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Anti-aging hair loss symptom care solution that catches the signal of scalp aging
Green Tea Active Shampoo

Alleviate hair loss symptoms
Scalp elasticity improvement
Oil-moisture balance care

Q. Is aging care important for hair loss shampoo?
Hair Loss Shampoo: Refers to a shampoo that can alleviate the symptoms of hair loss

A. scalp is also skin!
Don't miss out on the fact that when your scalp sags, your facial skin also sags!

Take a self-diagnosis test of your scalp aging status

Scalp aging self-diagnosis test
□ It feels like the number of hairs has decreased compared to before.
□ My hair is thin and has no strength.
□ The elasticity of the scalp has decreased and it feels hard when touched.
□ My scalp feels hotter and more sensitive than before.
□ As the scalp becomes dry, dead skin cells and dandruff increase.
□ It is not easy to style because the hair volume is reduced.
□ The shine of the hair is reduced compared to before, and it feels frizzy.
□ A sudden increase in gray hair or gray hair.

Scalp aging diagnosis result
1-2 checks
Vital scalp owner!
You have a healthy scalp.
Take care of your scalp in a healthy way.

3-5 checks
There are signs of scalp aging!
Are you experiencing discomfort in your scalp?
Scalp anti-aging is necessary as a preventive measure.
Concentrate on cleansing the scalp of impurities and maintaining the oil-moisture balance.

6-8 checks
Get your scalp anti-aging right now!
You need scalp anti-aging care.
Start scalp care with Amos Professional’s Green Tea Active Shampoo, which relieves hair loss symptoms and improves scalp elasticity and moisture.

Shampoo is also MY STYLE,
Snipe your taste with the custom shampoo I chose

Choose according to scalp concerns and type!
Don't miss out on hair loss concerns, scalp condition, and preferred feeling of use.

Oily scalp/volume concerns
If you want a refreshing cooling cleanse
Green Tea Active Shampoo
for oily scalp

Dry scalp/damaged hair
If you want a refreshing and gentle multi-cleansing
Green Tea Active Shampoo
For normal to dry scalp

Sensitive scalp/concerns about irritation
If you want a moist and moisturizing cleanser for sensitive scalp
Green Tea Active Shampoo
for sensitive scalp

Say goodbye to easily oily scalp
Tight without missing my hair that falls out!
Let's take care of the firm scalp thoroughly.

Refreshingly #so cool
Green Tea Active Shampoo
for oily scalp
Reduces hair loss
66.4% after 6 weeks

#Relieve hair loss symptoms
Completed functional report of Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Golden time for hair loss management Now is the era of essential care, not optional!
Green tea extract made from green tea-derived ingredients, a heritage ingredient of AMOREPACIFIC

After a long research by Amorepacific, the development of a material found in green tea extract has verified the effect of improving the relief of hair loss symptoms

Alleviate hair loss symptoms
Experience in just 6 weeks!

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
The feeling that the hair that was cut off has decreased
Change shampoo and feel less hair fall
Feeling of relief from hair loss symptoms

Check out the noticeable changes directly in numbers

Experience the changing scalp and hair with verified data
Human application test data

Improvement of scalp oil content (immediately after use)
90% improvement
Improvement of scalp moisture content (immediately after use)
60% improvement
Scalp dead skin improvement (immediately after use)
21% improvement
Improving hair elasticity (immediately after use)
18% improvement
Improvement of hair tensile strength
15% improvement

Special reason Point 01
Firming anti-aging found in green tea root

Green tea root extract grown for a long time in a green tea field grown without pesticides

Strengthening hair roots and anti-aging care with the energy of green tea roots that bring up nutrients deep in the ground

4 times more saponin than ginseng
Contains 58.5% of total saponins in green tea roots

Scalp elasticity improvement
9.7% increase after 6 weeks
After 4 weeks of using the test product, the scalp feels firmer
Yes 100%
After 6 weeks of using the test product, it felt helpful for hair anti-aging management.
Yes 100%

Special reason Point 02
7 No additives, carefully selected ingredients

7 kinds of additives such as animal raw materials, silicone oil, and synthetic dyes are not added, and the ingredients are carefully selected with consideration for the scalp and hair of customers.

Silicone oil
Animal raw material
Mineral oil
Imidazolidinyl urea
Synthetic color
Special reason Point 03
The beginning of abundant volume, Root Volume Signal™

Proprietary volume care technology that strengthens weak and weak hair from the root to create rich volume*
Apply Root Volume Signal™

Hair volume improvement
7.4% improvement in hair volume
After 4 weeks of using the test product,
Afterwards, it felt like it was easier to create volume when styling.
Yes 95.2%

After 6 weeks of using the test product,
Helps boost hair confidence
Yes 100%

Special reason Point 04
Cool deep cleansing of the scalp with a refreshing and refreshing feeling!

Elastic texture that feels healthy with Houttuynia cordata extract and green tea extract

Rich elastic foam even with a small amount

*Green Tea Root Extract
Contains 4 times more saponin than ginseng

Citrus Herbal Woody Musky Fragrance

With the fresh and sweet citrus touch of bergamot orange and lemon, centered on the cool shower cologne-like neroli herbal fragrance, it refreshes the scalp and hair.

Bergamot, lemon, orange

Neroli, rosemary, lavender

Woody Musky
Sandalwood, powdery, musky

More meticulous for scalp elasticity care!
Learn Shampoo Techniques

Shampoo tips from hair designers!
Get professional care at home.

Basic shampoo
Wet the hair and scalp sufficiently with lukewarm water.
Take an appropriate amount on your hand and spread evenly over your hair and scalp.
After 2-3 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

X touch
Massage the scalp in an X shape centering on the top of the crown as if flicking your fingers crosswise.
Repeat 3 times

V touch
Pull up the face line along the side hairline.
Repeat 3 times

Anti-aging energy found in green tea root
Take care with the total line!

Start strong with green tea root energy
3-STEP Total Care Solution

STEP 01.
Green Tea Active Shampoo 500g

-For oily scalp
refreshing cooling wash

-For normal & dry scalp
refreshing and gentle cleansing

-For sensitive scalp
moist cleansing

Hair loss relief shampoo that strengthens scalp elasticity by giving vitality to weakened scalp and hair
Functional cosmetics

STEP 02.
Green Tea Active Pack 250ml
Hair loss symptom relief pack that strengthens moisture and nutrition to weakened scalp and hair
Dermatological test completed
Functional cosmetics

STEP 03.
Green Tea Active Ampoule 50ml
An ampoule containing 52.95% of total green tea ingredients to alleviate hair loss symptoms for weakened hair roots and scalp
Functional cosmetics





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