
A clear and transparent cool-through foundation!

Moist and soft, the reason why it has a beautiful glow
The world's first foundation formulation

Moisture layering effect of triple hyaluronic acid
It expresses moist and healthy skin with strong moisture layering.

Moisture deposit of large molecule hyaluronic acid!
Forms a moisture barrier on the skin surface

Moisture holding of medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid!
Keep skin moist

Moisture replenishment of small molecule hyaluronic acid!
Penetrates deep into the skin, quickly absorbed

Soft focus effect of rose powder

Layers of rose petal-shaped powder diffusely reflects the light hitting the skin surface, creating a 'soft focus effect' in which light seeps from deep inside the skin.
Due to this, skin radiance is expressed and natural coverage is possible with light.

Excellent whitening & skin soothing effect of Sepicam
The SEPICALM ingredient, which is a mixture of natural water lily extract and LIPOAMINO ACID contained in skin protein, not only has an excellent whitening effect, but also soothes tired skin from external stimuli.

SEPICALM has a far superior whitening effect compared to Albutin and Kojic Acid, which are commonly used whitening ingredients.

It does not cover it by covering it.
Cover with light.

Cool Through Through is not a product made to hide.
Delicate light envelops the skin, creating a clear and natural complexion.
It does not cover it by covering it.
Cover with light.




Ameli Foundation 021 Every 30ml

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