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  *Cumulative Sales Over 10 Million *Mask pack with 50% of Houttuynia cordata extract in eco-friendly natural-derived sheets with excellent skin adhesion. *No. 1 mask pack at Hwahae Awards for 3 consecutive years *No. 1 sheet mask in 2018, 2019...

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*Cumulative Sales Over 10 Million

*Mask pack with 50% of Houttuynia cordata extract in eco-friendly natural-derived
sheets with excellent skin adhesion.

*No. 1 mask pack at Hwahae Awards for 3 consecutive years

*No. 1 sheet mask in 2018, 2019

*No. 1 overall category category in 2018

 *Non-comedogenic test completed

*Helps improve sebum

*The multi-natural Houttuynia cordata mask pack contains 50% of domestic
Houtuynia cordata extract. (魚腥草萃取精華)

*Comfortable hydration of Houttuynia cordata made in Korea. (魚腥草萃取精華)

*Helps soothe and moisturize sensitive skin

*Use biodegradable tencel sheets in nature

*Strong vitality Houttuynia cordata extract 50% (魚腥草萃取精華)

*Clear moisture helps calm sensitive skin

*The reason why the multi-natural Houttuynia cordata mask pack is special. (魚腥草萃取精華)

*We purchased fresh raw materials from clean areas and used fish extract directly extracted from them.

 *50% Houttuynia cordata - helps calm sensitive skin. (魚腥草萃取精華)

*Skin soothing

*Skin Moisturizing Membrane Formation

*Strengthen skin barriers

*A soothing moisturizing Houttuynia cordata mask pack that helps improve sebum. (魚腥草萃取精華)

*Non-comedogenic test complete

*Environmentally Friendly Tencel Sheets

*Tencel, a plant-derived fiber extracted from the eucalypus tree and biodegradable in nature, provides moisture by comfortably adhering to the skin.


*Water gel formulation in light brown color that feels moisturizing

*Fresh moisture and moist finish

*Transparent light brown - no artificial pigment, natural color of Houttuynia cordata extract. (魚腥草萃取精華)

*It's the scent of tea with a deep scent.



*Moisture Measurement Self Test

*True hydration of multi-natural Houttuynia cordata mask packs

*19.3% before use, 84.4% after use

*Use it with confidence.

*Check the copyright after 30~48 hours of using the multi-natural Houttuynia cordata mask pack. (魚腥草萃取精華)

*No addition of 7 kinds of parabens and phenoxyethanol 




*After washing your face, apply the multi-natural mask pack for 10 to 20 minutes and tap the remaining essence on your skin to absorb it. 


 *When you need a multi-natural Houttuynia cordata mask pack !!! (魚腥草萃取精華)

1. When the mask pack selection criteria are safe ingredients

2. When you need a skin-friendly hypoallergenic mask pack.

3. When your skin becomes sensitive because of dark makeup and anti-disinfection mask,

4. When you want a cost-effective mask pack that's easy to use once a day.

 Q & A 

*Smells and colors are different from before.

*Depending on the moisture content and harvest time of the plant extract, the color and aroma may vary.

*Mask packs without additional chemical components and synthetic flavors can cause slight differences in aroma over time after production.

*There is no problem with the product and its contents, so you can use it with confidence.

*Can I do a face mask a day?

- It has rich moisture and mild ingredients that are less burdensome to the skin, so you can use it once a day.However, it is recommended to set the number and time of use according to your skin condition.

*Can I use the remaining essence in the mask pack pouch?

-Please use the essence left after using the mask pack immediately on your body such as arms and legs.

If you use the remaining essence in an empty bottle, it is recommended to use it right after opening due to the possibility of secondary contamination.

*Can I put it in the refrigerator and use it?

-It is best to interpolate in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and we recommend that you keep the products that you have kept in the refrigerator before using them.




*It does not mix harmful ingredients to the skin.

*A variety of natural ingredients that are skin-friendly make the skin comfortable.

*It keeps your skin healthy and beautiful with the healthy energy of nature.


*2021.04.13 - 5점 만점에 5점 
이 팩은 1년넘게 제가 1일1팩으로 자주 사용해 오던 팩이예요
피부관리를 열심히 하는 편이라 다양한 팩을 써봤지만
제일 꾸준히 사용하게 되는 것 같아요!! 
특히 트러블 올라온 날 피부 열도 내릴겸 냉장고에 넣어뒀다가 저녁에 씻고 바로 붙이는데 진짜 좋아요👍
괜히 인기있는 제품이 아니랍니다 피부진정에도 좋고 또 에센스가 듬뿍들어있는데 팩 안에 든 에센스가 다른 팩들 처럼 점성이 있는 에센스가 아닌 물같은 에센스가 들어있어요
그래서 팩을 붙이고 떼면 전혀 끈적임 같은건 남지 않으면서 피부가 뽀얘지는 미백효과도 있고 또 피부 속까지 수분감이 차오르는 느낌이랍니다 
이팩 안사용해보신 분들 꼭 사용해보세요 

*2021.04.13 - 5 out of 5

-This is a pack that I've been using a lot of times a day for over a year.
I've tried various packs because I tend to take care of my skin.
I think I use it the most constantly!!
Especially when I have skin trouble, I put it in the refrigerator to lower my fever, wash it in the evening, and put it on right away. It's really good.👍
It's not a popular product for no reason. It's good for calming your skin and it's full of essence, but the essence in the pack is not viscous but water-like.
So if you put on a pack and take it off, it doesn't leave any stickiness and it has a whitening effect that makes your skin look milky and moisturized.
If you haven't tried this pack, make sure to try it!


