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Nostalgia (2nd Book of Green Ivy)

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Book Introduction:

"Green Ivy's Second Coloring Book: Nostalgia knocking on the door of memories!"

Experience emotional coloring that turns everyday scenery into special memories with Green Ivy's second coloring book. This book is a collection of 67 illustrations and coloring pictures by Green Ivy, an artist who tells stories with simple pictures that always resemble nature.

Her paintings remind us of our beautiful days and comfort us with their warm touch. The artist believes that painting is the art of organizing the sentences and stories that spring from the room of the heart. Following the success of her Four Seasons Coloring Book, Green Ivy presents this new book filled with stories and pictures of the times when we were together with our mothers, grandmothers, friends, and family.

These stories and pictures are the strength that supports our lives and everyone has at least one to cherish. In a time where the landscape in which the body and mind are isolated from each other has become more natural, this coloring book confirms that there are landscapes that we need to remember and recover.

The book uses thick watercolor paper to enhance the coloring of colored pencils, and prevent the paper from smudging even when drawn with watercolor paint. The sheepskin cover makes it durable and easy to store for a long time. You can enjoy the double pleasure of painting with your own hands while appreciating the artist's illustrations that always recall our memories with a warm gaze.

The artist's lyrical writings accompanying each picture double the pleasure of appreciating her work. The coloring pages have free aspect ratios and are completed with a 'guide color' line so that anyone can realize the image of the original painting. An off-white background with a feeling of cotton wool is laid in the background to convey the emotion of 'longing' that the artist wanted to convey.

The materials used for each picture are marked, making it easy to paint and complete your own work with a high degree of completion. In the appendix, there is also a postcard where you can write your own story along with coloring. Whether you color along with the artist's work or use your own colors, this book is a beautiful coloring book that provides comfort and healing, especially during times when staying at home has become more frequent."




Nostalgia (2nd Book of Green Ivy)

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