These are not factory-manufactured items, but items made by hand by a Korean best leather artisan, so It takes time as they are made after receiving the order.

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hevitz 3005 Retro Card Wallet Ver.2 Minerva
Regular priceHKD$1,774.00HKD$1,596.60
hevitz 3725 Apple Watch Strap BU
Regular priceHKD$821.00 From HKD$738.90
hevitz 3004 Retro Hand purse Ver.2 Minerva
Regular priceHKD$3,274.00HKD$2,946.60
Personalized hevitz SH150 Business Legal pad Binder A5
Regular priceHKD$1,894.00 From HKD$1,704.60
hevitz 7770 Smart Key Block Pouch
Regular priceHKD$1,060.00 From HKD$954.00
hevitz 5617 Double Watch Tray AR
Regular priceHKD$774.00HKD$696.60
hevitz 5509 Origami pencil case MX
Regular priceHKD$536.00HKD$482.40
hevitz 3501 Hand Mirror Long Wallet
Regular priceHKD$1,893.00HKD$1,703.70
hevitz 3310 highbrow trifold wallet
Regular priceHKD$1,298.00HKD$1,168.20
Personalized hevitz 7248 Analog Smartphone Pouch
Regular priceHKD$605.00 From HKD$544.50
hevitz 323 Mini Tote Chérie
Regular priceHKD$4,167.00HKD$3,750.30
Personalized hevitz 101 Signature Satchel L
Regular priceHKD$5,357.00 From HKD$4,821.30
Personalized hevitz 152 Classic Square Bag Medium
Regular priceHKD$3,452.00 From HKD$3,106.80
Personalized hevitz151 classic square bag [Mini]
Regular priceHKD$2,858.00 From HKD$2,572.20
Personalized hevitz 101 Signature Satchel M
Regular priceHKD$3,452.00 From HKD$3,106.80

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