*2021.05.10 -5점만점에 5점
💛제가 계절 상관없이 1일 1팩을 하는데요. 요즘같이 마스크를 많이 쓰고 건조할때는 더 필수인 것 같아요. 오래 사용하다보니 사용해본 팩 종류도 많은데 어성초가 피부에 좋다해서 사용하다보니 괜찮더라구요.

💛💛그중에서도 다자연 어성초팩을 추천하는 이유는‼️
수분감이 많고 에센스양도 충분하고 팩을 하고 나서 시트지의 실이 얼굴에 남지 않아서 좋아요. 다른 어성초팩을 사용하고 나서 얼굴에 실 같은게 묻어서 간지럽고 떼어내야하는 수고로움이 있었거든요ㅠㅠ 팩을 하고 나서 에센스 흡수시키고 로션만 간단하게 발라도 촉촉하서 좋았어요.

💛💛💛총평‼️ 매일 팩을 하는데 수분감이 많아서 좋고 촉촉하게 흡수가 되어서 좋아요. 시트지가 뻣뻣하지 않고 시트지의 실같은 게 묻어나지 않아서 만족합니다.

*2021.05.10 -5 out of 5

-💛I use one pack a day regardless of season. I think it's more essential when you wear a lot of masks and it's dry. Since I used it for a long time, there are many kinds of packs I've used, but it's okay because Houttuynia cordata is good for my skin.

💛💛The reason why we recommend multi-natural fish cake packs is 💛💛️
It's very moisturizing and has enough essence, and it's good because the thread on the sheet paper doesn't remain on your face after using the pack. After using another Houttuynia cordata, there was something on my face that was itchy and I had to take it off.ㅠㅠ It was good to absorb essence and apply lotion simply after using the pack.

💛💛💛Total review‼  I put on a pack every day, but it's good because it's moisturizing and it's absorbed well. I'm satisfied that the sheet is not stiff and the threads on the sheet are not smeared.

*2021.07.26 -5 만점에 5
피부타입 : 여름엔 중성 ~ 복합성 / 사용한날 기온 : 30도 넘음 ✅ 쿨링감을 위해 냉장보관한 후 사용했어요

1️⃣ 효과
1. 얼굴 온도 낮춰줌 
2. 뜨겁고 열감이 많은 얼굴 진정 효과
3. 홍조 사라짐
4. 과하지 않게 적당히 촉촉함

2️⃣ 사용 후 
1. 느낌 
- 산뜻하고 촉촉함 
- 시간이 지나서 앰플흡수가 되면  살짝 건조함 
2. 추가단계 : 라이트한 수분크림 발라줌

3️⃣ 시트지
1. 두께 : 보통
2. 밀착력 : 좋지 않음, 착 붙진 않아요 (얼굴 크기에 맞춰서 잘 펴준 후 손가락으로 톡톡 두드려주는 방식으로 붙였어요)
3. 재질 : 약간 뻣뻣함
4. 자극 : 보통~살짝 있음

4️⃣ 앰플
1. 양 : 보통
2. 느낌 : 끈적함없고 수분팩 스타일
5️⃣ 구매이유:  수분 진정 느낌의 마스크팩을 서치하던 중 친구 추천으로 구매 (성분이 좋다고 함)
6️⃣ 재구매, 추천의향 : YES 여름용 마스크팩으로 좋아요

2021.07.26 - 5 out of 5
-Skin type: Neutral to combination in summer / Temperature: over 30 degrees ✅ Refrigerated for cooling before using.

1️⃣ Effect
1. Reduces face temperature
2. Hot and hot face soothing effect
3. Flushing is gone
4. Moderately moist and not too much

2️⃣ After use
1. Feeling
- Fresh and moist
- Slightly dry when ampoule is absorbed over time
2. Additional step: Apply light moisture cream.

3️⃣ Sheet paper
1. Thickness: Normal
2. Adhesion: It's not good, it doesn't stick well. (After spreading it out according to the size of your face, tap it with your finger.)
3. Material: Slightly stiff
4. Stimulation: Normal~ Slightly present

4️⃣ Ampoule
1. Amount: Normal
2. Feeling: Not sticky and moisture pack style
5️⃣ Reason for purchase: While searching for a mask pack that soothes moisture, I bought it at a friend's recommendation (the ingredient is said to be good).
6️⃣ Repurchase, intention of recommendation: Good as a YES summer mask pack

1. Shipping

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